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Special Friends

I have met some amazing women through blogging and from time to time one hits me in the heart and i’d like to share their stories with you. I will feature both Special Needs families; as we are our own special club and women like myself who are struggling everyday to get themselves healthy and in shape.

Special Needs Sista’s: This is a very “special” club made up of some very special moms. Please take a moment to stop by and check out their stories!

I’d like to introduce you to Sunday
Her name is Sunday Stilwell and she is the frazzled mom behind the screaming banshee mask. Adventures in Extreme Parenthood is where I tell my tales of raising 2 boys on the severe end of the autism spectrum while attempting to laugh and blog about it… hit the link for Sunday’s guest post

Lean Mean Fighting Machines: This is a club of “many” it is for everyone who has struggled with their weight and exercise and “wellness.” Join me and my friends who realize that it is a marathon not a sprint!

Cookin lean like Paula Deen
Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay; an everyday working mom with a passion for healthy living, cooking and writing all about it. Eating well is a major factor in healthy living, but there was a time (not too long ago) when my cooking left a lot to be desired. Every night was chicken and veggies, maybe an occasional pork loin in there. It was just getting a bit monotonous and for lack of a better word, BLAH. I finally met a breaking point where I knew there just had to be more out there in the world of healthy cooking. How could I get healthy food to be exciting? So, I turned to the woman that makes my husband’s heart race and cause him to stare longingly at the TV wishing she were in his kitchen; Miss Paula Deen… hit the link for the full post