tune in tuesday
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Tune in Tuesday

Week Number three, we talk about healthy eating and cooking. I spent a good part of last week remaking family favorite recipes and also trying some of Ellie Kriegers new recipes which our family loved. I will be posting the recipes through out the next few months under “shelley n ellie.” You can also hop over to my facebook fan page for shelley’s healthy makeover to check out more.

How are you doing with your healthy living?

Tune in Tuesday

Well week number one done! Yay!! And I’m proud to tell the world that i have lost 8 pounds! And that is without being hungry, or having “boxed” foods, or counting points but actually “listening” to my body and asking “Are you hungry?”

I would love to help a few of my friends in blogaspher out, I know I’m not the only one who has been a chronic dieter! Please join my facebook fan page, you can ask any questions of Rebecca, Ryan or me!

Until next week, I’ll keep going, and hope you will stay tuned!

Tune in Tuesday

So what did I learn last week besides I’m an emotional eater? Well emotional eating turns to chronic dieting. The constant yo-yo syndrome. And over time this is not healthy. I had enough of this and as Rebecca told me it’s like “divorcing” myself from dieting… Ok, this is a tough one because it is all “new” to me… Please join me in this venture and follow along! Leave any comments you have for me or Rebecca or for my trainer Ryan. If you have a facebook please join our facebook and check back next week to see how Rebecca and my trip to Balducci’s went.