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Time is flying by

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photo credit: Gabriela P93 My goodness it is so hard to believe that February flew by and we are already into the second week of March and on the 25th day of our Winter ProBlogger Challenge. If you are a little late in the game it’s OK the party is still going strong you can […]


Day 25: Ask a Question

Wow, can you believe it’s Day 25 already? Less than a week is left of the challenge, and it’s been a whirlwind, but an amazing one. I have loved reading everyone’s blog posts and seeing all the support here on the forum. I think a LOT of people have improved their blogs over the last […]

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Can I get you a mimosa?


photo credit: Qwrrty Last night I joined my friends at SITS who began holding; a Comment Cocktail Hour. *However you really needed a strong cup of java to keep up with these ladies. This was a great way to find new blogs to read (however if you are following our 31day challenge there are over […]


Day 24: How to Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog

Good Morning Ladies, Thursday here! Let’s keep up the pace and keep our great group strong!! Here we are with another offline activity and excuse to go to Barnes & Noble and relax for an hour or two! LoL Today’s task is to take some sticky notes, a notebook, pen and magazine and analyze it […]

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Day 23: Call Your Readers To Action

Today’s task has us write a post in which we ask our readers to do more than just be passive participants in our blogs. By getting readers to do things like comment, participate in a poll, buy a recommended product or visit another site, we are creating a more interactive experience that will hopefully encourage […]

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Day 22: Pay Special Attention To A Reader

Today’s task is to Choose one (or more) of your current readers and do anything out of the blue that acknowledges them, shows them that you value them. Key concepts: • Many bloggers who have great blogs go out of their way to make their readers more famous. • Having someone go out of their […]

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Day 21: Breathe Life into an Old Post

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a restful weekend or got yourselves a little caught up… I know we’re learning a ton. Within every challenge/task there seems to be more than one lesson learned. There’s so much amazing info packed into this little ebook, that I’m sure we’re all going to have to read […]

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Day 20: Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Good Morning Ladies, Here we are again, Friday! Woot Woot! I cannot believe this is our fourth Friday together, wow! Let’s keep this party going strong! There were some great opinion posts this week, probably the best challenge day in people sharing their posts other then the first day where everyone wrote an elevator speech. […]

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Did someone say “Target?”

target giftcards

photo credit: Wonderdawg Ladies, we have had another great week in our Problogger 31day Challenge! This week we solved problems, “watched” a first time reader view our sites, created Sneeze Pages, wrote opinion posts, and left comments on other blogs. Below are some of the notes of interest that stood out to me from this […]


Day 19: Write an Opinion Post For Your Blog

Welcome to Day 19 of the challenge, ladies! I’ve been so impressed by your will to work together and produce great content. You ladies really are nothing short of amazing! Key Concepts: Today’s task is to write an opinion post. Simply put, opinions get more clicks. Maybe the opinion is outrageous and you’ll get a […]

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