I love gardening…. It is a great time to clear my head and just get down and dirty… literally… there is nothing as satisfying as growing a plant from a tiny seedling and watching it bloom and being able to use it in so many ways.

This year I decided that I was going to create a “Sage Garden” for Hadley. Through Hadley’s Conductive Education we learned that sage is a wonderful muscle relaxant if used to soak in a tub. I have to say I was a big skeptic for years and years about “herbal therapy” and what “good” it can do but this to me was next to amazing!

hadley's sage garden

Hadley has cerebral palsy which causes her arms and legs to tighten up to the point where she balls her feet up and one of her hands. It amazes me that she can actually stand on her feet and bear weight and walk while doing this. Try it… Tighten your feet so tight you feel all the muscles cramp… it hurts huh? Uncomfortable… yes! And somehow due to the spasticity she can keep her feet like this for hours, me a few minutes and I’m going nuts… but how do you “undue” this?

A few years ago Dora who is Hadley’s current Conductor (therapist) asked if we could give Hadley a Sage bath, she explained that the Sage acts a muscle relaxant. So with my eyebrow raised I went and boiled a large pot of water and put a bunch of fresh Sage in it…. The smell was divine!! Almost tea like however, the bundle I used was large enough to send the fragrance through the whole first floor of our home. After boiling it for about 20 minutes, we let it cool a bit and then brought the pot into Hadley’s bath and added it to her bath water. We gently put Hadley in her bath chair and down she went into the warm, tea smelling water… and we soaked her and let her sit for 30 minutes. When the half hour was up, we got her out and dried off and it was amazing the difference in all of her muscles… Her legs and hand were actually “relaxed” and this then made her working with Dora much easier. I strongly recommend you giving it a try if you have painful leg muscles or if your child has cerebral palsy.

So this year we decided to create a large Sage garden so we never run out for the summer when Dora comes back! I can smell it now…

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