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Saturday February 16, 2013

Saturday February 16, 2013 with TFDOMG, the cream puff dessert was wonderful!! don’t you love when you can eat something so sinful and know it’s not going to hurt your waist line because it is just the right amount! it’s all about the portion control!!

Sunday February 17th with TFD

Friday February 15th with TFD

Friday February 15, 2013 with The fresh diet

Valentine’s Day with TFD

Thursday February 14, 2013 with TFDHappy Valentine’s Day! I know today is all about hearts, roses, and chocolate but this year it really got me thinking about my “heart” the one in my body and how much I want to make it completely healthy! That is my Valentine’s Day gift to myself! I’m taking care of me!!


Fresh Fruit Salad with Cantaloupe, Raspberry, Papaya, Honeydew, Pineapple & Vanilla Yogurt


Roasted Chicken Over Greens With Caramelized Onions, Dry Cranberries And Blue Cheese


Spiced Rubbed Flank Steak with Wild Rice & Cranberry Pilaf and Steamed Broccoflower


Sweet Basil Molten Cake with Raspberry Preserves


Dark Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Raspberries

Notes from Shelley: What wonderful choices I made for this special day when a lot go out for dinner, I was very happy with all of my food choices and even had chocolate not once but twice today! Lunch was one of  my favorite salads with blue cheese and cranberries… but i must admit I was all about the mousse for me! YUM! Sinfully delicious, i think not…. 

Wednesday February 13th with TFD

Wednesday February 13, 2013 with The Fresh DietThe day started out with a “pop” that is the pop of a cap in my mouth popping up, uhhh so not fun! Hello Mr. Dentist I have a problem.. and the day went on from there.. It was “one of those days” you know the kind; the kind that i could have polished off a bag of Frito’s or tostitos my latest in my lack of control “options” that were rather tastier then usual these past few weeks, but the good news is, I kept them in the pantrywhere they belong unless they are out for my daughter. So here here to keeping things “under control” even when I felt out of control!


Smoked Trout And Corn Souffle With Fresh Grapefruit Wedges


Soy Glazed Seared Tofu Salad with Alfalfa Sprouts, Sauteed Mushrooms, Spring Mix & Oriental Dressing


Roasted Leg of Lamb with Red Wine & Shallot Reduction with Rosemary Sandleback Purple Potatoes and Grilled Italian Eggplant


Roasted Apples With Pumpkin Maple And Flax Seed Topping


Lemon French Macarons

Notes from Shelley: My favorite food of the day had to be hands down the lemon french macarons, come on now who could turn them away? However I do LOVE the Oriental dressing from lunch, must get that from my friends at THE fresh diet and share with you!
What is your food of choice when under stress? salty? sweet? crunchy?

Tuesday February 12th with TFD

Tuesday February 12, 2013 with The Fresh Diet

Yesterday was my first day back with THE fresh diet after a little “out of control” hiatus.  You know things are probably going to feel out of control when you watched your college roomie and bestie from your early college days lose her fight with the big “c” (I hate the word!) and at the same time lose your special needs daughters helper due to problems in an unexpected pregnancy. And starting a new business. Sooo things have been a little more upsetting then normal to me and you know what that means…. at least to me it’s a loss of control….

Day 2 looking good!


Toasted Granola with Pineapple & Honey Almond Ricotta Cheese


Hearty Chicken Posole With Crispy Tortilla Strips


Cornmeal Dusted Pork Loin With Balsamic Poached Raisins with Farro Grain Pilaf and Sauteed Mushroom Medley


Roasted Pear And Ricotta Tartan With Fresh Baby Arugula And Honey Drizzle


Pistachio Crusted Chocolate Dipped Figs

Notes from Shelley:  Everything was quite tasty today, but by far my favorite meal of the day was breakfast today, love the creamy, sweet and crunchy mix, it was a great way to start the day!

Monday February 11th with TFD

Well it’s “on again” I have had a very rough last few months and lost my “control” with my eating so now it’s time before I really get mad at myself to take the control back and turn my cusine and calorie count to the wonderful chefs at The fresh diet. I will be journaling each day’s foods both here on my facebook fan page and on instagram (if you’d like to follow me there please leave me a comment here and i’ll be glad to add you!)

Today’s cuisine was wonderful, however to be honest, I’m a wee bit hungry, I guess my tummy will have to get used to eating smaller portions once again. I know I can beef it up with the veggies which I think i’ll be doing if after 3 days I’m still feeling it…


Hawaiian Style Oatmeal with Pineapple & Toasted Coconut Flakes


Hearty Soy Chorizo 3 Bean Chili With Hatch Green Chiles


Dijon Crusted New Zealand Lamb Rack with Oregano Broccoli Mash and Roasted Red Beets


Poached Winter Fruit Medley with Raw Sliced Almonds & Balsamic Reduction


Pineapple Almond Trifle


Notes from Shelley:
I’d have to say my favorite food of the day was the Lamb chop! finger licking good!! The poached fruit was interesting and had a zing of flavor. The pineapple almond trifle was also tasty tasty tasty, ohh the little things…

Supporting CoWorking growth for women in the DC Metropolitan Area

The story of “her work place”™

I’m a socialpreneur. I admit it I’m a social media fan.  I love them all: Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. When there is a new social media platform, I’m all about it. What keeps me from investing time in a pathological way is the fact that my entrepreneurial interests impose restraint and discipline that keeps me focused. 16 Years ago I founded a nonprofit organization through which I managed the design, planning, capitalization and construction of the first fully inclusive playground in the state of Maryland. It successfully attracted children with a spectrum of abilities and became the model for a state initiative.  Subsequently a national campaign developed and the unique playgrounds were adopted as community projects which were brought to fruition in many states.   And this was before the boom of social media; imagine what I might have done with that.

Years later my college age daughter and I were chatting on one spring break shopping outing (because as women, shopping together is one of our favorite things) and we thought about starting a lifestyle website for women which encompassed articles on everything that affects us on a daily basis from college age through my “motherly older and wiser” age. In 2009 we founded that dream which today is known throughout the metropolitan DC Area as The DC Ladies. We have 50+ professional contributors who share their daily stories with 6,800 twitter followers, 1430 facebook fans, and many daily readers. (So viva la shopping.)

As I worked daily from home sharing the joy, knowledge and stories of the DC Ladies through social media, I met many wonderful, productive women. They like me had started a business on their own with nothing more than a dream; I wanted to showcase these women and began our Doers & Dreamers features in 2010.

This is where the ominous music sets in… dah dah… After working by myself from home after 3 years I became somewhat of an “agoraphobic” well, not really but I felt more comfortable in my home behind my desktop then I did behind my wheel-driving and after a while I realized this had turned into a problem. While much improved I still work on anxiety and occasional  feelings of panic.… and I started thinking that I can’t be the only person who feels so isolated working from home…

It was at this time that I thought about building a community of like-minded entrepreneurial women with whom to share a workspace. One which was a creatively designed feminine space where you’d be happy to hang your scarf, set down your laptop and be social and mingle with other entrepreneurs and independent contractors. And again, I thought about all of our Doers & Dreamers that I have met through the DC Ladies and knew this would be a wonderful, meaningful, fulfilling community experience; a virtual community to share our joy in the challenges of entrepreneurship  while liberating us from the isolation of laptop life.

So here’s to taking our businesses out of our homes, or our local coffee house or library and having a community of professional women to bounce ideas off of and be social and fabulous while changing the work world one desk at a time…

We’d love to have you share this post with any of your friends in the DC area who are independent contractors, entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers and join our twitter and facebook community.


Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast October 1-8th was a wonderful way to start the month and each day!

Monday October 1: Smoked Salmon with Sauteed Kale and Leek Fritters and Lemon Cream

I love smoked salmon, I was raised on bagels and lox every Sunday before Sunday school so adding this brought back a piece of my childhood and made me smile, it was a creative New York type of breakfast minus the bagel, however, the fritters were pretty darn tasty!

Tuesday October 2: Pumpkin Apple Quinoa Oatmeal

I was introduced to Quinoa two years ago from my old nutritionist who tried to get me to try new things all of the time, so when I saw this item on the menu I thought “hmm,” and the pumpkin apple compote together was a great taste of fall! Loved this a winning breakfast for sure!

Wednesday October 3: Crust-Less Tomato, Basil And Quinoa Quiche

Quinoa again however to have it used as a crust-less quiche was *fingers in air, wonderful, and everyone knows I’m a tomato and basil type of girl.

Thursday October 4: Corn cakes with caper & chive cream cheese and smoked salmon

Another creative New York style breakfast but with corn cakes this time, just as tasty as Mondays, but today we had cream cheese and chives which i love so I’m going to have to say I think this day was the winner.

Friday October 5: Polenta Breakfast Pudding With Apple Compote

Another great fall type of breakfast. I love how Chef Weldon is mixing in all of the seasonal flavors.

Saturday October 6: Spanish Tortilla With Smoked Salmon And Grilled Tomatos

What a creative way to serve the tortilla, in muffin shapes, this looked wonderful plated and made me feel like I was eating breakfast at a spa… Ohhhh how I wish I was, but the cuisine was definitely spa worthy!

Sunday October 7: Smoked Trout And Corn Souffle With Fresh Grapefruit Wedges

I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever eaten trout for breakfast however it was very savory in the souffle.

That was the first week of the month and it was a culinary treat every morning, I can hardly wait to see what the rest of the month holds in store for me, napkins please…


Introducing Chef Michael Weldon

photos courtesy of THE fresh diet

The Fresh Diet has a new member of its team, Executive Culinary Team, Chef Michael Weldon. As a Corporate Executive Chef and the Director of Research & Development for The Fresh Diet, Chef Weldon has been working tirelessly to roll out our exciting seasonal menu! A whopping one hundred and sixty new delicious menu items are available now!

Chef Weldon learned his trade at the side of world renowned chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Johnny Ferno and Alain Giraud and spent nearly three-years serving an apprenticeship at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where he was trained by Michelin Star Chefs in all aspects of fine dining service.

We will now be able to start our day off right with new delights like the Chef’s personal favorites, Persimmon and Fig Marmalade Stuffed French Toast with Turkey Bacon or Spanish Style “Tortilla” with Jamon Serrano and Grilled Tomato. I’m looking forward to the stuffed French toast for sure!

Chef Weldon recommends trying the Striped Bass with Ciopino Sauce, the Dijon Crusted New Zealand Lamb Rack or Spicy Grilled Lamb Burger Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Fresh Herbs in a Pita. Even though I’m not really a Goat Cheese kinda gal I might have to give this one a try…

During the colder months, the menu includes warm stews and soups like Lamb Curry Chickpeas and Cavolo Nero or the Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo with Quinoa and Okra. Scratch the shrimp for me unfortunately I would stop breathing… but it sounds delish!

Everybody’s favorite – dessert was not forgotten! Cherry and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Cranberry Haystacks, and Chef Weldon’s own favorite, the Fig and Blue Cheese Tartlets with Caramelized Onions and Balsamic Glaze are just a few of the treats available now. A lot of these items sound more like something on the menu at Canyon Ranch so I am looking forward to tasting them out…

I’m going to be posting a little differently and writing only about the new and exciting foods weekly and splitting it up by meals… however you can check out my facebook for daily photo shots and comments from my kitchen! So bring it on Chef Weldon!!