I don’t know about you but I do not take challenges very lightly… It might be the “oldest child” in me or my very competitive spirit with myself… but when my youngest brother recently challenged me, i stepped up to the bat. Maybe it’s the “I’ll show you” attitude.. . Maybe…

So you must be thinking, what is this challenge? I’ll let you in on a not so little secret to my “inner circle” but to the other circle and cyber world of friends… I, Shelley, am writing a book, an autobiography of my life. For any of you who followed me from the beginning, (and I’m hoping there are some of you left), I started this website to share stories of my life as a special needs mom. What has happened since that point is surreal and I believe sharing my story might help others one way or another in their lives.

I’ve been through a lot since I last wrote here and will be pulling back the layers like an onion, and likewise shedding a few tears and then hopefully being enjoyed by many. So please stay tuned as you read about me #BecomingShelley.

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