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Living the “fresh” life Day 20 and 21!

jan 23-24 food collagejan 23-24 food collage

Ohhh my days seem to be moving faster and faster, between helping my sick daughter and my husband with some things for his office and my “stuff” I’m running behind… However the good news is I’m keeping up with my healthy eating and exercise routine, so here, here!

Daily Cuisine:


Breakfast: Roasted Poblano Pico de Gallo Omelet with Queso Blanco & Whole Wheat Toast

I do look forward to my energy breakfasts on Mondays before my work out and do usually enjoy my omelets from THE fresh diet however today I was not that crazy about the Queso Blanco sauce as it had a hint of Goat Cheese, which I am not a fan of. So that kind of made the omelet a little less satisfying than usual. However if you like Goat Cheese I’m sure you would love this!

Lunch: Philly Cheese Steak Whole Wheat Wrap with Sautéed Bell Pepper & Mozzarella Cheese

I don’t know why I was expecting something a little on the lines of a “Jerry’s sub” on a Whole Wheat Wrap, ohhh I know I was dreaming a little, but the wrap was full of zest from the bell peppers. Not Jerry’s but a good choice!

Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf with Baby Farmer Carrots and Orange Glazed Baked Yams

I really enjoyed the turkey meatloaf it had a mixture of veggies in it that one could see just from looking at it and the carrots were nice and sweet as well as the yams which had the smallest hint of orange, it was definitely an orange colored meal!

Snack: Mushroom Crowns Filled with Pesto Chicken

I adore pesto! So these little morsels were very enjoyable and quite meaty!

Dessert: White Chocolate Chip Cappuccino Cheesecake

Oh thank heavens for cheesecake, I am so enjoying all of the different flavors that THE fresh diet makes, I’d have to say this one is one of my fav’s with a hint of white chocolate.

Breakfast: Honey Roasted Granola with Fresh Diced Pineapple & Passion Fruit Yogurt

Yum Yum Yum! Loved the crunch, loved the pineapple, loved the mixture of the three!

Lunch: Ponzu Seared Tofu Salad with Tomato, Hearts of Palm, Enoki Mushroom, Baby Lettuce & Honey Ginger Dressing

This salad was so full of zip and crunch, and the dressing is most definitely one of my favorites thus far, I even had everyone in my family try a little! I need this recipe!

Dinner: Fillet of Tilapia with Provencal Sauce with Sautéed Button Mushrooms and Roasted Green Asparagus

The fish “looked” good, and I have had the tilapia before I believe however tonight it just didn’t sit right and the taste was a little “off” the mushrooms and asparagus were both very tasty!

Snack: Tropical Dried Fruit with Pina Colada Yogurt

I certainly loaded up on yogurt today which is a good thing and I enjoyed the dried apricots and prunes!

Dessert: Blueberry Cheesecake

Another wonderful cheesecake with a twist of blueberries.

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