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I remember…

  Have you ever felt that God has been watching you? I know you all are thinking doesn’t God watch everyone? And I believe the answer to that is “yes.” However I truly feel like God has been watching me since I was a child… I remember when I was in sixth grade it was the “big […]

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For better or for worse…

Those were the words that passed my husband and my lips almost 27 years ago. As a mere 20 something young women I really had no idea what I was saying other then repeating the words that I was asked to repeat as I am sure Kenny would tell you the same. As usual I […]

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40 Things I am thankful for

I thought it might be a fun post on this day where we give thanks… 1. My beautiful daughters 2. Freedom 3. Coffee 4. The smell of fresh cut grass 5. Dark chocolate, almonds and dried cherries 6. The sound of laughter 7. My health 8. Funny movies 9. Electricity especially during the summer! 10. […]

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Hello to my new friends!

I would like to thank Varda of “squashed bologna” whose site I am guest posting on later today! So it you have popped over from her Special Needs Siblings Saturday I welcome you! Smiling from one special needs mama or day to another. If this is your first time visiting “I’m Still Standing” let me […]

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Things I’ve Never Done

as you all may or may not know I had a pretty “big” birthday this summer, gulp… I’m fifty… that is right five ohhhh And I have never: Set foot in Italy… yet… Sang Karaoke in public Eaten sushi Been to Chicago Gone surfing Had a drawing hang in a museum Watched the entire Harry […]

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There is a time to be proud

sarah and hadley collage

  My girls… One who is special with a heart of gold… One with special needs who will make your heart melt… One who goes into things with an open heart… One who tries with all of her heart… One who trained to run her first 5K… One who works hard just to walk everyday… […]

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We Made it through the rain

kenny and sarah

Throughout my first pregnancy my obstetrician called me “the girl with the little black rain cloud,” I had no idea just how dark and stormy that cloud would get. Every time, I walked up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment with my husband after work, blah vomit, vomit, vomit everywhere and my sweet […]

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5 Organizations that pull at my heart

my babies

Valentine’s Day is the day we all think about “love” and those who we have fond feelings for. I’d like to dedicate this post to 5 organizations whose “love” has touched me one way or another. 1. Preeclampsia Foundation: Both of my daughters were born prematurely due to the fact that I had sever Preeclampsia. […]

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Disney Girls Gone Wild

female teen stars

Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Lynn Spears. (Vanity Fair, Chris Pizzello/Associated Press, Lucas Jackson/Reuters What is up with parents of teens these days? I just don’t understand…. I know the world has changed greatly since we were teens but my goodness are parents just not being “parents” anymore? Are they so interested in their […]

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