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the “fresh life” day 8

january 11, 2012 day 8 food collage

It was a work out kinda day preparing for Ryan! I bent and stretched and moved muscles that haven’t moved in I shudder to think months… maybe years… But knowing that with each hard breath I take I am getting stronger and stronger helps.

While shopping at the food store today, yes, I still have to do that, I do have a family who also has to eat even though my food is deliciously prepared for me. I checked out what some of the “new foods” were that I have tried over the past week. This was actually kinda fun to see what they looked like as I have previously looked over them not interested, or knowing what they were.

I also worked on my Wellness Makeover log to store all of my info in to chart my progress for the year.

new food week 1

New foods:

Swiss Chard: Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla), is a leafy green vegetable often used in Mediterranean cooking. While the leaves are always green, chard stalks vary in color.  Chard has been bred to have highly nutritious leaves at the expense of the root (which is not as nutritious as the leaves).  Chard is, in fact, considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables available and a valuable addition to a healthy diet (not unlike other green leafy vegetables).

Chard has a slightly bitter taste and is used in a variety of cultures around the world.

Fresh young chard can be used raw in salads. Mature chard leaves and stalks are typically cooked or sautéed; their bitterness fades with cooking, leaving a refined flavor which is more delicate than that of cooked spinach.

In my case it was the leaves that were cooked in with Oyster Mushrooms and Mozzarella in a Breakfast Egg bake on Tuesday.

Mango: The mango is a fleshy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous tropical fruiting trees. The mango is native to India from where it spread all over the world. It is one of the most cultivated fruits of the tropical world.

Mangoes are widely used in cuisine. Sour, unripe mangoes are used in chutneys but they are typically eaten fresh.

The mango was introduced to me as it was part of the Caribbean Mango Sauce on my Grilled Mahi Mahi on Saturday. And again, on Tuesday in a Pineapple Mango Chutney with my Roasted Pork Dinner.

Rutabaga: The rutabaga, swede (from Swedish turnip), turnip or yellow turnip (Brassica napobrassica, or Brassica napus var. napobrassica, or Brassica napus subsp. rapifera) is a root vegetable that originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip. The roots are prepared for food in a variety of ways, and its leaves can also be eaten as a leaf vegetable.

On Tuesday evening’s dinner I had the Rutabaga mashed as a potato which is a common was it is cooked in Sweden and Norway.

Today’s cuisine:

Breakfast: Oregano, Zucchini & Mozzarella Cheese Quiche with Fresh Pineapple

Flavorful and full of zest and protein, what a great way to start the day!

Lunch: Mushroom Soufflé & Gruyere Cheese Panini on Whole Wheat Ciabatta Bread

I loved this little Panini, I have a Panini grill which I chose to warm it up and to make it extra crunch. I loved the flavors of the mushrooms and the gruyere cheese! This was a very enjoyable lunch!

Hors D’Oeurve: Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Whole Wheat Bruschetta

Bruchetta is one of my favorite foods, however looking at the two pieces of baguette I was a bit skeptical because I usually eat ohhh, well let’s just say a LOT more than two, however, after taking my time to cut it up. *which I have never done. I enjoyed it very much; the mixture of zesty tomatoes and the mozzarella after being warmed for a half a minute was ever so tasty!

Dinner: Fillet of Chilean Sea Bass with Citrus Chipotle Sauce with Sun-Dried Tomato Couscous and Haricot Vert

I’m a Chilean Sea Bass kinda gal, I love the fleshy white meat of this fish it has such a delicate flavor, and mixed with this “pow” Citrus Chipotle Sauce was a great complement! And the sides of Sun-Dried Tomato and Haricot Verts were also very tasty. It was a very zesty meal!

Dessert: Apricot Cheesecake

As always a wonderful little treat to end my day and I added a few blueberries.

Getting everything back on track I know starts from the inside out, and it is a combination truly of body, mind and soul; I’m going to be doing a post on my Wellness binder to give you hits it you’d like to make one too.

*new food descriptions courtesy of Wikipedia

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  1. A HUGE fan of mangoes here, my favourite fruit snack – I treat myself to one if I spot them while doing my weekly shop.

    Still have happy memories of our chat and breakfast together in Atlanta :) Thanks for your company!

    • Jan, how are you??? Hope everything is going well with you I saw a movie last week that was filmed in Ireland and it made me think of you… “Leap Year” was the name… is it really an Irish custom that a girl can ask her bf to marry her IF it is on a leap year??