hadley does broadway

Hadley “does” Broadway, seen here with casts from Sister Act, The Adams Family, and Godspell

Miss Congeniality is a title when heard most people think of Sandra Bullock from the movie, or I often think of my oldest daughter Sarah who has won that title a number of times, but today and most day’s I think I’d have to give the crown to my younger daughter Hadley.

I have never met ANYONE like Hadley! Once people get past her first name and the “unusualness” of it; well 20 years ago it as quite unusual, Hailey, Yes, lots of those but Hadley nope just one special little lady! As I was saying… once you get past her fist name upon her introduction “My name is Hadley!” One cannot fall in love with her contagious smile and zest for life! Hadley who is developmentally delayed which was caused by her cerebral palsy has a true love for ALL people, no matter what their status is on this earth, Hadley will love you and make you smile. A true joie de la vie!

I have seen her wave her invisible wand work and touch people who  have been forgotten about; like the homeless, smile… I have seen her touch the lives of children to celebrities and it never ceases to amaze me how her gift of “a smile” can make anyone’s day a little brighter. God bless our little vessel! Our ambassador of Good Will and Cheer!

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