In my home there is no mistaking that February is all about the American Heart Association and Go Red, being that Sarah works for them and is presently preparing for not one but two gala’s which is making her lose some sleep.

For me, it’s not the gala’s causing loss of sleep but the meaning behind the events; the research that the American Heart Association is doing to raise awareness of Heart Disease that is freaking me out at the moment.

Why? Well, I will tell you… I am a mom… a mom who gave birth prematurely to not one but two children due to preeclampsia. (Two different pregnancies) Time has “marched on” and my daughters are growing. As a matter of fact my youngest turned 20 on Monday, so my pregnancies and all the horrors I went through both times might seem like a distant memory. However, there is one thing that keeps lurking in my ear, my Obstetrician; who told me that my preeclampsia might have some kind of bearing on my long term health. That was 20 years ago; I know I probably thought I will worry about that “then” after all I had given birth to two preemies in three and a half years and my immediate worry was about them and their needs!

Well, quick fly 20 years into the future, “then” is now, here I am… 50 years old and I just learned that women who have had preeclampsia are more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke then those who did not… Oh perfect, so now I am really freaking out and worrying about finally getting healthy on my Wellness Makeover, now it is sinking in that this is not so much about vanity and looking better but really seriously about my long term health.

It amazes me that the same heart that gives so much love from it to two wonderful daughters might possibly be at risk to be the thing that ends it all. Well, that’s it, remember me? No one say’s “NO” to Shelley Kramm! I will NOT let heart disease come between the love I have for my family, no way, hello healthy heart and wellness makeover you have just met your match, and I KNOW I am going to WIN this battle! I’m banking everything on it!

Join me, won’t you?

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