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This morning as I rolled out of bed, my muscles were quivering and shivering and I believe if they could talk they’d be saying, “Oh crap, she’s at it again!”

Oh my goodness am I in pain! But I have to say it is a good kind of pain! Yesterday was my first full work out with Ryan in a longgg longgg time; according to his records I believe it was last April. So you can see my muscles have had a little bit of hibernation, thus the pain…

I know I know, did I think it was going to be easy? NO! But I wished it just hurt a little less. As we were working out and Ryan kept pulling more “tricks” out of his “bag of torture” *oh, I mean tricks… lol I knew I was going to be sore, but it was time, there had to be that first workout…

Squats, bands, a weight ball and lots of stretching and bending-thus the soreness but I know in the long run I will be much better for it… So here’s to the pain, the bruises, and the knowledge that every bit of pain means I’m getting “stronger!” Here Here!

I’m working on an iPod music list for cardio work outs and i’d love to know what your favorite tunes to work out are?

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