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It’s my party can someone pass me a crown?

photo credit: robyn lou 8

Today is my SITS Day! The day is finally here! I’m so excited… I think even a little more excited than when I began hosting the 31dbbb on the SITS Community Forum.

First, I’d like to welcome any of my “sista’s” who I have yet had the chance to meet! And for my daily readers who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about…

SITS is an awesome community of over 8,000female bloggers who support one and other daily and offer assistance on all kinds of topics related to blogging and daily life. Recently they kicked off Bloggy Boot Camp; which is a one day blog and social media conference for women hosted in major cities all around the U.S. I was fortunate enough to join them in Philadelphia.

If this is your first time visiting “I’m Still Standing” let me give you a little house tour:

“I’m Still Standing” is a place to find comfort and support like home. Stop by to be inspired by stories about overcoming adversity, realizing that we’re all “able”, and to find healthy recipes.

Hello, my name is Shelley known to many as a “Playground Fairy,” Special Needs Advocate, Speaker, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mom to three wonderful people who have helped change the world.

I am a creative person by nature and ready to jump into things with both feet, sometimes not really sure what I am getting myself into but always with an open heart. In 1996 I had the dream to create the first fully inclusive playground in the state of Maryland. Only having my design background, and my love for children, and passion to bring this project to fruition I jumped in full force. Not only did we (I formed a nonprofit organization) raise the needed one million dollars to create this playground, which is known throughout the region as “Hadley’s Park.” Our organization went on to build many more in the area, and helped hundreds of more in the country. If you’d like to find out more about me check, stop over here.


while I was doing this my husband Kenny founded a company to enhance the lives of children by taking the “yuck” out of their medicine… Yes, it’s the stuff that the pharmacist asks you “do you want to add flavoring in that” for your children’s medicine.


while we were both doing that my oldest daughter Sarah took being a disability advocate into her own hands after winning Miss Maryland Teen America 2005 and then the title of Miss Continental Teen America and raising awareness that we are all “ABLE”.

And we all did this as a way to give back; to change the world in honor of, our daughter/sister, Hadley who was brought into the world a beautiful little bundle of joy and whose life drastically altered on her 10th day when she suffered a grade 2 bilateral intracranial bleed. It is through Hadley’s life that so many other children’s lives have been changed…

In 2010 I realized I am an “Emotional Eater” and stared a Wellness Makeover. I love to cook and entertain; I can be found a lot of times reading my many cookbooks or magazines on cooking. Shout out to my two favorite ladies Ina Garten and Ellie Krieger! I also love to scrapbook from wonderful pictures I have taken and read a little here and there, and hopefully someday I will get to Italy.

Thanks for stopping by! Please take a look around and hopefully you’ll find something interesting today that makes you want to come back and visit again!

I invite you to subscribe to “I’m Still Standing” RSS feed.

If you tweet, follow me on twitter or if you are interested in learning about my “wellness makeover” on facebook check out this page or you can always contact me!

Do you #Hashtag?

I began a tutorial on the use of twitter when I started hosting the ProBlogger Winter 31dbbb on the Sits site’s Community Forum as a way of introducing this special way of getting a message or Tweet out in 140 characters.

A few of the comments that I received were about Hashtags and how to use them, so I thought a little tutorial on “the hashtag” would be a great follow up.

A Hashtag:

• Is a keyword with a # hash symbol in front to identify it.

• Gives people who are interested in that topic an easy way to find you and follow in the discussion.

• Helps someone target their niche or audience

• Can show that you are knowledgeable about a specific subject or demonstrate that you are a leader of information for a specific topic, or you are interested in this topic of conversation.

• Act as a label which allows a person to find a particular topic of interest.
• Can be used for setting up “chats” in real-time.

• Are driven by the community, so their ability to deliver what you’re seeking will be determined by how effectively the tag is used.

After you start using Twitter you will see these little symbols on a daily moment by moment basis. At first I didn’t “get them” but as soon as I started using them I had an “ah ha” moment and realized how easy they were to use, and made my time on twitter more efficient.


When we began the Winter Problogger31dbbb challenge I created a hashtag to use when I sent out daily tweets about the days tasks or as updates. Before creating this I checked to make sure that one was not already established at There wasn’t one so I jumped in and created our #sitsgirls31dbbb and the group has been using this daily since Day 1 to find one another, chat, give updates and advice.

If you were to type #sitsgirls31dbbb in the search box you would find all of the tweets that are related to our group and then you can respond and become part of the conversation.


When looking at your time line; if you see a #hashtag that interests you click on it, and it will bring you to a timeline of tweets that all follow the same topic.

Have you used our #sitsgirls31dbbb in a tweet? Why not tweet this one out now?

RT @shelleyellen It’s Party Time! Day 7 Write a Link Post; it’s linking time ladies #sitsgirls31dbbb

And now a little announcement… Dah Dah Dah Dah… As a thank you for everyone who is following along with our #sitsgirsl31dbbb I will be giving away a prize every Friday for the next few weeks with the grand finale prize $100 gift card to Amazon. (From our friends at Sits!)This week will be for all of you music buffs, come on back because you or your kids, or your hubby must love music! I-tunes gift card Giveaway entry on Friday!

The Anatomy of a Tweet

twitter logo
image credit: twitter dot com

After jumping in and volunteering to be the “hostess” with the mostess for the Sits 31 Days to a Better Blog I noticed that there were a lot of ladies who don’t “tweet.” Since I do tweet and use the tweetster to send out messages I thought it might be helpful to write a basic tutorial on setting up a twitter and now I’m going to be getting a little more into the meat of a tweet to help these ladies and gentleman who don’t know how, learn a little… *I don’t claim to be a twitter expert but I have sent out over 4,200 tweets in my day… so let’s keep going with this…

There are a 3 different ways of posting on Twitter:

1. The Tweet: On Twitter you need to have good content, be interesting, informative, entertaining and valuable. You need to do this in a short concise manner-140 characters.

twitter what's happening box
image courtesy of twitter

How do you form a basic Tweet?
• You are identified on twitter by your user name with a “@” in front.
Example when I send out a tweet or someone tweets me it’s to @shelleyellen
• At the top of your Home Page you have a white box that say’s “What’s Happening?’
• Type your witty or informative 140 character message in that box.
• Hit the Tweet button just below the box on the lower right side.

2. The Reply: The next type of post is a reply. When you send out your tweet someone might reply to that with a comment back. You will see your name with the @ symbol before it as I showed you above or perhaps you might want to reply to someone else.

• For example: I might send out this tweet:

Happy birthday 2 the sweetest little lady in the world 19 years ago u came into the world and have inspired us every day since I

• Reply to me might look like:

@shelleyellen Hope your little daughter enjoyed her birthday

Replies are viewable to everyone who is following you.

• My Response to their tweet:

@bettywhite thank you very much!

3. The Direct Message: This is a private message that you don’t want everyone else on twitter to see.

• To send a Direct Message otherwise known as a DM go to the box on the top where you type your tweets and before the message type DM and the person’s username and then the tweet, however all together it must not exceed 140 characters.


DM @bettywhite thank you so much for the beautiful flowers! They really made Hadley smile!

4. How to check your “mail” from your @username:
• On the right side of the screen on the sidebar look for your @username
• Click on it
• Now you should see a running list in the “timeline” section if you have any tweet mail.

5. How to check your Direct Messages:
• On the sidebar just below your @username you will see Direct Message
• Click on it
• Should you have any DM’s you will see them there and you can respond right there
• If you want to respond to a DM, look just below the tweet and you will see
Reply or Delete on the bottom right hand
• Click Reply
• You will see at the top of the page it now says Send _____ a direct message
• Type the 140 character message in the box below
• Hit send

6. The Retweet or RT: One of the great things about twitter and what makes it so powerful is it runs in “real time” and goes viral immediately. When someone sees something they think is of value it can be passed onto their followers in seconds and then so on and so on. This is done by what is called a RT or Retweet.

• To send out a RT you will need to put RT in front of the @username of the person whose tweet you will copy and then hit send.
Example: If you wanted to retweet this comment from my timeline:

Woot Woot our #sitsgirls31dbbb is growing stronger and stronger! Looking forward to Monday!

Then you would tweet:

RT @shelleyellen Woot Woot our #sitsgirls31dbbb is growing stronger and stronger! Looking forward to Monday!

If you wanted to make a comment about it you would add the comment to the retweet at the beginning or the end:

I’m so there! RT @shelleyellen Woot Woot our #sitsgirls31dbbb is growing stronger and stronger! Looking forward to Monday!


RT @shelleyellen Woot Woot our #sitsgirls31dbbb is growing stronger and stronger! Looking forward to Monday! (I’m so there!)

Or you can always push the retweet just below the tweet on the newsfeed and it will send out an automatic tweet from you.

image courtesy of twitter; new twitter toolbar on top

Twitter is in the middle of changing the way the site is viewed. The way I am explaining how to check your Tweet Mail or Direct Messages is on the old version. The newer version (as seen above) has a tool bar at the top of the Home Page where you can get to both your @username (known as a mention mail) or your direct messages just click them. I’m still using the older version, I like it better and will use it until I’m thrown off LOL. It’s like moving into a new house, I’m just not ready yet!

I will do another post on Twitter Etiquette in a few days but there is one thing I will say before I end this post and that is if someone is kind enough to tweet you, tweet them back, this is what twitter was set up to do… Keep the conversation moving…

I hope I answered your basic questions, please let me know if there is something I can help you with!

What do you use the tweetster for mainly?

What’s with all the Twittering?

twitter logo
image courtesy of Twitter

A Tweet? Just a few years back if someone had asked me if I “tweet?” I would most definitely have looked at them odd. Tweet? I’m not a bird, I speak English… However when I started writing my site I’m Still Standing in the spring of 2009 and joined ProBlogger’s 31DBBB I learned the importance of the new up and coming program: Twitter.

Some of you think it’s just another “thing,” well, you are right. It is another “thing” another venue to let people know about you, meet you, and join in the conversation in 140 characters or less.

According to Wikipedia:
Twitter is a website, owned and operated by Twitter Inc., which offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user’s profile page. Tweets are publicly visible by default; however, senders can restrict message delivery to just their followers. Users may subscribe to other users’ tweets—this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers.

It really is very simple to join and get set up and since I will be the “Hostess with the Mostess” (well at least I hope you think so, lol) for the next 31 Days to building a better Blog I felt it important to make sure everyone sets one up and becomes familiar with this wonderful little site as it will be a tool we will be using daily.

1. Go to

2. This page should show up next

photo credit: Twitter

3. Click the yellow “Sign Up ” Tab


4. On the first line enter your “real” first and last name. Then you will need to create a User Name. This is an important step in branding f yourself. This is how you will be seen on Twitter. If you are a business I would recommend using your business domain minus the dot com. Example my husband’s company is Center Pet Pharmacy and he uses @centerpet as his user name. I have a few sites which I write and so I am my own “brand” which is why I chose my name on twitter @shelleyellen however another site which I publish, The DC Ladies, has a twitter username of @dcladies.

5. Follow the rest of the questions:
• make up a password

• enter an email address; either business or personal

• type the security code so the twitter knows you are “human”

• then click the “accept” of the terms and conditions. *I guess you can read them and if you do and can understand everything I’d love to hear it, but I guess they have to do this.

• I uncheck the “send me email updates” box. *I don’t know about you but I get enough email updates from everywhere “if” I need them I’ll find them.• “Create my account.”

6. That’s it… Congrats you are now a tweeter user!

7. Once you have an account: sign in

8. On the top of your home page look for: Settings

9. Click that

10. Look for Profile and take a few moments to fill in your sites URL and a short bio about yourself; very short, 28 characters short.

11. You can also change your background color and design there too, hmm maybe that will be good for another post. However, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how to make a Twitter account.

Did you do it? OK, let me know your new Twitter URL to add to our great growing group!

According to Google… I… um… “Suck!”

I am so upset… Can someone please pass me a cup of coffee? I can’t remember being this upset since I was in school and worried about a grade NOT that I ever got a grade like this one…

Last week I realized that I had my Google Analytics entered in my HTML wrong. Well, they must have been wrong. I had entered the code a year earlier and I forgot about them. Maybe I didn’t forget, maybe, I just put looking at them off, kind of like weighing myself when I wasn’t on a “diet.” And just figured they were “there.” Sooo last week I thought I’d check them out and see what they had to “tell” me… And they told me I had “nothing”…. “Nothing” how could that be possible? So with some research and lots of time I figured out that I had the code in the wrong place… At that point, I put the code in the “right” place and figured I’d wait a week or so and check back. So, that is what I did smiling all the way… And then I saw it… Oooo boy, this is what they told me, my “bounce” rate “SUCKS!”… The bounce rate column was glaring at me…. 60%; what is that a “D?” Oh my god, do I dare say it? “I failed”… According to Google I’m failing!

Wahhhh, please pass the tissues… I don’t get it… I’m a “nice person” your average run of the mill lady… Mom…. Special Needs Mom yet… like most of America I have a weight issue that I have been working on… I have stories… I have good storiesI’m engaging… or so I thought… I spent a lot of time working with a designer on my site, so I thought it was pretty as well as functional… I know content is “king” I have heard that several times. However, I “thought” my content was good, no grammar or spelling errors, maybe not king but certainly princess material… Definitely NOT that of the…. JOKER!!!

So what is a “bounce rate?” According to Google… “Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert. You can minimize bounce rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.”

I spent all night tossing and turning… Why don’t “they” like me? I thought about what I do when I visit a site… How long do I stay? Does one post inspire me to check out more and more…? Honestly, if we are being brutally honest, which I think we are this morning! There are not too many sites that I spend more than a few minutes on… Unless we are talking about someone like the all mighty Pioneer Women… but come on how many sites are like hers? And honestly, I think she has a bunch of “elves” that live with her…

Do you know “your” Google analytics? Do I dare ask you what they are?

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new year!

Some of you know I adore Michael Buble and his song “Feeling Good” describes much of how I feel at the moment…

“Fish in the sea
You know how I feel
River running free
You know how I feel
Blossom on a tree
You know how I feel
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good….”

The end of last year brought back my old nemeis; panic attacks… and it has brought my life to a bit of a halt, at least with me driving anywhere because that is where I “panic” in the car. Go figure, I have been driving for almost 30 or so years and have been pretty good at, my record it pretty clean! But it is a “control thing” and I know I freak myself out… I have been working on this for a little while and need to get in the car daily and push my limits more and more… I know this is a new year and I really am not one for making New Year resolutions but rather am trying to work on the things that have held me back in the past…

My writing is another thing I’m going to really concentrate on… I have “soooo” much to say, just ask my family.

I’m going to try something new for me and that is to give myself an Editorial type of schedule where I will be writing “Manic Monday or Meaningful Monday” posts which will typically be about special needs and our family.

On Work Out Wednesday I will write posts, probably humorous, about my life with exercise..

And on Fresh Flavor Friday I hope to share with you many of my favorite recipes that I have made since last February when I began my healthy makeover.

Hope you will keep in touch and let me know how you are all doing!

Camp for Sista’s, I was so there!

For the past year and a half I have been writing this site and when I started I did what I usually do jump in with both feet. I quickly joined a few networking sites one of which was The Secret is in the Sauce or for short The Sits Girls. If any of you don’ know about the site you should hop over and meet some great women there. It is headed up by a fabulous and I must say “beautiful” woman named Tiffany.

Anyhow, last year Tiffany started hosting what she calls “Bloggy Boot Camps” all over the country. The first was in Vegas which I almost had my husband convinced to let me go to but we had just returned from Vegas sooo not such good timing. Then there was one in Baltimore however it was sold out in what seemed like minutes sooo in January I think it was when I saw that in September the Sits girls Bloggy Boot Camp would be hitting the Philadelphia area I jumped and quickly signed up to go.

Who did I know? No one! And yes I was a bit nervous but I figured these gals are people just like me with a “story” to tell, and well, how bad could it be… Come on how many times did I go to something where I didn’t know a soul? In my life hmmm many, so what the heck… I was excited because I wanted to learn more about Social Media and SEO and how to improve my sites. I had lots of questions in my head and was looking for lots of answers.

Tiffany is quite organized, well she has this down pretty good, I will mention in her “other life” she and her family run a camp, so this is second nature to her. Even before we got there she had started a twitter group for the Philly Boot Camp as well as just twittering out tweets with #Bloggybootcamp so one could connect with others. About a week before “camp” I used the hash tag a few times and saw tweets about “fashion” and “shoes” and what to pack and bring… I thought “O, crap I have nothing to wear” just like every woman does… But I packed and on Friday September 10th I was on Amtrak heading to Philly not knowing a soul looking for lots of answers.

I think I must have been the first one there, figures! I tweeted and a few hours later found out that a group was meeting down in the bar. Of course in the bar, give mom’s a few days out and woot woot it’s party time. LOL At first I seemed to be sitting amongst a group who already knew each other from the Baltimore Boot Camp and I did feel a bit like a kid who was at someone’s birthday party where they knew no one but that feeling quickly melted away as each new face came in asking “Is this Bloggy Boot Camp?” There were introductions and everyone asked what is your twitter handle or your site’s name since that is the way people here would “know” each other. And it was really great to put a face with “words” so to speak. Tiffany came around the table which grew from one table to about five quickly and introduced herself; of course everyone knew who she was from the site. And again after being part of the sits girls for a year and a half and diligently going to roll call every day I did feel like I was “home” in away. We all enjoyed a great dinner and all had lots and lots to chat about.

Saturday was “the main event” And as I said Tiffany has this down to science. She had several great speakers who inspired us, informed us and entertained us! We moved around the room after every few speakers so we really got to know a lot of the ladies who were there, O wait there was one man Ted who was in this vat of estrogen. I wonder if he felt out of place at all. Hmmm, nope don’t think so, he jumped in and chatted with everyone about his project and gave a great session too.

When the day was over I was pooped with a capital P! Of course both my computer and phone died while I was tweeting and taking notes so the good old handwritten notes now need to be looked over.

I noticed a group heading out to dinner and asked if they minded if I join in, and of course the answer was “of course you can come!” Little did I realize it was the Philly Social Media group, which is filled with a bunch of the nicest women! So if you are a Philly woman I would reach out to these girls!!

After dinner there was a little cocktail party which was lovely, and a wonderful way to wind down the day.

Me and “the beautiful” Tiffany, of course we are looking at 2 different cameras

I’m only sorry that I didn’t take as many pictures as I could have… That is my one regret! Especially after Laura, aka Lolli’s wonderful photography presentation! I need to practice my photography. She had some wonderful tips which I will be going back and reviewing!

On my way home I thought I better have my answers ready for my husband. I knew what his questions would be…. Was it worth it? What did you “learn?” And when do I have to worry about you wanting to “go” again!” LOL

My answers, Yes! It was so worth it! I learned so much that I invite you to come and join me the next time I hit up Bloggy Boot Camp, O Yes, I will be back, as I tweeted out to a few new “friends” this morning who I didn’t get a chance to say “good bye to” well, it’s not good bye it’s really just “ta ta for now!”

And PS fashion mehhhh everyone was “comfy!”

She did it again!

As many of you know by now I began this venture into bloggyland as a way of starting my creative juices moving and flowing as the imputes to writing a book, which yes, I have finally put my fingers to the keyboard to start my outline. Yay!

And in the past year as I have said I have met so many friends from near and far for which I feel blessed. Last year, a month into writing, I “met”(virtually anyhow) a gifted graphics artist who designs blog sites and so I worked with her to give my site it’s original design.

She was so wonderful to work with and as my juices started moving and I created more sites, I had her design, Confession of the Playground Princess, The Untraditional Topiary, and The DC Ladies and she also designed my daughters site Post Crown Chronicles.

And now… trumpets please: dumpt da da da da da…. “Introducing the new chic design for I’m Still standing!”…

So you can see we really love Danielle’s work. We are a virtual reference for her lol… So it’s spring and if you want to spruce up your site or have a complete redo, Danielle will do it all, she even redid my twitter background for me too. Drop her a line and let her know that Shelley sent you.

*If you get a chance to do this before Wednesday evening Danielle will give you $10.00off the deposit fee.

Sooo what do you think of my “new chic design?”

It’s time to “come clean”


Person Washing Hands with Soap in WashbasinI have been writing the story of my family’s journey for the past year and when I began this it was a way of putting some of my ideas together for a book that I plan on writing, to start my creative juices flowing. However, it has been a little tricky because I really didn’t mind using my own name however I didn’t want to expose my children’s real names but it has been a bit difficult and due to actually the “real” story I think it’s time to disclose who my family really is…

Yes, my name is Shelley and I am a mom to two wonderful and special daughters, and wife to an entrepreneur butttt there names really are Sarah (not Rebecca) and Hadley. (not Ainsley) Sarah being my college senior and Hadley being my sweet special needs child. And my husband is Kenny.

So why am I choosing to disclose this now? Well as I said, I would very much like to write a book and would love to have all of you who follow me at some point when that does come to fruition realize Oh that is Shelley and her family who I have read about for a few years now. It also makes a little more sense for those of you who follow my other sites, or my wellness makeover page, or my twitter where I use their real names.

My site is not about giveaways per say or coupons it is about our family’s journey with a special needs child and how through her disability so many children’s lives have been changed around the country and world.(Coming posts!)

So there you have it, my little white lie has come out and from now on you will know who the “real” players in my story are.

Do you disclose your family’s name?

*Right now we have a tie for last week’s giveaway so I have decided to break the tie with anyone who commented on last week’s post return comment today..

Happy Blog-a-versary to Me!

photo credit: epicurine

I’m so excited to actually have hit this milestone! One year!! Yay for Shelley and I’m Still Standing! I jumped into the bloggy community a year ago on April 9, 2009 with just a passion to share our family’s story and have found so much more.

I had no idea what I was doing other then loving to write and knowing my topic for sure. I did a little research, bought a few books, hopped online and looked at a few other blogs and was quickly introduced to Mom Bloggers Club and The Sits Girls who both have sites I joined and started meeting other bloggers.

I have loved the bloggy community and meeting new friends from all over the country. It has been a hoot learning about so many wonderful and supportive ladies. There are many stories that I have shared with friends who don’t blog.

I quickly joined Darren’s 31 days to a better blog and tried to keep up but it was a bit faced paced for me, I’m thinking of going back now and redoing the lessons that he gave because there are some wonderful things to be picked up there. The first my “elevator speech” who are you in 1 line… That is when I came up with the tag line “a few special stories,” “a few special inspirations” “from a special needs mom”

I went on to get a “twitter” and began to follow other mom bloggers and build up a little following there and then joined Twitter Moms where I have made some wonderful friends who retweet my blog posts for me weekly in a supportive group. Not only have these fine ladies retweeted for me I now would call them friends and “shout out” to them weekly to see how their lives are going.

A little over a month ago through a site I co founded with my daughter I met a nutritionist who wanted to give someone a “wellness makeover” on television as part of National Nutrition month. I thought hmm I was so going to call a good friends nutritionist and jump on that bandwagon and so I asked her if the person would have to “weigh in” on TV because if that was the case, um not for me but that wasn’t the case and 17lbs later here I am on another journey… My life continues to unfold day by day and post by post. lol

So where is this going? Well, we all know I’m not so much a giveaway or coupon mom, although I have loved meeting many cool ladies who are excellent at doing this. And it has made me savvier about weekly purchases and signing up for giveaways, come on its fun….

Through one of my bloggy buddies I was introduced to the world of “Etsy” and found it to be a wonderful place to buy unique items you can’t find in stores, and being an interior designer (see something you probably didn’t know about me) I love that. I have gathered up some of the fine ladies whose shops I love and I will feature one a week for the next month with a giveaway from each as part of my celebration followed up with my Grand Giveaway of “My Favorite Things” which includes of course Ellie Krieger’s “So Easy” cookbook (which I have loved on my wellness makeover) My fav movies “The Holiday” and “love actually” Michael Buble’s “it’s time” cd, an organization pad to help you since I’m the queen of organization lol, a Starbucks $5 gift card to try a Vivano or a latte and to top it off since we all know that dark chocolate is “good for you” a bag of Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate squares total value about $75.00. I think that’s pretty good right?

I’d like to thank all of you for a year of friendship and wonderful comments, I love hearing from you and hope to continue for a long time.

My first blog-a-versay giveaway comes from Megan. I met Megan when I purchased 2 sweet tassels from her. For my “fall decorations.” Megan has a great blog which has some great crafty ideas. She is a very talented lady and I’m glad to introduce you to her!

I fell in love with this colorful Halloween tassel which hung in my front hall and got many compliments. Don’t you just love it? Now you can win one of Megan’s beautiful creations all you have to do is follow below:

How to enter my first blog-a-versay giveaway from Megan:

1 entry– Follow this blog, if you are already a follower leave a message as to what you enjoy about “I’m Still Standing.”

1 entry-Follow Megan’s blog and leave her a comment that you popped over from “I’m Still Standing.”

1 entry-Become a follower at my secondary blog

1 entry– Join my Wellness Makeover Fan Page

1 entry– Grab I’m still standing button.

1 entryFollow me on Twitter and leave a comment that you are following on twitter.

1 entry-Tweet about this giveaway. Up to once a day! and leave a separate comment here with the twitter link.

1 entry-Subscribe to my feeds

1 entry– Favor my blog on Technorati

1 entry– Blog about this giveaway and include a link back to this contest

1 entry– Post on Facebook:, leave a separate comment here that you posted this on Facebook

Contest Rules:

• Contest ends Monday April 26, 2010 at 11pm Eastern Standard Time.

• Winner MUST either have their e-mail address on their profile, or leave their e-mail address with their comment.

• I will announce the winner of the giveaway on April 27, 2010 on this blog as well as through e-mail to the winner. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours, I will randomly choose a new winner.

I would like to thank all of you for “giving” so much to me…

*please note all giveaways have been donated by the third parties and I am not responsible or cannot be held liable for any actions associated from them.