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living the “fresh life” day 16

january 19, 2012 food collage

I’ll admit it, I took a little while longer getting out of bed this morning, I didn’t have to wake up and make sure my breakfast was digested before a morning exercise routine so I had an extra 30 minutes, sometimes that is all it takes to feel “rested.” Since I have been routinely exercising I have been sleeping sooo much better; this is coming from someone who was waking up nightly 3 or more times and having a hard time falling back asleep. No meds, just the rest that my body feels it needs… priceless!!

Lincoln Park after dark nail color

Today was my “personal” do something for Shelley day. I know to some this might seem a little like pampering but you know what I think it is an important thing to do for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything big and fancy, it could be taking time for a leisurely bath, but for me today it was all about my hands and feet and “Lincoln park at dark!”

Daily Cuisine:

Breakfast: Mango Stuffed Honey Wheat French Toast with Raspberries and Banana Ricotta Cheese

What an amazing breakfast!! I loved the mixture of the mango flavor and the French toast all wound up with a dab of ricotta cheese on each forkful!

Lunch: Tofu Caesar Salad with Romaine Lettuce, Sun-Dried Tomato, European Cucumber & Caesar Dressing

I thought I would try the “veggie “dish today and was very pleased with the tofu Caesar Salad. The tofu was grilled and extra firm which was a nice contrast to the crisp lettuce. Great Crunch and flavor!

Dinner: Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki with Parsnip & Pear Puree and Grilled Yellow Tomato

OK, well, I thought I would “try” the parsnip & pear puree as something kind of new… I use parsnip a lot of times in my soups but have never tried it by itself.. Note to self, don’t try again. For those of you who have never had parsnips they have a very distinct flavor and just mashed too much for my palate, stick to flavoring soup.

Snack: Chicken Apple Sausage with Horseradish Dip & Cucumber Spears

I loved this little snack it was both sweet and savory and the horseradish dip added just a little extra afternoon POW!

Dessert: Carrot Cake with Pecans and Cream Cheese Frosting

What a great way to end my day with a little slice of heaven, I must admit the cream cheese frosting was my favorite part..

How is your week rounding out? Try any new foods or foods you have tried but a new way?

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  1. Love your makeover. I feel like we just ate breakfast and had conversation over coffee. Thanks for inviting me along on your journey to a healthier new you!