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it’s a Spooky Pottery Barn Halloween

It’s now secret that I adore Pottery Barn, each season I just love to go in and see what new decorating pieces that they have. In the spirit of all things spooky for Halloween these are some of my favorite finds this season. Cat Luminary Stake $39.00 | Halloween Hanging Luminary $24.00 | Lit Spanish Moss Wreath […]

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I’m crushing on | Serena & Lily

I don’t know about you but I’m a catalog-aholic! I’ll admit it, I’m Shelley and I have a problem with catalogs; Interiors, Clothing, the funniest is Kid’s clothing because we all know i don’t have little kids anymore, but i just love them, I love beautiful pictures lol… You can find catalogs all over my […]

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when i’m stressed i organize!

As many of you know my life has a “bit” of stress in it! “bit” actually is an understatement… in any event, think positive, think positive, think positive… and when that isn’t working…. organize or reorganize!! This is where my diva dust comes into play, I put on some tunes and hit the floor running… […]

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Organize Your Print Photos

How to organize your photo's

How many of you hoard your photos in the old photo envelopes? You remember the ones we used to get after we had our photo’s “developed” at the 1 hour photo shop. Remember those before the digital age? Well if you are like me, and love taking family photos as much as I do you must […]

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Chic Recipe Binder

my chic recipe binder

I know I know I have been going “binder crazy” with my Major Spring Cleaning, but it is just such a great way to organize one’s self, and with so many wonderful and pretty designs of binders these days, which as a designer I love, I just can’t help myself… So do you have a […]

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Fun School Files

school boxes

I have been hitting up Spring Cleaning in a very serious way this year, a lot of my projects are in the mid phase and as I complete each one not only will I get a great sense of pride for getting it “done” but I will be sharing with you what I did to […]

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I got hit with the Spring Cleaning Bug!

a small look at the boxes

Yesterday I started “Spring Cleaning,” I’m not even going to tell you how sore I am because I think I moved parts that even in my exercise regime I haven’t moved in years and too boot I chipped my nail polish even with gloves on! Uhhh But I am taking this very seriously this year! […]

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Organizing in now part of my Wellness Makeover


I was  “stuck”  in a rut for a while,  last year was very tough for me due to my panicking and basically that and taking care of everyone over myself took over my life. Then in January I decided it was “time” to take back my life and work on myself from the inside out. […]

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Ohhh Martha!

Martha Stewart's new organization products and my receipts

Oops, she did it again… That would be the “Queen” Martha, doing it! She never ceases to amaze me with her great products she gets out to the public, first parties and entertaining ideas, then cooking, then a magazine, then another, then empire, now that empire also consists of great organizational products at Staples and […]

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The Four Seasons Baltimore

four seasons baltimore

My husband and I have been frequenting John Hopkins Hospital lately for some medical issues he has been having and so we have had the opportunity to spend some time visiting Sarah who moved to Baltimore and stay at a few of the properties in the city. Our last two visits we stayed at the […]

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