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Do you #Hashtag?

I began a tutorial on the use of twitter when I started hosting the ProBlogger Winter 31dbbb on the Sits site’s Community Forum as a way of introducing this special way of getting a message or Tweet out in 140 characters. A few of the comments that I received were about Hashtags and how to […]


The Anatomy of a Tweet

twitter logo

image credit: twitter dot com After jumping in and volunteering to be the “hostess” with the mostess for the Sits 31 Days to a Better Blog I noticed that there were a lot of ladies who don’t “tweet.” Since I do tweet and use the tweetster to send out messages I thought it might be […]


What’s with all the Twittering?

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image courtesy of Twitter A Tweet? Just a few years back if someone had asked me if I “tweet?” I would most definitely have looked at them odd. Tweet? I’m not a bird, I speak English… However when I started writing my site I’m Still Standing in the spring of 2009 and joined ProBlogger’s 31DBBB […]


According to Google… I… um… “Suck!”

I am so upset… Can someone please pass me a cup of coffee? I can’t remember being this upset since I was in school and worried about a grade NOT that I ever got a grade like this one… Last week I realized that I had my Google Analytics entered in my HTML wrong. Well, […]


Camp for Sista’s, I was so there!

For the past year and a half I have been writing this site and when I started I did what I usually do jump in with both feet. I quickly joined a few networking sites one of which was The Secret is in the Sauce or for short The Sits Girls. If any of you […]


She did it again!

As many of you know by now I began this venture into bloggyland as a way of starting my creative juices moving and flowing as the imputes to writing a book, which yes, I have finally put my fingers to the keyboard to start my outline. Yay! And in the past year as I have […]


It’s time to “come clean”

I have been writing the story of my family’s journey for the past year and when I began this it was a way of putting some of my ideas together for a book that I plan on writing, to start my creative juices flowing. However, it has been a little tricky because I really didn’t […]


Happy Blog-a-versary to Me!

photo credit: epicurine I’m so excited to actually have hit this milestone! One year!! Yay for Shelley and I’m Still Standing! I jumped into the bloggy community a year ago on April 9, 2009 with just a passion to share our family’s story and have found so much more. I had no idea what I […]


My Top 10 Posts of 2009

photo credit: I cannot believe just how fast 2010 came upon us! I can remember the weather just changing and the sweet smell of cut grass for the first time thinking I hope this summer isn’t over in a flash so fall quickly jumps on us with the beginning of the school year because […]