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I’m a socialpreneur. I admit it I’m a social media fan.  I love them all: Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. When there is a new social media platform, I’m all about it. What keeps me from investing time in a pathological way is the fact that my entrepreneurial interests impose restraint and discipline that keeps me focused. 16 Years ago I founded a nonprofit organization through which I managed the design, planning, capitalization and construction of the first fully inclusive playground in the state of Maryland. It successfully attracted children with a spectrum of abilities and became the model for a state initiative.  Subsequently a national campaign developed and the unique playgrounds were adopted as community projects which were brought to fruition in many states.   And this was before the boom of social media; imagine what I might have done with that.

Years later my college age daughter and I were chatting on one spring break shopping outing (because as women, shopping together is one of our favorite things) and we thought about starting a lifestyle website for women which encompassed articles on everything that affects us on a daily basis from college age through my “motherly older and wiser” age. In 2009 we founded that dream which today is known throughout the metropolitan DC Area as The DC Ladies. We have 50+ professional contributors who share their daily stories with 6,800 twitter followers, 1430 facebook fans, and many daily readers. (So viva la shopping.)

As I worked daily from home sharing the joy, knowledge and stories of the DC Ladies through social media, I met many wonderful, productive women. They like me had started a business on their own with nothing more than a dream; I wanted to showcase these women and began our Doers & Dreamers features in 2010.

This is where the ominous music sets in… dah dah… After working by myself from home after 3 years I became somewhat of an “agoraphobic” well, not really but I felt more comfortable in my home behind my desktop then I did behind my wheel-driving and after a while I realized this had turned into a problem. While much improved I still work on anxiety and occasional  feelings of panic.… and I started thinking that I can’t be the only person who feels so isolated working from home…

It was at this time that I thought about building a community of like-minded entrepreneurial women with whom to share a workspace. One which was a creatively designed feminine space where you’d be happy to hang your scarf, set down your laptop and be social and mingle with other entrepreneurs and independent contractors. And again, I thought about all of our Doers & Dreamers that I have met through the DC Ladies and knew this would be a wonderful, meaningful, fulfilling community experience; a virtual community to share our joy in the challenges of entrepreneurship  while liberating us from the isolation of laptop life.

So here’s to taking our businesses out of our homes, or our local coffee house or library and having a community of professional women to bounce ideas off of and be social and fabulous while changing the work world one desk at a time…

We’d love to have you share this post with any of your friends in the DC area who are independent contractors, entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers and join our twitter and facebook community.


What the dickens is an RSS feeder?

RSS Logo

OK, so I have been blogging for almost three years now and I have a fair number of followers on my Google friend connect; each day I notice a new follower I do the “happy dance” and think “Yay, they like me… They really like me….” However, big news being handed down from our “friends” at Google where I used to “house” my blog on blogspot, if you do NOT house your blog there your Google Friends Connect, where a lot of my friends find me daily, is going to disappear as of March 1, 2012.  So what does this mean? English translation, and I am begging a little bit, PLEASE PLEASE take a moment to subscribe to I’m Still Standing to keep up with me and all of my shinanigans you can do it via email or through the RSS Feed.

And for any of my friends who do not know what an RSS Feed is..

Do you know and understand what an RSS feeder is? Actually, hand up I didn’t really for a long time.  However over the past three years of bloggyness I have gained lots of knowledge in the bloggy virtual world. So here I go again “the hostess with the mostess” hoping to shed some light on the topic…

So what is an RSS feeder? According to my friends at Wikipedia:

RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.[2] An RSS document (which is called a “feed”, “web feed”,[3] or “channel”) includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship. Web feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically.

In English that simply means a website that you enjoy reading will alert you to updates … It’s a time saver! Which as Martha says is a “good thing!”

 How do you use a RSS feed?

1.  Before you do anything you need a way to “read” your feeder i.e. Google Reader.

2. To subscribe to a sites RSS feeder:

a. You can add it to your Google Reader:

 i.      When signed into Google Reader. On the left top side of the page look for a box labeled “+ a subscription”

ii.      Hit that

iii.   And simply add the site’s URL. After you have added the sites URL you will see the sites name and all of the recent posts on the right side of the page.

b. From your web browser

i.       In the right hand side of address bar where you type in the site’s URL. Look for the RSS icon.

ii.      Click it and you should get I’m Still Standings RSS Feed

iii.      pick how you would like to get your subscription

RSS subscription ISS

c. Within the site

 i.      Again, on I’m Still Standing, look for the blue icon or for a cute little widget with the letters RSS, Subscribe, Feedburner, XML. On I’m Still Standing you can find the  RSS  located at the top of the page right under How To Helper in the blue bar next to the word SUBSCRIBE

ii.      Click it.

iii.      At that point it gives you the option of getting your subscription via many different ways

d. When subscribing you can also make it easy and get the subscription via email as one of your options.

I sure hope I helped you figure this out! If you aren’t following along why not subscribe to I’m Still Standing’s RSS Feed?


4 Websites for Fashionista’s on a Budget

drawing of burberry jacketphoto credit: Noemi Manalang

Shhh I have a secret for all fashionista’s!

Being that I am a mom of a 23 year old daughter I have lived through many fashion phases as well as my own. And being the mom that I am,  always dressing my children and husband better then myself. *note to self this is going to change in 2012!

I have shopped with the ultra picky tween, teen, who developed a taste for the finer couture designers such as Marc Jacobs, Nicole Miller, and Milly to name a few…

If you are like me and have a daughter with a flair for fashion and don’t have the pocketbook for couture, don’t worry I have a secret…

I’ll bet you didn’t know there are websites where fashion designers offer their clothes nearly at wholesale prices.. .which sometimes are by invitation only… but… sometimes you can pop that and join in the “deep discounts.”

Interested? Oh, if you have a budding fashionista, or if you love style, take a few moments to check out these sites. This site offers fashion from up and coming designers. And they have a $6.00 shipping flat fee. They have many designers to chose from but a family favorite (*check out the photo!) Hadley Pollet Of course you KNOW the name itself sold me, but… This collection features whimsical belts and bags that will make any outfit come to life! The designs are ultra feminine, flirty and fun. All belts are embroidered with scenes and nature and serenity, plus they are reversible so you are getting two belts for the price of one! Hadley’s belts are regularly between $115-160 and here can be found for between $18.00-40.00. Check out this extensive list of fabulous designers who work with this site. You can also follow them on facebook and Twitter for all the latest. Instant access to today’s top designer labels, at up to 60% off retail. Right now they are running a chance to win $3000 shopping spree from one of my favorite designers-Kate Spade, hurry it is over on December 13th! Do you know how many bags and shoes that would be and adorable coats? This site has exclusive deals not only on clothing but also cosmetics too! Ruelala is an invitation-only destination for a life of style. Where Members delight in discovering private sale Boutiques that open daily – and stay open only for a short time. A community where Members shape the experience – and enhance the excitement – by inviting their friends.

Now let’s go and sign up, we have shopping to do, don’t we?

You and About(dot)me

Last week in my ProBlogger review group we worked on crafting a well written About Me Page. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the importance of this as I feel you can pop over to that post. However, if you are not a member of our group (You can always join every Thursday) and you blog you should understand that your About Me page is the most important page on your site. It should be a banner page that describes who you are and makes people want to return to your site weekly, if not daily!

I am all about organization… I have been dubbed the organization queen in my home as well as many an office, so with that and my love for social media I am thrilled to share with you a site which will helps condense your social media presence all in one place! I’d like to introduce you to’s  little video on Vimeo


What is is a free easy-to-use custom online website that works a bit like a digital-age business card that organizes web content which includes everything that is about… YOU! The custom profile offers a snapshot bio plus links visitors to your website, blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, google+ and anywhere else you can link to that you deem important to… YOU! And the site gives basic analytics like visitors’ time on site and Klout to boot!

One of the best things about the site, aside from the fact that it’s free, is that it allows you select your own URL, preferably with your name in it. Your page’s URL, for example, could be That tiny link can be used below your signature in emails, on a resume. You can find my snazzy page,  go on look me up!

shelley's page

Should I make an Page?

If you have a blog, a twitter, or two, a facebook fan page or two, a Linkedin, flickr, etc then the answer is YES! I don’t know about you but when I started my blog in 2009 I had that and my facebook, which was quickly followed up with twitter, another site, another twitter and 2 facebook fan pages, google+, and a linkedin. Wouldn’t it be easy to keep all of that information together on one clean page?

Let’s do this!

The whole process took me about an hour to create. Make sure you have a good short biography written; perhaps your elevator speech! Make sure you know what you want the page to say about you before you start out. Take a few minutes to think about it and review some of the great profiles in their directory.

Signing up is a snap, enter your email address, and of course come up with a password and then come up with your URL. Now it is time to create your profile…

A picture is worth a thousand words

This is definitely one site where this holds true, considering it is a huge splash page. With that said, do you have a photograph that “defines” you? The biography area does allow you the option to include a thumbnail image of yourself and also provides a limited selection of basic backgrounds to choose from should you not use a photograph.

After you have come up with your background continue to the right and follow each tab. Biography will be next; this is where you enter your “elevator speech” followed by the next two tabs which lets you play with the colors and fonts and then the final tab labeled services which will link each of your on-line presences. After you have created your biography square decide where you want to drop it on your page. Ta-dah you are all done!

After your page has been up for a bit you can check your stats from the dashboard.

It really is simple as one, two three… Take the few minutes and set one up, I promise you will be happy you did. I’d love to have you leave your link and share yours with me.


My new “home”

streamersThis is the start of “something new”….. I am so excited I can just *squeal! “eee” Can you hear me? I’d be surprised if you couldn’t. The last time I anticipated so much joy was when I gave birth to my daughters, no wait maybe when I cut the ribbon on my first fully inclusive playground. OK, you get what I’m saying. I am pretty darn excited.

I’m Still Standing has evolved so much over the past two and a half years; it began as a place for me to start my creative juices moving to write about a book about my inspirational daughter Hadley and how my family’s life as well as so many other children’s lives have been changed due to her disability. *Note to self, get that book outline finally done!

I have so much to write about raising a child with disabilities and what our family has been through in our 20 years with Hadley but I have gotten so many wonderful emails from friends about how did I start a nonprofit organization, and what did I do to raise $1 Million for my first project so I thought hmm maybe this should be part of my “new do.”

My life as a “designer” and “entertainer” *not like someone on TV or movies, rather someone who loves to give parties! keeps popping up from time to time so I thought it would make a fun addition to show the “well rounded” Shelley.

Then last year I began a “Wellness Makeover” to live a healthier and fuller life. It has been a daily struggle as anxiety has decided to come back into my life so I’m taking everything day by day and hoping to share with friends along the way, because I know I’m not the only one on this journey. And isn’t it more fun to travel with friends?

This year while thinking about my site and what direction I want to move in I spearheaded ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog and took a lot to heart. From that moment my brain was “high jacked” and I began to write down many ideas. However I couldn’t make this easy on myself (naturally that would just not be like me!) so I decided that not only did this site need a facelift and move from blogger to WordPress but so did my other site The DC Ladies.

Six months, I began this conversion six months ago! The culmination of this site could not be possible without the wonderfully talented team that I was introduced to through my friends the Sits Girls. Renee, my graphic designer, from  Studio Bold has so much talent I can’t even begin to tell you, and Gill, my programmer, from Flashing Cursor, although we had a few little hosting issues, he was great at getting the site just the way Renee and I envisioned it to work. So please applause for my new friends! And a great deal of thanks from me to both of them for all their time and effort I know you put into not only one site but two!

Love to Cook, Love to share stories of inspiration, Love to help others, Love to exercise-well not really, but I do love Zumba and dancing and I Love the way I feel when I’m done and love to Entertain

And I love that you are all here with me… while…

I’m Still Standing…

I’m Still Standing website: a sneak peak

It amazes me how fast this year has flown by… September, really? The summer went by in a blink of an eye, we went from event to event in our home, and I anxiously awaited the arrival of my newly designed site, which will be here…. Soon!

I’m Still Standing started out in the spring of 2009 when I began jotting down stories about raising a daughter with disabilities while raising another very active daughter, to help me become a more confident writer and like most things in my life it has “evolved.”

So who am I, you might be asking if this is your first time joining me:
I am Shelley Kramm, Playground Fairy, Special Needs Advocate, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Wife and Mom to three wonderful people who have helped change the world, who is on a Wellness Adventurer; and did I mention I really am dying to get to Italy?

It’s called I’m Still Standing… well basically because I AM!

So this is kind of my re-launch page… however it would make more sense to have had my website redone by this time, but you know how that goes… plan for A and you get, umm, in my case C! But it will be here soon…

Here is a sneak peak of what’s in store for you:

new blog header

• Special Needs Mom: I will continue to write about our journey in raising a special needs child, there is so much to be said about 19 years of struggles, triumphs and joys.

• Healthy Shelley: I will share some delicious recipes and my cooking expertise in making “regular” recipes a little healthier. And also some tales from the treadmill and beyond.

• How to Helper: This is where I will share my bloggy educational wisdom that I have learned from all of the books I have read, conventions and seminars I have gone to, and my love for ProBlogger. (He is the bloggy genius!) I’m like your personal bloggy cheerleader!

• Designing Diva: I have a BS in Interior Design and I minored in Landscape Architecture so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my loves for the elements of design, especially color!

• Media Maven: In my “spare time” I am co-founder and editor of a lifestyle blog where I have the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people and I’ll be sharing tales with you here.

• Playground Fairy: After raising a million dollars to design and create the first fully inclusive playground in the state of Maryland and running the nonprofit I originated to do that I have some wonderful ideas for anyone who wants to do the same or build on an idea to start a nonprofit.

Why you should stick around I’m Still Standing:

This site is dedicated to helping other people who want to be inspired, who are looking for everything from healthy recipes to stories about overcoming adversity, and realizing we are all “able”.

If you want to read an extended version of my story I’ve written it at Why I’m Still Standing. You might also like to visit my families press page.

I told you I’m social:

I love getting mail! I love reading comments, I love meeting new people so do your thing… leave me some love!!

And if a post so moves you like I do hope some will please hit those little icons at the button and share the posts with all of your friends on twitter or facebook, or any other social media outlet you might have.

Subscribe to I’m Still Standing:
Please stay in touch with what I’m up to through one of my subscription methods. Also feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Join my Wellness Makeover on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!-contact page

So what was blogher all about?

After 2 years I finally made it to blogher! I have always heard about the clothes, the shoes, the swag, the parties, and the networking and wanted to experience it for myself…

photo collage from blogher 11

So this is what I learned…

1. Virtual friends really are real “blood and bones.” So many of my friends who do not have blogs or tweet just do not understand that support can come from anywhere even your computer… in your pj’s or sweats at all hours of the day or night. And meeting these buddies in real life is a real “hoot!” So you can go alone… and come home with 20+ new friends that you will continue to chat with daily. *waving to Allie from and Francesca from, and Mary from, and my new friends Melissa and Jyl from, and Carissa from, and so many others!

2. Next year I will “do” the conference much differently! I think like anything it takes a year (or more) to “master” the conference. However, when it comes to the EXPO next year I will take an initial spin around the floor and see who/what is there and then I will return after I figure out which brands I have alliances with be it being a special needs mom, or someone on a wellness makeover, or a lifestyle writer and look through the eyes of each. I did this just a smidge this year.

3. The “off site parties” are MUCH more than good loot! I am sure there are many bloggers who run to those parties for the swag bags but again, this is where a lot of initial relationships are made with the PR agents that work with the various brands. Just getting to know them and giving my “elevator pitch” is key to establishing an ongoing relationship… I keep coming back to this… relationships… That is what a lot of blogher or any convention is about…building relationships!

4. The on site parties… be ready to have a great time! And please next year leave your migraine at home! Uhhh

5. Comfy shoes are a must!! Walking and walking and sitting and then some more walking, did I mention I walked? Need I say more? (note to self next year carry flip flops in bag)

6. Take your time and go through the conference session program… I sat through a few sessions which I already knew what they were talking about hoping that there would be more “meat” to it; we all know “content is king!” and we should be writing daily, this is where I felt a little kick in the tush.. So you know I am working on my editorial calendar and getting daily posts up. Next year I might consider going to Pathfinder Day as it was more niche focused, however like the regular sessions I heard mixed reviews… so just take it for what it is worth and if a session isn’t working for you politely see what is on your list and move on…

7. Take an hour or so for “down time.” There were points in the conference where I felt like I was on “overload” aside from unfortunately carrying my monthly migraine with me, my brain actually hurt. So to taking an hour or so to just sit outside or have an informal lunch with a friend or two is a must!

8. Stay at the closest hotel, if you can! I was fortunate to stay at the Marriott which was next door to the convention center but heard about ladies staying blocks away and with all the walking you do already, although it was exercise, it was exhausting, and if you wanted to sit down for a break it would have been hard to do it at a hotel which wasn’t close.

9. I gave myself an extra day to chill out before flying back out across the country, if you can do it; it was a great way to evaluate everything with a “clear” mind.

10. Have fun! Don’t beat yourself up for NOT getting to everything! It would be impossible to do, enjoy each moment and try and meet 1 or 2 new buddies who you will be happy to see next year! Just like camp!

Can you feel my excitement?

welcome to blogher sign
photo credit: Mrs. FireMom

It is almost here… #blogher11. I am so excited to finally be “going” to this convention with a mere 3000 attendees who love to write about anything and everything! If you are reading this I probably don’t need to tell you what blogher is all about but for the few friends who don’t blog and read this a lil background:

What the heck is blogher?

At, you’ll find the best conversations led by women in social media. A curated selection of authentic voices. Life well said.

BlogHer is a community and media company created in partnership with women in social media. Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins founded BlogHer in 2005 in response to the question, “Where are all the women bloggers?”

So what is #blogher11?

It is a conference where everything is taken from virtual-ality to reality in a long weekend. It is bringing together “friends” who talk to each other daily online and bringing them together to learn from one another and other successful bloggers. Um “hello” Pioneer Women. *I still think she has a bunch of elves like Santa who work with her!

And I love this…. “In the elevator someone asked me what the conference is all about. My answer-women who are changing the world one blog post at a time.”

I don’t need to tell you what social beings women are… and since I have entered the world of “bloggysphere” in 2009 I have met wonderful women all over the world. And I am just excited to be jumping “out of my comfort-zone” of my office and computer and meeting everyone in “real life.”

So how does one prepare for blogher? I found a few posts from fellow bloggers inspiring and thought I’d share them with you!

• Make the most out of being at a conference

• If you are joining us in San Diego: Mapping your events for the conference

• And this one just I got from Twitter and it just cracked me up because you have to know bloggers LOVE to take photo’s! (*it’s a girly thing!) @kikarose: Are you ready for those #BlogHer11 photos? Here are 3 tricks to looking FAB in all of them.

Nine tips for blogher newbies

Do I need to wait until next year to attend a blogging convention?

In 2009 when I started blogging I looked for “support” and joined the SITS Girls site which has grown to over 10,000 members. Wow! That did not just “happen” overnight; it was done with a lot of thought, time, planning and support from a group of fine ladies. Not only is Tiffany (the original sitsgirl) beautiful and smart but Francesca is a social media whiz, and Kat, if you don’t know her, you NEED to check out her site and watch her “plea” to meet Ellen; she is hysterical! Over the past year I have contributed to the SITS site by leading ProBloggers 31 days to build a better blog, and at the end of the month will be going “back to school” and leading Probloggers newest book with all the sista’s. (*hope you will join us!) There are so many inspiring women behind the sits girls that I have met. So where is my rambling going here? If you are a blogger and want to learn about social media you do not need to wait until next year to go to blogher12 the sitsgirls have taken their act on the road and formed “bloggy boot camp” which I had the pleasure of attending in Philadelphia last year. You can check Bloggy Boot Camp out. It is Blogging and Social Media in a day, one town at a time! I highly recommend it!

And now my check list:

• Clothes, lots and lots of “stylish clothes” *don’t want to look like I sit inside and work on my computer all day! LOL

• Shoes, lots of shoes, daytime shoes, night time shoes and then when everything “hurts” shoes those would be my flip flops… (shlumper shoes)

• Hair, nails, toes, done… check *gotta look as neat as the next lady!

• Laptop, because I have to “take notes” and learn learn learn!

• Cell phone because it does everything; photo’s, twitter, facebook, I have to keep up with everyone who isn’t here!

• Business Cards… check… thanks to Renee of @studiobold I went through a whole branding change for both of my sites and was “hoping” to have had both new sites up to “debut” at blogher but of course technical difficulties kept that from happening! Ahhh technology! But I will have biz cards with both new fab logos on them! And Renee is making sure my welcome pages on my facebook pages are up… check them out! healthy shelley and the DC Ladies and “like” me on them! PS Renee I am really hoping you get them changed today! LOL

• Paperwork; plane tickets, blogher tickets, hotel reservation.

• Chargers, phone, laptop, got to keep it all juiced up and moving.

• And last but not least a HUGE duffel bag for all of the swag my family is awaiting to see when I come home!

Wish me luck! Are you going to be there?

The top 10 things I am going to write

to do list
photo bucket: Courtney Dirks

I have been thinking a LOT lately about my “life.” I’m coming to a pretty big day in my life next week (birthday, and it’s a BIG one!) and it really has me thinking a lot about well “life.”

As a child I heard and now fully understand and appreciate that “this is it; there is NO dress rehearsal, you get one life and it is happening… NOW!”

Being that I am a pretty organized person, just ask my family, I make lists for everything, shopping, things we need when we go away, daily tasks, cleaning, I’ll admit it I’m a little organizationally ADD. However, it keeps me on my toes!

In thinking about my life I and what do I want for the next half it only seemed “natural” for me to make a list of; the top 10 things I am going to write:

1. 100 Things I’d like to do in my life: My bucket list of the places I want to go, local and far, and things I’d really like to do. I have heard about these, have friends who have had them and have checked things off already. It is time for me to sit down and come up with the top 100 things I’d like to do sometime in the rest of my life.

2. The 10 Best Days of my life: In looking back at my life I am sure I can come up with 10 Days that changed my life and made me who I am today.

3. The 10 Best Books that I read or Movies that I have seen: I have always loved a good book and a great movie. This is an opportunity to acknowledge that the arts and literature have had an effect upon my life and how.

4. 5 Special Friends that I have had: I always have loved the saying “People come into your life for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime.” This is my chance to write about each and how they have made my life what it is today.

5. 10 People who most helped me in my life: Each of us meet people as we go through life, many of them help us or have an influence upon us. Sometimes we may not realize their influence at the time. Quite often we forget or do not get a chance to thank them. This list is an opportunity to acknowledge those people and to express my thanks.

6. 5 of the Best Recipes I ever made: This one will be fun as I have made some wonderful things over my last 25 years or so of cooking. But limiting it to 5 maybe a little tough.

7. The Top 10 things I am most proud about: Taking time to pat yourself on the back is important from time to time. This will be my top 5 things in my life thus far.

8. 10 things that gave me most pleasure: We all have things, things given to us as gifts, things we buy ourselves and things we find. Some of these things just come and go and are forgotten about but other things make an impression upon us for some reason, maybe their beauty, maybe their cost, maybe because of the circumstances in which they came into our possession. Here is a chance to identify the best things I ever had and why they gave me pleasure.

9. My top 10 favorite photographs: Now you have to know I love taking photos and have gotten my albums organized (surprised?) through 2003, OK, I’m a little behind there but I also have some scrapbooking to catch up on so they go hand in hand. In any event this should be fun!

10. The top 10 “little things” that I have loved in my life: Sometimes it is the little things that make a day bright, or a simple gesture that changed something.. This is my chance to remind myself of those things I have adored and why.

I’m going to make it a weekly challenge for the next 10 weeks to tackle this list. If you made a list like this what would you include? For any of my #sits31dbb ladies i’d love to see your next list post, join the linky below!

Dear friends and readers,

envelope with stamps
photo credit: Ceres B

I wanted to write a letter here and let you know about some exciting things happening in my life and on my site. After leading ProBloggers 31 Days to a Better Blog twice since January I have been spending lots and lots of time working on my own content and reviewing posts that I have written and “cleaning house” so to speak.

I have decided it is time to make the move from blogger to WordPress and have been working with a wonderful designer and programmer to bring “I’m Still Standing” into the next phase and working on my “branding.”

When I first began my blog almost two and a half years ago it was a place to share stories of how our family overcame adversity while raising two daughters, one of which has special needs. Over the past two years “I’m Still Standing” has evolved as my life took a turn last year with a “Wellness Makeover.” And now it is my hope that people will stop here if they are looking for motivation to change themselves or the world while realizing we are all ABLE!

I know my posts have been minimal, which you have to know I feel really guilty about, and I’m sorry, but I do hope you will be pleased with my “new doo” which will be revealed shortly. I have been writing and writing “behind the blog” and will have many new posts to share with you soon! Anyhow, I just thought you should know because I don’t want anyone to wonder, “Where has Shelley gone?” because I know it’s been a while… But here is to looking at a bright new future and following my dreams and hopefully helping you with yours!

Wishing good health to everyone,