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About Shelley

shelley in philly mirrorAbout I’m Still Standing…

Hello, and welcome to I’ An inspirational blog built on stories and support on how we can all make it through adversity be it health or any facet of life.

My name is Shelley Kramm, known to many as a “Playground Fairy,” Special Needs Advocate, Speaker, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mom to three wonderful people who have helped change the world.

From Designer to Special needs Mom to Advocate to Non Profit Organization Founder to Blogger:

Back in the spring of 1984 I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design and Landscape Architecture and a year later married my college sweetheart.

Little did I know what lay ahead:

• Not one but two pregnancies affected by Toxemia/Preeclampsia and the birth of two preemies. My first daughter went on to become a healthy and vivacious young lady who recently graduated from college. My second daughter was not as fortunate as her life was drastically altered on her 10th day of life when she suffered a bilateral grade 2 bleed in her brain which left her with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder.

• That’s when the mom became a special needs mom dealing with the world of special education and IEP’s and the world according to those who write procedures… Life with daily medications, blood tests, doctor’s, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, conductors, psychologists and special educators, orthotics, and wheelchairs and the world of the “inaccessible”.

• Two years after my younger daughter’s birth my husband, Kenny founded a company to enhance the lives of children by taking the “yuck” out of medicine and I got annoyed that I didn’t have a place to bring both of my children to play-that is when I went from special needs mom to Advocate and founded a 501c (3) nonprofit organization called Hadley’s Park which I ran for about 10 years.

• As a mom of a twenty something year old daughter, I survived the angst of raising a child in the 21 century in a suburban area of overindulged teens who now all have entitlement issues… Lived through our fair share of “mean girl” and jealousy problems that we dealt with which included a bit of “cyberbullying” of a girl whose beauty is as much from within as from her outer appearance.

• In 2007 my husband sold his company and started a new venture, however, it has been a very rocky road.

• Through all of my “adult” life I became more of an “emotional eater” and in March 2010 began a “wellness makeover” which is still an everyday process.

Now I am in the phase of my “mompreneurial life” and bringing CoWorking to the Women in the DC Metro Area. Looking to bring Women together to work, inspire and grow, one desk at a time!

Those are the “highlights” but there is more… a lot more… most of what we have been through might be overwhelming to most people but ya know what? I’m Still Standing!

Why you should stick around I’m Still Standing:

This site is dedicated to helping other people who want to be inspired, who are looking for everything from healthy recipes to stories about overcoming adversity, and realizing we are all “able”.

If you want to read an extended version of our families story click here. You might also like to visit my families press page or to head back to the main page just click here.

I am glad to meet you and hope you enjoy reading why I am Still Standing!

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