How many of you hoard your photos in the old photo envelopes? You remember the ones we used to get after we had our photo’s “developed” at the 1 hour photo shop. Remember those before the digital age? Well if you are like me, and love taking family photos as much as I do you must have a bunch. With my 27th Anniversary coming up soon and an almost 24 year old and 20 year old I have a LOT of photos.

bag o photo'sHow many of you have “this” bag?

A few years ago I started to organize my photos by year… That was the “beginning” of my photo organization and love of scrapbooking…

got scrapbooksI told you I love to scrapbook… and these are just a “few” of mine…

But so many of my friends asked me, what do you do with the “extra” photos that you don’t necessarily want to put with your family photo albums… In my case those were photos of playground projects that I worked on and my husband’s former company’s’ employees.

This also included my daughters’ pageant life, *small disclaimer we did not start as a Toddler but she has lots of Tiara’s, and then into her college life, all of the “Zaps” she had to have while in college…

So let’s back it up, how did I take all of this and create an organized space? First I bought colorful boxes and labeled them so that when I was finished I could put them on a shelf, look great and know what was inside in an organized manner.

Then I spent a day… I kid you not… a day…. Laying out all of my photo packets and sorting them in piles in all my different categories.

I then went to one of my favorite stores in the world; that would be “the container store” an organizational lover’s dream world. I could spend hours in there just thinking of projects to do, and my husband would gulp and be thinking “yes and money that she can spend…”

photo casesAnd there I found these wonderful individual clear cases to organize my photos.

Of course it wouldn’t be a “Shelley project” if it wasn’t finished with a nice decorative touch so I had my friend Katie make me a few snazzy labels for each; I look forward to getting myself Photoshop at some point so I can do these on my own, but in the mean time she did an amazing job!

snazzy photo covers for each category

Now a statement which might surprise you; It is OK to throw out some of your photos… After sorting and loading all of my photo’s categorically there were a few cases which were overflowing and I had to make the call of, “hmm is this a photo I would look back on and love,” if not, it was trashed. I am sure you have a few of those photos where you think what was I thinking about or they weren’t of the best quality.

How to organize your photo's

I think they came out smashing…

How to organize sorority photos

And don’t you love the box of Sarah’s Zaps from college, what a great keepsake!

This is just the beginning of my Picture Projects next onto:

  • my digital sorting
  • digital albums
  • special vacation/birthday books

27 years, that’s a lot of memories, in a lot of photo’s… What do you do to organize your old photo prints?

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