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the “fresh life” day 6

January 9, 2012 food

Why is Monday always like a rat race? I’m not sure, maybe it’s from picking up the slack of the weekend and going from a restful 4 to a speeding 10+; well that is what my day seemed like… I went from one thing to another and squeezed my eating in when i had the “time” which really isn’t like me.. But before I knew it, it was dinner…

I had my first Zumba/Combo workout with Danielle which was fun, I did smile a little bit! Which I don’t usually do when I’m lifting weights with Ryan… It’s hard to breathe and smile…

My Daily Cuisine

Breakfast: Southwestern Style Scrambled Eggs with Fire roasted Corn, Fresh Salsa, Bell Peppers, Pepper-Jack Cheese and Multi Grain Toast.

The eggs were full of taste, loved to combo of the few veggies that were included and the extra toast was a great way to prepare for my morning.

Lunch: Fresh Antipasto Salad with Grilled Bell Peppers, Grape Tomato, Prosciutto Ham, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese and Balsamic Dressing.

To “beef up” the Salad a little bit I added a lot of fresh lettuce, I am finding a new love for Prosciutto Ham. The contrast of the zippy flavor and the soft Mozzarella Cheese was a delight!

Snack: Red & Yellow Tomato with Goat Cheese & Fresh Basil

I love cheese, so I thought i’d give Goat Cheese a try, I tried it once before and wasn’t a fan but thought let’s give it another go… So…  The tomatoes were tasty and fresh and i love the mixture of tomato and basil but i would have rather had Mozzarella with it; Goat cheese has a very distinctive taste, kinda of tart yet creamy. I think i’m going to stay away from it, still not a fan!

Dinner: Citrus Marinated Beef Stir-Fry with Black Barley Pilaf and Exotic Mushroom Ragout

I’m a stir-fry kinda gal, so I was looking forward to trying this. The Citrus flavor was very mild. The Black Barley was my “new food of the day” which i found to be a little crunchy and nut like, and the Mushrooms were a good complement to the Stir-fry.

Dessert: Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake

My end of the day sweet sensation, thank you Fresh diet!

Great day overall, so ready to “hit the hay!” How about you?

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