Special Playgrounds

Hold on to your dreams!

hadley's playground at dulles town center sign

Stand up and Hold On To Your Dream Maybe this is your moment Stand up and Hold On To Your Dream You know no one can take it There is a path it’s always been yours And you have the right of passage Signed in blood and sealed in tears Sending you a message Across […]

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Clemyjontri is more than initials


After working with me as one of the first benefactors for Hadley’s Park, Adele Lebowitz decided she wanted to do something more with her estate, she decided that the joy she understood that came from the children playing at Hadley’s Park would be a wonderful legacy to leave on her property. So, she decided to […]

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Inspiration formed from love

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Back in early 1998 while I was in the “building phase” of Hadley’s Park I had heard of an organization in Los Angeles that was planning on creating a fully inclusive playground and I thought, “Wow! Someone else with the same vision, a place for all children, someone who was doing the same thing that […]

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