Hadley intervewing for MetroaccessHadley recently got her second set of “wheels” so to speak…she got her “MetroAccess” Pass which has made our lives a little easier since I have been having a hard time getting her out and about due to my “driving anxiety.”

I am so thrilled that now we can take her out to the movies or to the mall if I “can’t” get her there myself, or if she and a companion want to go to somewhere without me… It is a little step of independence for her which is a little thrilling.

Through MetroAcess in the Washington DC area people with disabilities are able to use public transportation with a bit of ease.

Since Hadley’s mobility and degree of her disability is a major issue she was able to qualify for door to door service after submitting an application and interview.

All trips that we schedule to use MetroAcess must be made 24 hours in advance which sometimes is a little bothersome, no running out at the last minute trips. However, if one lives near a Metrobus you can always catch these at anytime the busses are running and just show a MetroAcess ID for admission.

For door to door trips there is a fee associated with the time of day and the mileage, and it can be a shared ride depending on who else in the area needs a pickup or drop off.

MetroAccess service in the DC area is for: Washington DC, Fairfax City, PG Montgomery, Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

I am told since Hadley is registered in the area she is eligible to use paratransit transportation in other areas throughout the US which will come in handy when we travel. However arrangements must be made prior to the day of travel as with MetroAccess.

You also might not know:

  • After 9:00pm, if one asks the driver, special stop requests on Metrobus or Ride On are possible along the regular bus routes, when the bus driver feels it is safe.
  • Your driver can call ahead for a taxicab to meet you when one is leaving the bus.
  • Personal Care Attendants drive for free with the disabled passenger.

For more info on Metro Access you can check out their website

Or you can reach them via phone 1-800-523-7009, 301-562-5360 TTY 301-588-7535.

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