Couponing 101
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Coupon Binder or Bible?

One of the first things that I did was create an organized Coupon Binder or for better words Bible which I got the help of from The Krazy Coupon Lady, she has it already laid out for you section by section all you need to do is spend the time and gather the goods to create your Bible and assemble. This is one of those times I say “why reinvent the wheel” when she has done it so well and nicely designed too!

You will need:

1 Binder: I chose a 2” thick binder which I think is a good size and mine has a little clipboard on the side for anything extra I might want to bring or a pad of paper.

41 Heavyweight Sheet Protectors: I will tell you I had bought some at Target which were very flimsy so I used some others I had from Staples which were much better. I figure these will take a pretty good beating being flipped back and forth, sorry Target but this product of yours wasn’t up to par.

60 Pages of Baseball Card inserts for the clipped coupons

Assembly is as easy as 1, 2, 3~

Love love love bright designs from Target

couponing bible

There are even a few pages for you to customize should you have the need. You should organize by category to keep things easy to find.

Hadley's Page

Clipboard good for extra coupons and pad for notes


Clip coupons and add to Baseball Card inserts in each area. I think it is best to add them in date order that way you can have what expires up first and duplicates behind.

OK, your turn, shoot me your link when you have it done, i’d love to see yours!

My new life as a Couponista!

couponing 101

Being a special needs mom my budget sometimes gets stretched a little tight due to unforeseen medical expenses and I have been trying to figure out a way to cut back and recently became very interested and intrigued after watching shows on TV about “extreme couponing”. I don’t know about extreme or fully understand how those ladies purchase 10 full carts of food for $50 but I sure got the bug to figure it out and save what I can. So I’m proud to say that today is the first day of the rest of my “couponing” life. I will no longer be a coupon virgin!  So after studying and reading everything I could from a number of “experts”…What have I learned? A LOT (!) which I will be sharing and carrying forward with you.

The Basic Rules of Couponing

  1. Cook according to what you have “in stock” do NOT go out and buy food based on making weekly recipes; which is how I have shopped most of my adult life.
  2. Lose the membership to Warehouse clubs they are not worth the expense, and who needs a 10 gallon bottle of ketchup really?
  3. The way to really save is to visit ALL of the stores in your area NOT just the one around the corner that is the most convenient; sorry Giant; “Hello” Safeway, Harris Teeter, and Whole Foods, which will also force to get in the car and drive more which for me right now is also a “good thing!”
  4. Build what I will call “The Coupon Bible” which will house all of my weekly coupons, circulars, and store coupons *hello Balducci’s 10% off coupons which I often left at home.

I’m ready to “do this” I feel like I have my game hat on and I’m ready to play the game of math, which wasn’t my best subject, so here I go and I hope to help you along the way. I’d love to hear any of your tips you might have too!