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Helping a sick child while living the “fresh” life

january 21-22, 2012 food collage

Well the weekend was a little bit of a bust, not with my healthy eating but because my little lady was not feeling well, so this meant she spent a good deal of the weekend on my lap while throwing up; so not fun. I really hate when she gets sick because it is sooo hard for her to tell us what is wrong, what hurts due to her disability. A lot of times we just guess and usually end up taking her to the doctor. But with the weekends snow that came to visit leaving the house really wasn’t an option unless it became an emergency. I spent the night on the couch to make sure I could hear her when she woke up at night as I didn’t want her to choke if she was to vomit while sleeping, so you can imagine how tired I was on Sunday. I was happy that my food was here and that was one less thing for me to have to worry about.

Daily Cuisine:


Breakfast: Fresh Fruit Salad with Cantaloupe, Red Grapes, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple & Banana Ricotta Cheese

Loved this breakfast, all of the fruit was juicy and sweet.

Lunch: Turkey Breast Salad with Avocado, Golden Apples, Baby Lettuce & Raspberry Vinaigrette

The turkey in the salad was tender and full of flavor; the apples were a nice contrast with a bit of sweetness however the avocado was a little mushy.

Dinner: Smokey Lemon Rubbed Salmon Fillet with Creamy Herbed Quinoa and Lemon Roasted Green Asparagus

I was so pleased with the delicious salmon fillet in tonight’s dinner; it was the best thing about the day’s meals so far.

Snack: Mushroom Crowns Stuffed with Creamy Broccoli

My late afternoon snack today was little mushroom caps filled with chopped broccoli, they were tasty but just not what I needed “today” wished I had something with a little more flavor.

Dessert: Maple Cheesecake

Thank you fresh diet for this divine maple cheesecake!


Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito with Scrambled Eggs, Sautéed Mushrooms, Pepper-Jack Cheese on Whole Wheat Tortilla

I was excited to wrap my mouth around this wonderfully smelling breakfast burrito; it tasted as good as it smelled!

Lunch: Gorgonzola Cheese Salad with Red Grapes, Candied Walnuts, Boston Lettuce & Tart Cherry Vinaigrette

I’m a dairy girl and I love all things dairy, milk, cheese, and yogurt, did I mention cheese? And Gorgonzola is definitely one of my favorites so this salad had the right amount of punch and zing; loved it.

Dinner: Cajun Rubbed Grilled Skirt Steak with Butternut Squash Puree and Roasted Bell Peppers

Wellll, I will say it, unfortunately there was a bit too much fat on my skirt steak to enjoy, I was actually to scared to eat it all after cutting a good bit of the fat off, I kept thinking this can’t possibly be good for me. I do enjoy the veggie purees “of the day” and the butternut squash did not disappoint.

Snack: Prosciutto Ham Wrapped Asparagus Tips

My first piece was delicious, I enjoyed the sweet and savory flavor wrapped around a few asparagus tips, however my second piece had a bit of fat in the prosciutto that I must have ripped a good portion of away. I never was a prosciutto eater so I don’t know if this is a natural way that it usually comes or really was just a fatty piece.

Dessert: Sautéed Pineapple with Key Lime Yogurt Topped with Toasted Coconut Flakes

The evening was “saved” by this wonderful little yet sinful dessert; I loved all of the flavors especially the toasted coconut flakes.

So, how was your weekend? And can someone please give me a heads up about prosciutto, is it always fatty?

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