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I know i’m failing miserably…

I PROMISEHappy Thanksgiving! Now that it’s 11:40 and I’m still stuffed- I’m taking sometime to reflect on my life and my site. You may have noticed that I’ve been awfully quiet lately. It is no secret that these past few years have been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve struggled with trying to find some peace in my life, and deal with my anxiety and when things get busy and out of control the blog is one of the first things to go. Between running The DC Ladies and coming up with new ideas for that, working on my co-working space, keeping up with Hadley, putting my design business up there is little time for blogging. And I know I’ve been slacking, but I miss blogging and feel ready for my comeback, which I know I’ve said just a short time ago, but I’ve got my Diva lists out… I know it won’t be easy, but I’d like to give my blog a little love every week as well as a much needed makeover… soon!

So this is where you come in.

While I do write this blog for myself and sometimes feel like I’m just throwing my thoughts out there into the virtual space,  the fact is that you’re reading my blog and I’m writing for you as well. That said, what do you want to see from me? What types of posts are your favorite? Why are you here?

Whether there’s something you want to see or a question you’ve been wanting to ask, I want to hear all about it, you know me I’m all about sharing! I’d really love to hear from you… hello… hello..

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it’s a Spooky Pottery Barn Halloween

It’s now secret that I adore Pottery Barn, each season I just love to go in and see what new decorating pieces that they have. In the spirit of all things spooky for Halloween these are some of my favorite finds this season.

Happy Halloween!

I’m crushing on | Serena & Lily

I'm Still Standing-Interiors-I'm crushing on | Serena & LilyI don’t know about you but I’m a catalog-aholic! I’ll admit it, I’m Shelley and I have a problem with catalogs; Interiors, Clothing, the funniest is Kid’s clothing because we all know i don’t have little kids anymore, but i just love them, I love beautiful pictures lol… You can find catalogs all over my house in numerous baskets, so if you’d like to know what is happening at William & Sonoma, or my new all time fav Serena & Lily, I’m your gal. So this summer in my “bedroom redo”-more to come on that later. I finally figured I’d give Serena & Lily a try and now I’m hooked… Right now… my “interiors crush” from them would be…

Pom Pom Throw  $128.00

Tailgate Recipes: Mini Mac & Cheese Pies

tailgating recipes mini mac and cheese piesI don’t know about you but growing up in my home football was not a “Sunday thing” however with my oldest being a cheerleader and having a love for football and heading to Alabama for college (not the reason she went, but she adored it) and now having her be on the Raven’s Playmaker squad, I find myself tuning in on Sundays…  Entertaining around the football game has become almost as big as the sport itself-just head down to the SEC and you will see exactly what I’m referring to.

Anyhow back to the recipes… I thought it would be fun to give a few easy to follow recipes for tailgating and entertaining around the game… And being the Mac & Cheese was always one of my girls favorites this little recipe fit today’s mold..

Enjoy and can I get a Roll Tide?


when i’m stressed i organize!

As many of you know my life has a “bit” of stress in it! “bit” actually is an understatement… in any event, think positive, think positive, think positive… and when that isn’t working….

organize or reorganize!!

This is where my diva dust comes into play, I put on some tunes and hit the floor running…

So most recently, i took upon my self to reorganize allll of our bathroom drawers, you know the drawers that somehow you just “throw” everything into…

Well feast your eyes on these clean beauties…

linus deep organizers, the container store | summer hill scented paper, crabtree & evelyn

I’m a big fan of the linus deep drawer organizers that you can get at your local Container Store or online. They come in many different shapes and sizes and you can make them fit anywhere! offices, kitchens, bathrooms, craftrooms, even refridge organization.. You can see where I’m going with this…

The Summer Hill Scented Paper looks lovely through the clear organizers and leaves the sweetest smell when the drawer opens! ~oh the little things

PS You can see i’m a huge laura mercier fan, but that’s another story for another time…

it has been a while

it’s no secret that i have been m.i.a from my site for a while… i just couldn’t get my head wrapped around everything and what i wanted to share with the world, but i’ve given it a lot of thought and time and i’m happy to say “i have a plan.” And yes the plan does include a “redo” so i’ll be transitioning into writing about my life once again but with a lot of helpful design and organizational tips and entrepreneurial posts, and oh yes, my oldest is now engaged so lots of wedding posts. so i’m hoping you will stay tuned and watch me as i blossom once again!

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A Special afternoon and Evening!

if a picture says a 1000 words… this is speechless!

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