It is beginning to look like a plan… feel like a plan… and now I’m getting my nervous jitters; like a “new” beginning. Well, it’s not really new.. I’m getting back on track, moving back down my detour ramp and onto the main road again… back to healthy living for ME!!

I met with Ryan (my trainer) and Danielle (a new addition to my workouts) and we worked on “a plan”. We sat and chatted for about 2 hours which if you knew what our work out sessions were like you would understand; the  more I sweat the more chatty I get… even with no sweat the thought of working my little muscles got my mouth muscles moving awfully fast. lol

Instead of thinking long broad goals I am going to try something new: short term goals, small victories which I can celebrate and hopefully this will be two fold, one help me get back into shape little by little but also as I make little strides I’m hoping this might help me start to feel more in control and help with the panic and anxiety…

So here is the beginning plan:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday Training with Ryan and Danielle and then hop over to the gym for some cario/dance 2-3 times a week.
  • Nutrition: Starting with the fresh diet on Wednesday *more to be written on that later.
  • Continued work with Dr. Lynne on my driving and panicking issues.
  • little victories!

That’s the plan for now… So do you have a “plan” in place for January?

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