food photo's from February 4-12the, Days 32-40It is hard to believe that I have been “working” THE fresh diet for a month now! I am so proud of myself for sticking to it especially when “life” has come up as it always will and I didn’t deviate from “the plan.” Exercise, Healthy eating, working on driving and clearing up my panicking too. So cheers please!!

From this point on instead of photographing and reviewing food I have already eaten on THE fresh diet, I am going to journal new foods and review them, I thought this made more sense and apparently there are new items added to the menu’s weekly so there is still much to review.

New foods:


Seared Tofu Wrap with Alfalfa sprouts, Snow Peas, Watercress, Baby Lettuce & Soy Dressing: This will definitely be added to my “favorite” list. There was so much flavor and crunch, a mixture of sweet and savory nothing as great as that, except maybe balsamic vinegar LOL.

Grilled Fish Taco with Brocco-slaw and Creamy Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce: I had seen photo’s of this dish before and I couldn’t wait to try it! And I was not disappointed. The piece of fish was a nice size and the brocco-slaw and jalapeno sauce just made it complete. Felt like I was in California!!


Balsamic Grilled Eggplant with Fresh Mozzarella & Basil: Balsamic Vinegar has to be one of my favorite additions to just about anything so when i tried this I had to add a little more and a zip of Truvia. Basil, Mozzarella, and Balsamic Vinegar-great flavor!

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding: First of all to have something sweet in the afternoon was a pure treat! I usually get the savory snack. I was so excited to give this a try, I love bread pudding and yes i love chocolate chips, in fact I was so excited I forgot to take my photo until i was halfway done, ohh no! But I did get it before the last bite.. LOL yes, another favorite to add to the list!

Ginger Poached Apple with Mascarpone Cheese: Another sweet snack, not chocolate but the apples were sweet and delicious with a hint of ginger and a dollop of Mascarpone Cheese. With a cup of tea-wonderful afternoon treat!


Veal Cutlet with Port Mushroom Marsala sauce with Brown Rice with Pecans & Scallions and sauteed Button Mushrooms: It is so nice to try different meats when on a “healthy living makeover” sometimes it is easy to get stuck in the chicken and fish rut to the point where you’d think you were going to sprout either feathers or gills, so the change to Veal was a welcomed change. Loved the mushroom Marsala and extra sauteed mushrooms with rice, such a decadent meal I felt like I was eating at a restaurant.

Chicken Cordon Blue with Ham and Swiss Cheese with Nine Grain Pilaf and Roasted Cauliflower: I have a little confession to make, I have never had Chicken Cordon Blue… I know it seems like a dish a lot of folks have at parties, back in my day, but I always opted for the “other” dish. But I found this dish very flavorful between the salty ham and the creamy Swiss cheese it was a great filling!

Grilled Chicken Breast with Ginger Miso Sauce with Maple Glazed Turnips and Green Beans with Walnuts & Garlic: What a nice chicken breast! This was the first time in a month that I believe I had what looked like a whole chicken breast. Loved the Miso sauce but the real winner of the dinner was the maple glazed turnips, YUM!!