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Oprah still can teach you something about yourself


Yesterday morning a new bloggy buddy of mine who I had the pleasure of traipsing around San Diego with at blogher, tweeted me that she was on the train heading for the windy city of Chicago. I thought “hmmm wonder what she is heading there for and I think I even asked while getting caught up in our “how are you, miss you kind of conversations.” And in the midst of all the pleasantries somehow the name Oprah came out… and silly me I didn’t put two and two together until um 9:45PM EST… When I thought maybe I should hit Oprah on the computer and low and behold came across Oprah’s Life Class… *where my friend was taping the show!

Now, a little background on my “Oprah” relationship. I love Oprah, well maybe not “love” but I certainly do admire her, she is a real person who shares her real life vulnerabilities to the world publicly… On the personal side… My husband got the “call” from Oprah’s right hand woman Heather Aldridge, and yes, he “missed” the call because he was in the bathroom. The bathroom! Can you imagine? He tried to call Heather back, but when you get that call… if you miss that call…. That is it…. We know she has a “file” on our family… but… we missed “that” shot… however… it doesn’t mean maybe someday we won’t get another… I hope, said with fingers crossed.

Anyhow, back to Oprah and what she is doing now and how it has once again touched my little life… Life Class… She is hosting shows on various “life lessons” and last night’s…


Um, once again that fairy in the sky, somehow hit me through my friend and I tuned in… Boy was this show right up my alley with where I am now with my anxiety and panicking… Just yesterday while working with my doctor we came up with the “where” my anxiety comes from… Trust… lack of trust…*which is a whole different post However, I wanted to share some very powerful statements that came out of last night’s lesson on anger and forgiveness..

“Forgiveness is accepting that it has happened, not accepting that it was ok for it to happen”…

“Releasing anger allows beauty to come back into your life.”

“If you allow the past to define your present, you never get to live the life you were meant to live.” 

“Forgiveness is letting go so that the PAST does not hold you hostage.

Control is the #1 human addiction.

I thought the end of this show was so inspirational and hit me so hard I stayed up until 11pm EST to watch the repeat of the show. You can find Oprah’s Life class online and you can even join in if you would like. I am just happy to have caught this to end my day with finally a “smile!”

How about you, forgiveness, how do you feel? Has it affected your life?

It is time

pen and envelope
photo credit: Pink Sherbert

Dear Shelley,

OK, it has been a month now… I honestly am trying to get over this thing called, “panic.” I just don’t understand how someone so “together” could snap in a matter of weeks! I have tried to forgive and move on, even “burned a list.” I am writing a “bucket list” so I can have things I’d like to look forward to doing, and then DO them! I know I have a lot on my plate but it is OK, one day at a time… I just have to move forward, one day at a time.

I have so many friends, in person and on the net, which I have avoided not intentionally but it has just been “easier” to stay away then “talk.” I’m really not one for sharing allll of my life… Just bits and pieces… I never want to be “that friend.”

Anyhow, you know you have a lot going on… Lots good, some unresolved but trying to move on, OK Mr. Panic, can you please find comfort in someone else’s home or mind or wherever or however you hoped into mine, I’d really really like to move on.. I’m busy… and would like to get back to “living” my life!

Yours truly,
Shelley Ellen

A shell with life

snail in the grass
photo credit: Krondol

Dear Shelley,

It’s time… time to take back your “life.” I know you have been a prisoner in your own mind for a few months now and it’s time to give the gatekeeper the key and move back into the real world…

For the past 7 months I have been keeping myself “safe” in my little computer office, writing which is a good thing but staying out of civilization, um not so good, not driving, not so good, not exercising, really not good at all… it’s time…

Panic has been my nemesis for a while now… You know I have suffered from panic and anxiety for most of my adult life and this time you know let it really get the best of me and almost became agoraphobic. I recently learned that Paula Deen began her biz because she felt like she couldn’t leave her home… so here’s hoping something wonderful will come out of my “confinement.”

I have been working with a doctor for the past few weeks on getting me back in the car which I really need to do, so much of my life revolves around getting out and around.

That’s it, just wanted to let you know… I’m ready… to come out of my shell and let my face hit the sun again… Oh glorious day!

How about you? Have you ever suffered from panic or anxiety?