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I know i’m failing miserably…

I PROMISEHappy Thanksgiving! Now that it’s 11:40 and I’m still stuffed- I’m taking sometime to reflect on my life and my site. You may have noticed that I’ve been awfully quiet lately. It is no secret that these past few years have been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve struggled with trying to find some peace in my life, and deal with my anxiety and when things get busy and out of control the blog is one of the first things to go. Between running The DC Ladies and coming up with new ideas for that, working on my co-working space, keeping up with Hadley, putting my design business up there is little time for blogging. And I know I’ve been slacking, but I miss blogging and feel ready for my comeback, which I know I’ve said just a short time ago, but I’ve got my Diva lists out… I know it won’t be easy, but I’d like to give my blog a little love every week as well as a much needed makeover… soon!

So this is where you come in.

While I do write this blog for myself and sometimes feel like I’m just throwing my thoughts out there into the virtual space,  the fact is that you’re reading my blog and I’m writing for you as well. That said, what do you want to see from me? What types of posts are your favorite? Why are you here?

Whether there’s something you want to see or a question you’ve been wanting to ask, I want to hear all about it, you know me I’m all about sharing! I’d really love to hear from you… hello… hello..

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And… I’m Back!

Every once in a while you need to take a break… That was definitely the “theme” of my late spring/summer… It was time for a break…

And in order to really take the time I felt like I had to put my journaling of my complicated life on pause for a while till I could get some of it under control. And I’m pleased to say that I have done just that.

My life took a very big change of events in late spring that changed my outlook on my life drastically! And I spent the summer trying to figure everything out…

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of what I have learned about “life” since that is what I seem to do here on my site, and hopefully it will inspire you if you are feeling like; “Oh, why does this stuff seem to just keep happening to me?”

Just wondering… have you ever put your writing on “pause?”

February is a month love and lots of heart

Red Apple with heart


In my home there is no mistaking that February is all about the American Heart Association and Go Red, being that Sarah works for them and is presently preparing for not one but two gala’s which is making her lose some sleep.

For me, it’s not the gala’s causing loss of sleep but the meaning behind the events; the research that the American Heart Association is doing to raise awareness of Heart Disease that is freaking me out at the moment.

Why? Well, I will tell you… I am a mom… a mom who gave birth prematurely to not one but two children due to preeclampsia. (Two different pregnancies) Time has “marched on” and my daughters are growing. As a matter of fact my youngest turned 20 on Monday, so my pregnancies and all the horrors I went through both times might seem like a distant memory. However, there is one thing that keeps lurking in my ear, my Obstetrician; who told me that my preeclampsia might have some kind of bearing on my long term health. That was 20 years ago; I know I probably thought I will worry about that “then” after all I had given birth to two preemies in three and a half years and my immediate worry was about them and their needs!

Well, quick fly 20 years into the future, “then” is now, here I am… 50 years old and I just learned that women who have had preeclampsia are more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke then those who did not… Oh perfect, so now I am really freaking out and worrying about finally getting healthy on my Wellness Makeover, now it is sinking in that this is not so much about vanity and looking better but really seriously about my long term health.

It amazes me that the same heart that gives so much love from it to two wonderful daughters might possibly be at risk to be the thing that ends it all. Well, that’s it, remember me? No one say’s “NO” to Shelley Kramm! I will NOT let heart disease come between the love I have for my family, no way, hello healthy heart and wellness makeover you have just met your match, and I KNOW I am going to WIN this battle! I’m banking everything on it!

Join me, won’t you?

10 Zenful thoughts

zen in dictonary
photo credit: crdotx

….for starting out the second half of my life

I had a wonderful birthday week and spent some time on the eastern shore reflecting and came up with this wonderful list of “zenful” thoughts…

1. Forgive-if you cannot forgive others for what they have done to you; at least forgive yourself for not being able to forgive them. “Push it back” in the words of a friend’s wise mom.

2. Face your fear! However this is a tough one for me, I know that I will gain more by facing up to fear than I will be running away from it, or in my case “driving” away from it. Get back in the driver’s seat and drive…

3. New lists: Make a list of things that bring me joy and another of things that “drain me” to release the negative energy.

4. Live in the present-try very hard not to “write the book” and play things out that have not happened…yet.

5. Start with today to make a small change that will lead to big changes IE wellness/healthy living.

6. Exercise, exercise, exercise… need I say more?

7. Think about my lifestyle and thing of new things to add to detoxify my life not only what to let go of.

8. Giving-continue to be the giving person that I am by finding new ways and reasons, it is always better to “give” then receive is truly my motto!

9. Escape from time to time and learn to really “relax” and the art of doing nothing.

10. Stay strong… and keep on standing!

Do you have any “zenful thoughts?” Would love to have you join me with my “wellness makeover.”

50 Things to be thankful for on my very special birthday

happy birthday candles
photo credit: Will Clayton

I have spent a good deal of time this year reflecting on the first half of my life… I have learned not to take anything for granted through a lot of ups and downs and thought in honor of my birthday I might take a moment to come up with 50 things I am thankful for…

1. My family, first and foremost!
2. Being able to say “I changed the world a lil bit!”
3. My education-although at the time I really didn’t appreciate it, I wished I enjoyed my college years a bit more!
4. Twitter and all of my extended twitter buddies
5. My facebook friends and everyone who follows my “wellness makeover” You aren’t alone!!
6. Good Coffee and the smell of it!
7. My health
8. Fruit-no points!
9. The smiles of my daughters
10. My electricity especially when it works!
11. A good book
12. A good chic flick
13. A good cheesecake! Yum (I know countless points!)
14. My beautiful gardens
15. Everyone I have met though all of my social media circles over the past 2 ½ years.
16. Best friends who really care!
17. A good heartfelt conversation
18. A good secret
19. The Food Network for introducing me to Ellie Krieger, the Neely’s, Giada and of course Paula Deen!
20. That I have had the chance to experience the theater.
21. The change of seasons however I am really not liking winter so much anymore!
22. The sound of a good rain hitting my window while I’m snug as a bug…
23. Zumba
24. A long warm bath or shower
25. Watching the sunset over the ocean
26. My digital camera
27. A smile
28. A fond memory or two…
29. The smell of fresh cut grass
30. Color! As a designer it influences my life daily, the more the better!
31. My organization-ability or ADD LOL
32. My beautiful home
33. Imagination-god knows I have lots!
34. Compliments! Although I’m not the best at taking them, it is always nice to hear!
35. Dancing a good dance!
36. My therapist-yeah been there done that! Anxiety people!
37. Food Magazines
38. Kisses~
39. Lavender
40. Being able to use all four of my senses and hands and feet!
41. My hairdresser
42. My comfy jeans
43. Quiet time I have to reflect
44. The opportunity to spend time with people who I like
45. That I can “pick myself up and keep on standing!”
46. Life
47. Just being me!
48. Of course all of YOU who are reading this!
49. Today
50. Tomorrow, my big big bday! Happy birthday to me!

Join me in honor of my birthday and let’s see your list of what you are thankful for…

It is time

pen and envelope
photo credit: Pink Sherbert

Dear Shelley,

OK, it has been a month now… I honestly am trying to get over this thing called, “panic.” I just don’t understand how someone so “together” could snap in a matter of weeks! I have tried to forgive and move on, even “burned a list.” I am writing a “bucket list” so I can have things I’d like to look forward to doing, and then DO them! I know I have a lot on my plate but it is OK, one day at a time… I just have to move forward, one day at a time.

I have so many friends, in person and on the net, which I have avoided not intentionally but it has just been “easier” to stay away then “talk.” I’m really not one for sharing allll of my life… Just bits and pieces… I never want to be “that friend.”

Anyhow, you know you have a lot going on… Lots good, some unresolved but trying to move on, OK Mr. Panic, can you please find comfort in someone else’s home or mind or wherever or however you hoped into mine, I’d really really like to move on.. I’m busy… and would like to get back to “living” my life!

Yours truly,
Shelley Ellen

A shell with life

snail in the grass
photo credit: Krondol

Dear Shelley,

It’s time… time to take back your “life.” I know you have been a prisoner in your own mind for a few months now and it’s time to give the gatekeeper the key and move back into the real world…

For the past 7 months I have been keeping myself “safe” in my little computer office, writing which is a good thing but staying out of civilization, um not so good, not driving, not so good, not exercising, really not good at all… it’s time…

Panic has been my nemesis for a while now… You know I have suffered from panic and anxiety for most of my adult life and this time you know let it really get the best of me and almost became agoraphobic. I recently learned that Paula Deen began her biz because she felt like she couldn’t leave her home… so here’s hoping something wonderful will come out of my “confinement.”

I have been working with a doctor for the past few weeks on getting me back in the car which I really need to do, so much of my life revolves around getting out and around.

That’s it, just wanted to let you know… I’m ready… to come out of my shell and let my face hit the sun again… Oh glorious day!

How about you? Have you ever suffered from panic or anxiety?

Frozen in time…

Have you ever felt frozen? Not cold frozen… but almost paralyzed frozen… a feeling that you have so much to do and you just cannot move…

I have been feeling like this for some time… laundry… cleaning… and yes, my writing… I have ideas coming out the wazooo and I just can’t or won’t make the time to sit down and do it… I’m frozen…

I have been getting myself in a rut lately, I can feel it, for the first time in my life I am really worrying about “gaining” weight I have worked so hard to loose and I really am making myself nuts about it.. My exercise has slacked off a lot since my Wellness Makeover started, first due to conflicts with the summer schedules and then well I guess I just started to “panic” about driving due to making myself nuts soooo I’m frozen…

The good news is I am going away with my husband this week and hopefully will be able to MAKE the time to do some things for MYSELF… That is also a little problem I have “making” the time for me… again, I’m frozen…but I won’t have any choice next week, I’m heading to the wonderful Canyon Ranchand well there is nothing but wholesome living there! So it will be eat, pray, and back to loving myself once again… wish me luck on my thaw-out…

10 honest things about myself

1. I can be a very determined person if I really want something.
2. I’m a bit bossy, but that’s because I’m always right lol
3. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive; the organization of the frames in my house will show that!
4. I am tired of Jon & Kate. Enough said!
5. I’m compassionate to a fault.
6. I desperately want to write a book based on our family that will be turned into a movie; Inspiration people! Not sure who I’d like to play me. “Any ideas? lol
7. I am dying to go to Italy!
8. I would love to have enough money to take care of my daughter for life and then I would love to start a foundation to help others.
9. I need sleep, seriously if I don’t get enough sleep I am a tad bit crabby.
10. I am my biggest critic! Working on that one! lol

We have a winner from my last giveaway a beautiful tassel from Megity’s Handmade, and the winner is Elana!

This week we have another great giveaway in honor of my blog-a-versary and it comes from another great Etsy vendor who I have gotten several items from. Jen from My Tree House Treasures has generously donated a very cute The Laundry Room Loads Of Fun Vinyl Wall Lettering.

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