inclusive playgrounds
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Where is my party list you ask?

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photo credit: dan hodgett

Here I am doing what I really enjoy doing… again… What is that you ask? Helping people… I get real pleasure out of helping someone out, I don’t know what it is but I know I was born with this need to want to “help.”

When I was little I was always thinking of ways to help out and fund a “Ronald McDonald” carnival, OK, I guess I am dating myself because this was wayyyy before the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities was what it is today, but I always wanted to think of ways to get a little money together so I could have a carnival in my backyard to help out and send money to help sick children.

Then when I was older I seriously thought about starting a camp for children with cancer so they could experience a fun summer like I was fortunate to have. And then my life changed when I gave birth to a beautiful daughter whose disability would not only change my life but the worlds and I saw “play” or the lack of through her eyes and I opened the world eyes to the need to build fully inclusive playgrounds.

Now, I’m writing about all of this and working on improving and once again “helping out” by supporting a wonderful group of ladies and leading a forum to Build Better Blogs. I look at this like a party; it is festive, there is music, (I always have music!) and sometimes there is coffee, food, or even an occasional glass of wine but there is always a lot fun! And of course with a party there MUST be party favors…

So what I am asking all of our fine Sits June 31DBBB ladies to do is please join my Party List so that we have a Master Blogroll for our summer group. And by doing so you will be entered into my first “party favor” giveaway… Which will be…. A $25 Gift Certificate to Victoria’s Secret…

All you have to do is join up with the linky love…