Special Needs Mom

Welcome to Holland

sarah and hadley

I have often used this short story when speaking about the importance of play for all children, so for those of you who I have not had the honor of sharing this with, although the words are not my own, the sentiments sure are; “Welcome to Holland”. I am often asked to describe the experience of raising […]


Things I’ve Never Done

ryan seacrest

as you all may or may not know I had a pretty “big” birthday this summer, gulp… I’m fifty… that is right five ohhhh And I have never: Set foot in Italy… yet… Sang Karaoke in public Eaten sushi   photo credit: Dr. Bacchus Been to Chicago Rode a rollercoaster Had a drawing hang in […]


We Made it through the rain

kenny and sarah

Throughout my first pregnancy my obstetrician called me “the girl with the little black rain cloud,” I had no idea just how dark and stormy that cloud would get. Every time, I walked up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment with my husband after work, blah vomit, vomit, vomit everywhere and my sweet […]


So sad to say good bye…

all my children marriage chart

photo credit: we loves soaps and abc Today marks an end of an era, some people might snicker and think nothing of it, but for 41 years the town of Pine Valley has been “home” to many who have not really resided there but sat and watched from the comfort of their family rooms and glimpsed […]


Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly… and so does that child of mine…

little bird on branch at dusk

photo credit: greg westfall First smile.. First tears.. First word.. First cold.. First steps.. First friend.. First day of preschool.. Chickenpox.. First “A”.. First fight.. First kiss.. First dance.. First pageant.. First time driving… and first car.. Graduation from high school.. Bid Day=becoming sisters and the legacy lives on.. Graduation from college.. So many memories… […]


The first time

hadley first wheelchair 1997

  There are certain moments in a mother’s life that you will always remember, their first word, their first step, the first time they actually made it to the potty, their first date, their first kiss, their first “A”, the first team they “made” their first best friend, their first college acceptance letter… and in […]


Ignorance is bliss…

bird looking away from others

photo credit: The Dream Sky “abortions are good is surprisingly absent from her list.” Was the statement that stunned me as I sat and stared at my Reddit.com comments. OK, I understand the whole freedom of speech thing but come on this was a post where I as a special needs mother poured my heart […]