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Supporting CoWorking growth for women in the DC Metropolitan Area

The story of “her work place”™

I’m a socialpreneur. I admit it I’m a social media fan.  I love them all: Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. When there is a new social media platform, I’m all about it. What keeps me from investing time in a pathological way is the fact that my entrepreneurial interests impose restraint and discipline that keeps me focused. 16 Years ago I founded a nonprofit organization through which I managed the design, planning, capitalization and construction of the first fully inclusive playground in the state of Maryland. It successfully attracted children with a spectrum of abilities and became the model for a state initiative.  Subsequently a national campaign developed and the unique playgrounds were adopted as community projects which were brought to fruition in many states.   And this was before the boom of social media; imagine what I might have done with that.

Years later my college age daughter and I were chatting on one spring break shopping outing (because as women, shopping together is one of our favorite things) and we thought about starting a lifestyle website for women which encompassed articles on everything that affects us on a daily basis from college age through my “motherly older and wiser” age. In 2009 we founded that dream which today is known throughout the metropolitan DC Area as The DC Ladies. We have 50+ professional contributors who share their daily stories with 6,800 twitter followers, 1430 facebook fans, and many daily readers. (So viva la shopping.)

As I worked daily from home sharing the joy, knowledge and stories of the DC Ladies through social media, I met many wonderful, productive women. They like me had started a business on their own with nothing more than a dream; I wanted to showcase these women and began our Doers & Dreamers features in 2010.

This is where the ominous music sets in… dah dah… After working by myself from home after 3 years I became somewhat of an “agoraphobic” well, not really but I felt more comfortable in my home behind my desktop then I did behind my wheel-driving and after a while I realized this had turned into a problem. While much improved I still work on anxiety and occasional  feelings of panic.… and I started thinking that I can’t be the only person who feels so isolated working from home…

It was at this time that I thought about building a community of like-minded entrepreneurial women with whom to share a workspace. One which was a creatively designed feminine space where you’d be happy to hang your scarf, set down your laptop and be social and mingle with other entrepreneurs and independent contractors. And again, I thought about all of our Doers & Dreamers that I have met through the DC Ladies and knew this would be a wonderful, meaningful, fulfilling community experience; a virtual community to share our joy in the challenges of entrepreneurship  while liberating us from the isolation of laptop life.

So here’s to taking our businesses out of our homes, or our local coffee house or library and having a community of professional women to bounce ideas off of and be social and fabulous while changing the work world one desk at a time…

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