In my last post we discussed The Dirty Dozen which is the list of the top culprits of food with the most pesticides so that you had an idea of what to splurge on from the Organic section. Today we are giving you The Clean fifteen, meaning the list of those you can buy that are not organic.

The Clean Fifteen:
These items contain the lowest levels of pesticides when grown conventionally. Listed from least to greatest, onion scored the lowest for pesticide content.

1.    Onions
2.    Avocados
3.    Sweet corn
4.    Pineapples
5.    Mango
6.    Asparagus
7.    Sweet Peas
8.    Kiwi
9.    Cabbage
10.  Eggplant
11.  Papaya
12.  Watermelon
13.  Broccoli
14.  Tomatoes
15.  Sweet Potatoes

Anything on your shopping list?

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