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Blueberry Brunch

blueberry almond bread pudding

  Our Anniversary was this past week and I though I would make a little something special for breakfast this weekend so I gathered up an idea from my friend Ellie and made a blueberry-almond french toast bread pudding. OK, so maybe it isn’t quite as decadent as other bread pudding I have made in […]

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A single step

Well, it’s been a solid two and a half weeks now since my “Wellness Makeover” kicked off and I’ve been pretty successful. I hate to write down how many pounds I’ve lost because that is sooo not what this whole process is about. Plus I am having a “little” inner self struggle with the fact […]

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Yummy Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas

chicken mushroom quesadilla

  Last weekend as I was scrounging around the refrigerator to decide what to make that would be good for lunch i stumbled upon some left over chicken from the night before and thought hmmm I remember seeing what looked like a tasty recipe from my friend “Ellie” for a chicken quesadilla. So I pulled […]

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It’s Fresh Flavor Friday

pasta and turkey meatballs

  I love to cook! Therefore during my “wellness makeover” I will be sharing recipes with you that I think are delicious and that your whole family will love on Fresh… Flavor… Friday!. Good nutritious food, not “diet” food rather food that will appeal to you and your families taste as well as nutritious value. […]

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