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It’s a plan!

apple and tape measure

It is beginning to look like a plan… feel like a plan… and now I’m getting my nervous jitters; like a “new” beginning. Well, it’s not really new.. I’m getting back on track, moving back down my detour ramp and onto the main road again… back to healthy living for ME!!

I met with Ryan (my trainer) and Danielle (a new addition to my workouts) and we worked on “a plan”. We sat and chatted for about 2 hours which if you knew what our work out sessions were like you would understand; the  more I sweat the more chatty I get… even with no sweat the thought of working my little muscles got my mouth muscles moving awfully fast. lol

Instead of thinking long broad goals I am going to try something new: short term goals, small victories which I can celebrate and hopefully this will be two fold, one help me get back into shape little by little but also as I make little strides I’m hoping this might help me start to feel more in control and help with the panic and anxiety…

So here is the beginning plan:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday Training with Ryan and Danielle and then hop over to the gym for some cario/dance 2-3 times a week.
  • Nutrition: Starting with the fresh diet on Wednesday *more to be written on that later.
  • Continued work with Dr. Lynne on my driving and panicking issues.
  • little victories!

That’s the plan for now… So do you have a “plan” in place for January?

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  1. Seems like we’re on the same page. I don’t have a trainer but I’m signed up for Weight Watchers at work and I’m doing Dr. Oz’s Transformation nation. I’m also participating in the Hello Morning Challenge.

  2. This is my first morning getting up with the alarm clock at 8am… I know it doesn’t sound early, but it is for me when I’ve been sleeping in for months. Tough! I so want to go back to bed. I’m also working “little steps” to a healthier me by drinking more water. Have a great day Shelley! Best wishes on your new beginning.

  3. Great plan Shelley! The hardest part is getting started. Good luck and keep us posted!