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Ohhh Martha!

Martha Stewart's new organization products and my receipts

Oops, she did it again… That would be the “Queen” Martha, doing it! She never ceases to amaze me with her great products she gets out to the public, first parties and entertaining ideas, then cooking, then a magazine, then another, then empire, now that empire also consists of great organizational products at Staples and we all know how much I love organization.

I know I know, I’m a little of an organizational geek, well, you know you are when you get this excited over cool products to make your life easier! And it is “tax time!” I don’t know about you but in my house it is me who does all of the organizing of our tax stuff and this is a job that could take an army with a husband who owns his own business, my stuff, and a child with special needs and tons of medical stuff.

But take a look at this great line of products!! And this month in any Martha related magazine there are coupons to help!

Martha Stewart office products

My tax season starts with the organization of my receipts from the year.. . *note the small portion of them in the top photo next to Martha. I know she would be grinning if she saw these piles.

So step #1: Get out all of your receipts for the year and organize them in Month piles. *These would be store receipts where I bought supplies for Hadley and our businesses. Also it is great for future budgeting to actually understand where all of your money is going, or went…

Stay tuned for how great this all looks organized with a little help from Martha! Follow along as I get all of my “stuff” together for tax time… Hey maybe I can just help you too!

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  1. Love this. your site is gorgeous

  2. Shelley, I absolutely adore these products from Martha Stewart!! I went out when they were released here at our Staples in Edmonton and they were just about sold out of the ones that I wanted to start with! I had to go to another store in order to get my stacking trays (I chose brown, love the color selection). I am thrilled with this series of products and am going to be adding more to my desk, as time goes on!!

  3. I love your site, great colors. Yes, Martha is the gal to help you get organized. I just get my tax receipts in piles and record them as well. Then they are ready for the bookkeeper.

  4. Shelley, organization is not my strong suit but I do try. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Does Martha tell you where to get a good tax accountant?

  6. Is there anything Martha doesn’t do? That is too organized for me, although I might not be in Martha’s demographic.

  7. I can always use good organizational tips! Especially as a mompreneur. Thanks!

  8. Great organizational tips and products for Martha fans :)

  9. Thanks for the tips! I love your site!

  10. Love your site! Glad to have found you! Thanks!

  11. I’m a little outside of Martha’s target ‘demo’…but my long haired chihuahua rocks a Martha dog harness (it cost a little more than most of the things that I wear)

  12. You are a woman after my own heart! I could spend a ton of money in an office supply store! I am such an organization geek too! Thanks for sharing! Now I need to find a Staples – LOL!

  13. Yup – that’s what’s happening here too! Tax time! good luck everyone filing on time!!

  14. A little out of my arena, but I can definitely see where those would come in handy. I tend to keep every list and schedule on my computer somewhere. Probably a bad habit though, in the case of a hard drive failure or my Internet is out!

  15. I feel a weekend trip to Staples coming on here. I’m the one who does all the tax organizing in our house too, and so far my shoebox is overflowing. :)

  16. I look forward to your animated narration of the steps here for tax prep!

  17. Shelley, you’ll be able to tell how organized we each are by the stress levels near March 15 (for U.S. business owners) and April 15 (for all of us) … as tax deadlines approach! So if Martha manages to drop that stress level by a notch or two by getting us to use organizational tools, bravo! 😉

  18. I didn’t even know this line existed. Where have I been? Thanks for informing! I love things to help me better organize my life.

  19. I love organization!
    Sometimes I have trouble spelling it though, ha!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  20. I love Martha. She is a savvy business woman and clearly stands out of the box. I want to BE Martha Stewart! (-_-)
    The LEARNED Preneur @ NormaDoiron.NET

  21. LOVE this…I totally balance on the line between a Geek and an organizing-obsessed Mama! Love the products you featured. I ‘think’ I’m ready for tax season–got my papers in a stack anyway 😉

  22. Great. ANOTHER project I will probably start, but not finish because I have creativity add… :) Love this post, great ideas, I really am going to have to ‘try’ to tackle some.. =) (ps. I STILL have my taxes to do!!) Very overwhelming.

  23. Edmund Lee says:

    Bright ideas. Thanks!

  24. My husband is INCREDIBLY organized, I wish that could rub off on me :)

  25. Carol Giambri says:

    Great ideas. Need to get ready for the tax season. Wish I was more organized even on my computer, but a process.

  26. I’m a big nerd too as I LOVE this kind of stuff! Thanks so much for sharing! Love it!

  27. I miss Martha. South Africa does not seem to know her so well. She is certainly innovative and creative….loved to watch her and loved many of her products!

  28. Love this post, Shelley! I’m a big fan of Martha and am looking forward to more information! Just picked up Martha paint swatches today to paint my new home.

  29. Love the look of those products, Shelley. Too bad I live in India and can’t get them. Wishing you good luck with the tax work – I’m doing mine here too.

  30. Awesome Shelley, I really need these ideas. I’m always on the lookout to make tax documents easier to organize. My piles look a lot like yours . . .