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My get up and go got up and went…

photo credit: George M Grouta

…and now It’s a new day!

I did it! I took the “first step” in getting my wellness journey back on track… You know what I did? The dreaded… stepping on the scale! How many of us just fear this number sooo much? Last night I even dreamed about it in anticipation of my “Monday morning Weigh in.” Ha now I’m wishing my weight in my dream was the weight in reality… NOT! Of course NOT! And let me tell you it wasn’t a “small” number of wishful thinking… just a few pounds under where I am now!

But… I’m not going to beat myself up. I had a wonderful start last year with Rebecca and she taught me a LOT about mindful eating. I do know and understand I am an emotional eater and like with any “addiction” which I am beginning to feel that emotional eating falls into, I need to really take control of it.

Unfortunately, I have had a few really bad months and really have been suffering with panic which of course stopped me from going to the gym. You ask why, well I panic in the car and from January till the present have “locked” myself away at home not wanting to do anything. I’m telling you there were days that taking a shower was a struggle as I was panicking so much. But that is a whole other topic which I will be exploring.

The good news is I am taking this day by day… Meal by meal…. Work out by work out… and not looking for the short fix… I’m back on track with understanding this is for the long haul… So please welcome me back to the world of the living and caring about myself… again.

Let’s challenge each other!

However, this picture isn’t from today, it is pretty current, it’s from a few weeks ago when I went away to celebrate my 26th anniversary with my husband.

Day One:

• Step on the scale! I dare you! Just do it! It will be the beginning of your journey too! Cry, Scream, throw a fit… and then get over it and move on!

• Write down the number… Hide it in your drawer… Post it on the fridge.. or above your desk

• Take a photo of yourself today!

Now who is with me? Jump on board and follow my wellness makeover both here and on my facebook where I will be putting up recipes and inspirational posts-well I hope you find them inspirational!

“Diet” is a four letter word

photo courtesy of Weight Watchers

Over the last few months I have been making “healthy choices” choosing to eat just about everything but in moderation. Obviously not chowing down on chips and cookies but rather eating those things that we ate at the beginning of time to “sustain life.” You know fruits, veggies, and grains, and leaving out processed foods.

I have stopped many times to think about the several hundred times that I went on a “diet.” And pondered as to why they never worked… Why did I never “keep” it “up” so to speak? The answer is simple because I never “learned” to eat properly!

Let’s see if there has been a diet I have been on it… I have:

• Counted points
• Drank only liquid shakes for 3 months now that was real healthy! NOT!
• Ate prepacked foods… which I don’t care what anyone celebrity or not says is “awful” food period!
• Did the “big gulp” diet coke diet-that’s where all you drink is diet coke all day and eat a salad for dinner (how stupid is that?)
• Ate high protein and used lots of cream in my coffee-can you say “cholesterol?”
• Drank the popular store bought shake diet, which should be dubbed the migraine and diarrhea diet…
• And went back to the counting points people a few more times… where they actually teach you that “hunger” is a bad thing!

I never realized how important it was to respect your bodies craving for food and understood the meaning behind being “hungry.” It wasn’t until Rebecca came into my life in March and she kept trying to drill the “Are you hungry?” into my head…

How many of you actually eat when you are hungry? And not with the clock, because it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time but when you are hungry. This really is hard. I know I have been trying to track it. But I have found those days after I have a tough Zumba class or extra hard work out, I feel a bit of “hunger” in the day. It’s like an “ah ha” moment. And now I really respect those times. First I jump for joy and then I go and eat a snack something with protein and carbs usually an apple and almond butter, or cottage cheese and fruit, even jelly.

I have spent the last few months trying to really do things for myself and trying to “unload” excess baggage so to speak so that I can concentrate on keeping myself well which was always a small problem of mine; I’ve said it before, I’m an emotional eater. So I have been trying to distress other ways then through my mouth… The stress in my life has not gone away, I will always be a special needs mom and with that comes A LOT of stress and worrying. But I have learned to take the “eating” out of worrying, the chips, or whatever is not going to change my daughters’ disability it will only keep me unhealthy and possibly shorten my life, so no more to that!

I know how easy it is to get “sucked” into the billion dollar diet industry! Trust me I have been there so many times over the last 20+ years I shudder to think about how much money I have wasted. But it is a very hard concept to learn “hunger.” Especially if you have “done” all of the diets that I have. But this is my small plea for all of you out there, Stop! Stop looking for the “easy fix” because it isn’t an easy fix it is just temporary. Believe me this I am pretty sure I can say I’m an “expert” on because of my history. It is very rare to meet someone who has done one of these “diets” and kept their weight at a healthy weight without changing their eating habits.

Who is with me? How many “diets” have you been on?

I went from a “B” to a “D” and no boob job required?

Breast-Sizesphoto credit: dimension guide dot com

I did a quick run to the mall to pick up some “much needed” makeup for my daughter at her request since we are going to visit her for her last parents weekend for her sorority (and mine too) before she graduates college. A topic for another time, none the less, I did my “dutiful” mom thing and went to pick up her bronzer, why she needs bronzer when she is already tan I don’t understand but again none the less… blah blah blah I went to Nordstrom to pick it up, I won’t even go into the fact that she also had concealer on her “needed list”… Come on she’s only 21 what is she needing to conceal? But again another topic lol

So I had a few award certificates “saved” up. You need to know I save these and hoard them for something “big” and then I go and get something I wouldn’t usually buy myself… but today I just kept thinking about my bras… I really need some new bras. Now mind you as much as I like to feel “feminine” I just don’t run out and buy lacey, frilly bras and panties, maybe it has something to do with the fact that my weight has gone up and up and up and well I just haven’t felt “pretty.” You know what I mean. But I know it’s time to “retire” some of my bras as the straps keep falling and are stretched out…

So I walked over to the lingerie dept and thought I’d take a look. Ahhhh I long to be slim and trim so I actually don’t freak out when I look in the mirror in anything none the less my skimmies.. Nordstrom’s has such a beautiful selection and of course being spring the bridal lingerie is out, I love white, white and lacey, so clean and fresh looking.

As I was strolling along I started seriously looking for a new bra. Hmm, so many choices as I picked one up I heard a voice over my shoulder, “Can I help you?” I responded with my embarrassed “No thank you” and then the woman just stood there and looked at me holding the bra in my hand and asked me again, “Can I help find your size?” I looked down at the bra as if the size was in neon flashing and she was shaking her head at me saying “wrong size lady.” I again thanked her and said “No, I am fine.” Can you image, I’m in my late 40’s don’t you think after all of these years wearing a bra that I would know my size, for Pete sake! And then she continued… “Well, what size do you think you are?” Think I am? Think I am? Come on now this was bordering on harassment. And I thought OK I’m just going to tell her because she obviously isn’t letting this go, so I showed her the size on the tag, and she just smiled and shook her head and said “Oh no, you are not a B you are definitely a D!” I almost laughed in her face! A “D” come on I thought to myself no that is for women like Heidi Montage or Pamela Anderson who have had themselves enlarged. I’m just your typical middle aged mom and I know my bra size!

She then asked me kindly to just try the D on; I said OK, what did I have to lose? I mean I had the others in my hand why not one more. So I tried on my B and she politely knocked on the door as I had myself shoved in the bra with the little “overflow” I hate around my back showing and she asked if I would like her to “measure” me. Meh, at this point why not…I’m sure I’m not the first woman you have helped today and I’m sure I’m not the last. So she pulled out her tape measure smiled and said, “Yes, you are a D.”

She went on to show me how a bra is “supposed” to fit. My goodness after wearing a bra for O I don’t know 30 some years I have never been fitted properly and never knew how to wear a bra. Wow! It was actually an eye opening experience. I laughed so hard as I changing back into my old bra and clothes and listened to other women in the dressing rooms being helped just like me and all in amazement just as I was they were ALL wearing the wrong size bra!

I told her as I paid for my purchases with my awards that I was going to bring my daughters in next because god knows they have never been measured and you know I think it is nice to know your “correct” size don’t you?

So tell me have you ever been measured? Go and get it done you might be surprised; I know my husband sure is going to be…

I’m not a member of the “Clean Plate Club” anymore!

photo credit:

It’s been 30 days and I’m proud to say I’m not a member of the “Clean Plate Club” anymore! Although this is a huge leap for me I have to tell you this is a journey that I know is a lifetime change and to get to a “healthy” lifestyle will take me a good 6 months of continuing to do what I have been doing this past month.

So let’s recap for all of you new friends who don’t have a clue of what I am talking about. In February I was contacted by Nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield who wanted to know if I knew of someone who would be interested in a “Wellness Makeover” which would be part of a month long segment which would air weekly on ABC’s “Let’s Talk Live.” I thought about it for a moment and then thought hmm I was just about to call a Nutritionist that a friend of mine was using, because I was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a distant memory of myself. I asked Rebecca would the person have to stand on a scale in front of all of Washington DC and the world or have measurements taken on TV and she said “No.” So without a second thought I jumped at the opportunity and said “Yes, Me!” That was the beginning of the journey.

I am not a dummy and know that in order to really be successful you need to actually move your body to reduce the number of calories you take in and as much as I don’t love exercise I thought I would like to have a trainer to help get this party started so to speak. That is when I met Ryan Walker of Alchemy Fitness. He and I began to work out weekly 3 days a week to work on Strength training. Which is a bit hard because over the years my balance has gotten “off” if you know what I mean, but I was determined and Ryan was great about working on a program that was tailored to a person who has high blood pressure. In addition to strength training I rode the bike for a cardio workout 2-3 other days. This in itself was another huge milestone for me. I only missed working out with him once due to a migraine, which is another topic for another time.

So what did I learn?

Week 1 & 2

1. I am an emotional eater, which is why I “graze” all day in the kitchen like a cow would do. I eat not because I am hungry, I don’t think I even would taste the food I was just shoveling it into my mouth to ease my emotions, if I was sad I ate, mad, I ate, upset I ate, worried, I ate… you see the pattern here? Does it sound familiar? Because I never stopped to realize what the heck I was doing.

2. I have been a chronic dieter my whole adult life. I have done Optifast, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystems and was very successful each time I was “on” a “diet” but when I was done well back to #1 and you know what would happen, bloob bloob bloob over a few months I’d put back on the weight and sometimes more because I never “got it.”(this in itself is another whole post lol)

3. So what was it, what made me “get it?” I think maybe realizing that I’m not getting any younger i’m in my late 40’s and I don’t want to keep this up and possibly become diabetic at my own hands, or maybe have a heart attack, and not see my grandchildren. I woke up one day and realized I want to “live” I want to dance, I want to travel, I want to be healthy to take care of my disabled daughter. I needed to change and not for a minute, for forever.

4. We shopped for food. Rebecca and I went to Balducci’s which is where I love to shop since our local grocery stores produce taste like nothing; seriously I don’t know where they buy there produce but attention people at Giant and Safeway your produce is awful! So back to our adventures at Balducci’s we picked up a few new things like, Almond butter, and Pomegranate/Cherry Juice, and Quinoa. It was a true adventure shopping through the eyes of a Nutritionist not thru my Junior Chefs. Always try and take a shopping list with you to the store and follow it! One other little tip I picked up this week is stay away from the “middle aisles” in the store or what I will call the heavily processed foods and saucy foods. Eat fresh and clean!

5. Rebecca took a look through our kitchen and I’m happy to report that it wasn’t so bad! Not that I’m really surprised we usually don’t have a lot of “craparoo” around.

6. This was a big one for the week, eat “if” you are “hungry” hmm what a novel concept of eating when one’s body wants to be fueled. But that is what I really tried to concentrate on, “am I hungry?” And then “stop” eating when you feel satisfied! Do not continue, put down the fork and walk away from the table! I did it a few times, not all the time, but enough to know that I am ready to turn in my membership to the “clean plate club.” Parents please do NOT teach your kids to clean their plates you are doing them such a disservice in the long run, just ask me!

Week 3 & 4

1. You can eat out; just make it more about the “experience” and less about the food. I mean eating out is not something that most people do every night or every week even so when you do make it about the experience enjoy the company you are with and the surroundings. With that said, I learned I was eating way to fast! Slow down, “try” and I say that lightly because I know it is hard but try and chew each bite 30 times. Put your fork down when you have had a few bites, drink your beverage, ask your company a few questions and then go back to eating. When you eat out most restaurants give you wayyyy to much food, actually a salad at the Cheesecake Factory could easily feed a family of 4 if you eat the proper amounts of food. So what are the proper amounts of food? Take a dinner sized plate ½ of the plate should be your veggies, and ¼ of the plate grains and the last ¼ protein. That’s it, it’s that simple. And stay away from extra’s like salt, butter, creamy sauces or dressings those are just unnecessary and unhealthy.

2. We spent a lot of this week making over recipes which I loved from Ina, (my favorite gal) and I was introduced to a new friend/chef Ellie Krieger. After making the first recipe from Ms. Krieger’s cookbook “So Easy,” I was hooked and knew we would become good friends! As I said I do love to cook and entertain and I spent a good deal of time trying “new” things.

3. Step up the exercise a bit more, Ryan and I continue to work out but I was getting “tired” of sitting on the bike, I wanted to “move” so I saw this dance/exercise class called “Zumba” and I gave it a try (yup you know it, another post lol) and I loved it, you can bet I will be Zumba-ing 3 days a week from now on!

Although this is brief and in an outline type form it gives you a pretty good idea of how things have gone the first 30 days and I’m proud to say I’ve lost 11 pounds and 18.5” all over. So I would have to say this is a great beginning, and although I know this is a journey I keep telling myself that I’m taking it one day at a time.

Here is a the video of Rebecca and my last segment on Let’s Talk Live, but don’t worry the journey continues and we will be back to check in with them next month and will keep you updated!

In honor of my wellness makeover and to introduce Ellie Krieger to some of my friends I am having a giveaway of her new cookbook which will be through April 9th so go and sign up!

I would love to hear from you! Are you an emotional eater? Are you a member of the “Clean Plate Club?” Join me nowand QUIT!

it was a green-green week!

This past week was a “green green” week full of eating out, shopping and sights of new green growth.

This past week my oldest was home for her last spring break from college, here we go again with the “lasts” it is easy to do this year since it is her final year at school down south. I was a bit fearful for what the week had in store since I knew her two favorite things to do when she is home is eat and shop… Uh, in the midst of my “wellness makeover” I was honestly a bit freaked. If that girl could eat out morning noon and night everyday I think she would be happy, but I really enjoy cooking and eating at home, not that I don’t like to eat out for the experience once in a while, I just don’t think that it is the best thing to do for me financially or for my nutrition, since we all know that most restaurants give you double what you should eat at one sitting.

At the beginning of the week, we had lunch with Rebecca who enlightened me yet again in about the first 10 minutes when I was half way done with my fish that I was eating wayyy to fast. Hmm, no wonder I’m done with dinner in 15 minutes. But actually I was never a slow eater and again, probably never tasted my food just fork to mouth.

Rebecca told me to try and chew each bite 30 times… OMG, 30 times per bite… at around 10 my throat glands are ready for “swallow.” This was hard. She also told me to try this, after 2 bites (and chewing 30 times each) put down my fork, have some water, and chat for a bit, then go back and start over. She explained this way when you are eating out it becomes more about the experience and the company as well as the food, relax and enjoy. Well, I tried it and I brought home a bit of my lunch because I did stop for a while and realized I wasn’t hungry anymore. Hmm, just think about all of the calories I have ingested over my life when I wasn’t even “hungry.” That was a big eye opener.

I knew we had a dinner with our contributing writers for the DC Ladies on Tuesday evening and now I felt a little more prepared about going out with them, plus it was an exciting event because it was the first time we were actually getting together with these fine ladies who write for us on a weekly basis.

Our dinner was a success! And my dining out experience was a success too; I stayed away from “saucy” foods, and asked for a grilled chicken salad with the dressing on the side. The salad had a huge variety of veggies in it along with apples and walnuts. I tried to follow as Rebecca had told me the day before and I did pretty good, I ate about ½ the salad in about 30 minutes, and I brought the rest home, and I enjoyed the evening very much!

On St. Patty’s day we had one of our “mommy and me” shopping days. We saw some very funny folks, some yummy green chips, cupcakes, and in the spirit of “green” I spent some on my little girl. Lol I guess I should tell you I didn’t eat the green chips but did eat some guacamole with my chicken at lunch at Rio Grande, and the cupcakes although I’m sure if I was “hungry” I could have had a bite I brought them home for my family.

Gotta love Georgetown Cupcake!

even the chips were green today.

this lady was a bit crazy with all of her green!

Friday, we were back at it shopping and eating… We headed down to Georgetown for the day and were having lunch with a friend from California who was here for a meeting. So another meal, a few more shops, some great conversation, and yes at that lunch I ate in 30 minutes but we talked for 3 hours…

I knew that Sunday morning was “weigh in” day, I actually was curious to see just how I did this week eating out as much as I did Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I know I followed what Rebecca told me and so I wasn’t so scared, and I kept telling myself this is all part of the “journey” and I am proud to say that I lost 1.5lbs this week so that’s 10 pounds in 3 weeks, I think I’m doing pretty good. I’m just learning to do things a little differently and take it one meal at a time, be it at home or away…

and yay for the green buds of the trees

How often do you eat out?

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A single step

photo credit: LA Times Magazine

Well, it’s been a solid two and a half weeks now since my “Wellness Makeover” kicked off and I’ve been pretty successful. I hate to write down how many pounds I’ve lost because that is sooo not what this whole process is about. Plus I am having a “little” inner self struggle with the fact that I only wished I had started this journey last summer. But that is me “beating myself up.”

Last week when I spoke to Rebecca on our check in phone call, she asked how everything is going and I told her that I only lost a measly ½ pound that week. I think she wanted to jump through the phone and strangle me. Seriously, she was pretty upset with me not for the ½ weight loss but for my “attitude” towards the whole thing.

I guess I am still having “dieter’s remorse.” After being a chronic dieter for so many years I am sooo married to the scale and the number it reads, and it is hard not to focus on that because we all know at what “number” or around what “number” we look good in clothes and out of them. If you have ever been a “dieter” you know what I’m talking about. And I was also focusing on the fact that “if” I had started my wellness make over last summer the “number” I started out with would have been 15 lbs lower and therefore would take me a shorter time to reach my ideal weight where I will live “healthy ever after.” Butt, then I think, well, I could have waited a few months longer and then started at a much higher number too, if I kept on gaining weight.

The other day on the way to the TV studio Rebecca shared the following famous quote… “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” That is exactly what I need to concentrate on the “journey” and this moment in time “Right here Right now.” This is where I am starting and I am moving forward towards a healthy attitude about my “wellness” as much as my nutrition and exercise.

I laughed in the car when Rebecca gave me an A for both nutrition and exercise but an F for well being. An “F” yup, that’s right you know failing grade! Uh, and one thing I know is I am my worst critic! Unfortunately again that falls under what we shall call “unfinished business,” which Rebecca and I have also spoken about. One really needs to get as clear a mind about one’s self image as possible to move forward with a “healthy lifestyle.”

A healthy lifestyle change is about the long term but I need to not beat myself up over the past and concentrate and move forward in the present one step at a time…

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a letter to “myself” from the “future” Shelley

photo credit: Life groups blog

March 1, 2010

Dear Shelley,

Well it looks like we “made it!” and we did it! I know there isn’t anyone harder on you than you are on yourself. For years and years you ate your feelings away, you ate when you were happy, sad, angry, and nervous, you ate to finish your meals as a child because that is how you were raised, “you took it, you eat it.” You avoided conflict around the family dinner table by burying your face in your plate and just comforting yourself fork to mouth, and eventually continuing the “we won’t waste food” scenario finishing your kids’ plates if they left anything on them.

As you grew, eating grew into a love for cooking and entertaining. You would get out the cookbooks line them all up, pick out which recipes you were going to make and spend hours and hours on this. I know you really do love to cook, and you are a pretty good amature chef too if I must say so myself.

Somehow as a mom you encouraged your children to only eat what they wanted and NOT clean their plates, instead if anything was left you finished those last bites. I’m sure you weren’t even hungry most of the time. Come on you just finished your meal, how could you possibly be hungry?

I never realized what actual “hunger” felt like. I mean everyone get’s “hungry” every once in a while but most of my life I ate when it was “time to eat.” Wake up, breakfast, a few hours later, lunch, evening dinner and probably some type of snack. But I never ever stopped to really think about “eating” and how it actually impacts our bodies. I mean what does the nutritional value of constant “picking” look like to the inside of your body?

We all know I wasn’t fortunate to get the good genes that grandmom had with eating butter and high fat meats and not having a cholesterol problem; instead I inherited the “bad cholesterol” gene… I never stopped to think what an internal visual of that would look like. What could I do to help this so that I might possibly not have to take cholesterol medication daily?

You should have gotten a small clue when the ding ding ding was going off when you were pregnant with your oldest. Exactly how many gallbladder attacks did you have until they told you that the lining was so diseased it had to be removed? Oh yes, six weeks after a c-section, that was not exactly an easy time for you. Back to back surgeries not fun at all. But why wasn’t this a wakeup call for you?

We all know your life has been a little harder than most raising a daughter with cerebral palsy and that too has been a huge weight on your shoulders, no pun intended there but I know there were many many nights days when you ate your heart out over this. There is nothing easy about being a mom of a child with a disability and coming to terms was very difficult but the worrying about the unknown future also has eaten you up inside too.

You have never been a real “athlete” as an adult. I mean you liked to swim recreationally, the best you did at that was when your oldest was little and you swam a mile every morning. Meh, maybe it wasn’t so much that you weren’t an athlete but you just stopped taking the “time” for yourself to help yourself.

Sooo Finally the light bulb went on! One day I don’t know what you were doing but finally you realized that if you weren’t going to take care of yourself no one else would. I don’t think I was visited by three ghosts but I could have been. I know there are a few things in life that we do by ourselves, we are born, if we are females we give birth, and eventually we die. Pretty much those are things we have to do on our own. For me, coming to grips with the fact that I am an “emotional eater” who is killing herself one day at a time was a wakeup call and along the line of I have to do this myself. I mean my husband and children support me 100% they always do! But then again they supported me while I picked and picked and said, “Meh on Monday I’ll start a diet to knock off this extra weight.” It had to come from within… the little nagging voice in my head that said “hey, don’t you want to be around to see your grandchildren get married?”

So kudos to you Shelley for stepping up to the plate and realizing that food is actually something your body needs to survive, nutritionally. For realizing just what nutrition is all about and truly taking it to heart.

God Bless you for saving my life!

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Hello Everyone. My name is Shelley and I am an Emotional Eater!

photo credit: fnc imag dot com

This week I met with Rebecca (my nutritionist) for the first time; we had a wee two and a half hour introductory session to review “my life and eating habits” and talk all about food, nutrition, how and what I’ve done in the course of my life “diet wise” and how a “healthy makeover” will improve my life.

For those who don’t know me, a little background; I was raised in a large family with 5 brothers and sisters and in our house at meal time if you “took it” you “ate it.” There were also many times that I can remember having a “heated” discussion at our table and my escape was to bury my face in my plate. Hand to mouth, just eating and staying quite, hoping the conversation would not turn to “me” being the one getting the criticism of the day!

As I grew I was active, swimming and playing outside as a child and teen not having what I would call a “weight issue.” When I went to college my food intake consisted of Diet Coke and small meals, and I was pretty active; I went to a large university so I did lots of daily walking. A few years later, as a “bride” I survived on what I will call the “brides diet” of one meal and Diet Coke through the day so that I would look ever so thin at my wedding.

Even though there were just a few times that I would call how I ate as “dieting.” Food was always something that I “did.” As many with any type of obsessive problems “do” I “used” food. When I was happy, I ate, when I was sad, I ate when I did well on a test I ate to celebrate, when I did bad on a test I ate because I was upset, oh, I ate for just about any reason.

Over the course of the next 22 years my weight I would go up and down. I’d follow Adkins and lose 25 pounds and slowly it would creep back up, and then I’d get sick of what I looked like and then I would do Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers, you name it I’ve done it! But I never realized what the real issue was…

I am an Emotional Eater!

My life is a wee bit stressful; I am the mom of a healthy 21 year old daughter, and an 18 year old daughter with special needs and wife of an entrepreneur. The last two are what causes a lot of anxiety in my life. And so I “eat.” When things are good, I eat, when things are problematic etc etc.. I think you see the pattern here…

As Rebeccaand I chatted in my kitchen about the things that trigger my eating. She told me to take a moment to ask myself before I eat, “Am I hungry?” I mean really hungry, the kind of hunger when your stomach growls.

Serendipitously I had a plate of grapes on the table and I popped one in my mouth. Rebecca stopped and asked me, “Are you hungry?” I thought um not really, but come on it was a grape! But that is a perfect example; I was “happy” and chatting so not even thinking I popped it in my mouth…

Take this little challenge…
• For one day, write down when you eat…
• Why were you eating…
• Were you actually hungry? Snacks too!

Come on after all I’m baring my “soul” you can too!
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I’m getting a “Wellness Makeover” on ABC with Rebecca Scritchfield!

I’m so excited! For once in my life I’m going to be putting “myself” first. Well at least for “healthy living.” For the next month I will be working with Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, ACSM Health Fitness Specialist to learn all the “dos and don’ts” of proper nutrition. I know you are all probably shaking your head thinking; “Proper nutrition, what’s so hard about that?” Well I know you shouldn’t sit down and eat a tub of ice cream or a bag of chips at one sitting, everyone knows that. We will be spending time going over; preparing for change and setting realistic goals, pantry makeover, healthy grocery shopping, healthy eating out and on the go, overcoming roadblocks and barriers and healthy exercise and stress management.

Being the fact that I love to cook, I am so excited about this whole program! Of course this means getting me back to the gym which in itself is a good thing. This month being Heart Healthy Month I am constantly thinking about my blood pressure which has never been “normal” since I had pre-eclampsia/toxemia (twice) with my pregnancies to the point where I was hospitalized and gave birth to two preemies.

I hope you will follow me here weekly and tune into ABC’s “Let’s Talk Live” to watch Rebecca and I embark on my journey. Please please feel free to leave comments here or join my “Shelley’s Wellness Makeover” fan page” on facebook, where you can also leave comments or questions for Rebecca. I know it’s not a sprint rather a marathon and I’m just excited about starting!

Wish me luck!