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Tailgate Recipes: Mini Mac & Cheese Pies

I don’t know about you but growing up in my home football was not a “Sunday thing” however with my oldest being a cheerleader and having a love for football and heading to Alabama for college (not the reason she went, but she adored it) and now having her be on the Raven’s Playmaker squad, […]

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A New York Kind of Breakfast

sunday morning breakfast

When I was young we would have bagels and lox on many Sunday mornings. I can remember waking up with what I will call a “New York kinda breakfast” smell. There is nothing like the combination of soft cream cheese, smokey fish and the crisp crunch of red onions and cucumbers all wrapped up into one big […]

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Tomato Mozzarella ala Shelley

tomato mozzarella

I love love love tomato mozzarella salad! There aren’t to many things that taste as “fresh” to me as this. Shelley’s Balsamic Vinaigrette Makes approximately 4 servings Ingredients: 2 T canola oil or olive oil 6 T balsamic vinegar 2 T chopped shallots 2 T Dijon mustard ½ t minced fresh garlic Pinch of black […]

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Portobello and Pasta, Yum!

lasagna roll ups

Over the last year I have tried many new foods one of which I have come to love is Portobello mushrooms; they are woody as well as meaty, I have even used them in place of a burger on the grill which is de-licious! But today we are talking about adding them to lasagna and […]

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Grilled Caesar Salad

canyon ranch grilled Caesar salad

I have always been a huge fan of Caesar Salad, love the velvety dressing, love the crunch, even love the little salty anchovies.  So when we visited Canyon Ranch I had to try their version which is grilled and it did not disappoint! At the ranch they served this with sun dried tomatoes. Since visiting the ranch I […]

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Nothing quite like a parfait… for breakfast

Greek yogurt parfait

I have become a breakfast kind of gal; however it has to be something “special.” No boring cereal for me, unless it is steal cut oats and fruit, yum, however that’s another recipe..,. Today we are talkin’ parfaits… I know you are saying parfait for breakfast? Why yes we are! A wonderful mixture of oats, […]

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What’s the skinny on water?

refreshing cucumber mint water

photo credit: wwarby Since I was a young adult and started with my first “diet” one thing that was constantly drilled into my head aside from the obvious that eating cake and cookies are a big no no on a “diet” was drink water… And somewhere along the way drinking 8 glasses of water a […]

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Cran-Cherry-Pomegranate Sauce

cran-cherry sauce

  I love cranberries! You know it’s “fall” when cranberries hit the produce stand. My family likes the good ole cranberry jelly in a can, and I used to like that too untillll I came up with my own concoction after being introduced to Pomegranate juice last spring by Rebecca my nutritionist. *So, just know […]

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Turkey Roulade with Maple Squash

turkey and squash

With Thanksgiving around the corner this recipe is a great alternative if you don’t want to make the whole “bird”. The stuffing rolled up in this great dish not only makes it beautiful when served but it gives it just the right amount of flavor all mixed together. I paired this together with Canyon Ranch’s […]

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