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Annie Leibovitz I’m not… but I’d like to be!

Ohh, a mere 27 years ago I graduated from college with a BS in Interior Design and a minor in Landscape Architecture, my goodness 27 years, where did the time go? OK, that is not the reason for this post… Photography is! I do enjoy photography, I loved taking it in college “back in the […]


Who says a good thing has to end?

love and smiles heart shaped candy

photo credit: Ella Marie Good Morning Ladies! Happy Thursday, I’m so happy to have all of you here today. I am hoping we have some new friends mixed into our group who have not completed the 31 day challenge, I know that writing a blog, running a family, keeping a job and keeping up with […]


Let’s just say “Ta-Ta” for now


photo credit: Brett Wagner I’m so glad we had this time together…*tugging on ear! For 30 days now I have been leading the ProBlogger Winter 31day Challenge to build a better blog. It has been a wonderful program and I have met so many new bloggy buddies with so many great stories to share. I […]


Day 30: 17 Statistics To Monitor On Your Blog

Wow, it is hard to believe we are only 1 day away from the end of the 31DBBB Challenge! This has been an amazing month; I hope that everyone has had as much fun as I have. After this month, I’m feeling a clear direction and feel like I have more of a plan for […]

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Day 29: Develop a Plan to Boost Your Blog’s Profile and Readership Online

Wow, two more days left, I’m a little sad! Actually a lot sad, I really have enjoyed our time together. We’ve been building our blog’s profile all along whether we realize it or not. Commenting on other blogs, discussing issues on forums, Tweeting, responding to emails, you name it! Any way in which you interact […]

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Day 28: Write a Review Post

The web is used as a resource for gaining advice. As such, ProBlogger recommends writing a review post. A review increases the likelihood that readers will see you as an authority. Key Concepts: There are many different ways in which you can write a review post. The most important points are to: 1. Give an […]

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Day 27: Hunt For Dead Links

Happy Tuesday everyone. I am hoping you all are finding lots of great info in Darren’s challenge and it is helping you improve all of your sites. Today’s task is to spend some time hunting for dead links and either deleting them or updating them on your blog. Keypoints: When a link becomes dead it […]

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Day 26: Improve Another Blog

Ahhh sorry ladies day light savings time got me! I can’t believe we are nearing the home stretch. There were so many great things that I have learned from this 31day challenge at the same time I have enjoyed meeting so many new bloggy buddies. I have really loved reading all of your blogs. We […]

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