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Wednesday February 13th with TFD

Wednesday February 13, 2013 with The Fresh DietThe day started out with a “pop” that is the pop of a cap in my mouth popping up, uhhh so not fun! Hello Mr. Dentist I have a problem.. and the day went on from there.. It was “one of those days” you know the kind; the kind that i could have polished off a bag of Frito’s or tostitos my latest in my lack of control “options” that were rather tastier then usual these past few weeks, but the good news is, I kept them in the pantrywhere they belong unless they are out for my daughter. So here here to keeping things “under control” even when I felt out of control!


Smoked Trout And Corn Souffle With Fresh Grapefruit Wedges


Soy Glazed Seared Tofu Salad with Alfalfa Sprouts, Sauteed Mushrooms, Spring Mix & Oriental Dressing


Roasted Leg of Lamb with Red Wine & Shallot Reduction with Rosemary Sandleback Purple Potatoes and Grilled Italian Eggplant


Roasted Apples With Pumpkin Maple And Flax Seed Topping


Lemon French Macarons

Notes from Shelley: My favorite food of the day had to be hands down the lemon french macarons, come on now who could turn them away? However I do LOVE the Oriental dressing from lunch, must get that from my friends at THE fresh diet and share with you!
What is your food of choice when under stress? salty? sweet? crunchy?
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