Yesterday I started “Spring Cleaning,” I’m not even going to tell you how sore I am because I think I moved parts that even in my exercise regime I haven’t moved in years and too boot I chipped my nail polish even with gloves on! Uhhh But I am taking this very seriously this year!

I have 10 years worth of paperwork in my garage from the organization that I ran that I can go through now and “clean” up, keep what I want for my memories and shred the rest, which I know will be a little sad but really all of those boxes in my garage is wayyyy to much “stuff.”

a small look at the boxes

This is just a small look at the boxes that take up an entire wall of space floor to ceiling! 30 feet of space! Wowzers!

time to sort

sorting box by box…

photo'ssome amazing long lost photo’s!

computersand years and years of computer towers… who else is afraid to trash them?

hard drivesuntil I had a visit from my friendly Geek to remove the hard drives and remove the bodies, wow, that was a small fortune but soooo worth it!

I’ve done a little in the house too, my kitchen bakers rack had I think 2 years of dust on the back bottom shelf, so off with all my cooking books and dust and scrub, hmmm now that I have my bakers rack on my back deck, I’m thinking… this looks good outside… it sure would be nice for some more potted plants and a place to put ketchup and mustard for our bbq’s when we open the pool, maybe a shelf for towels… *uhhh now to talk to my hubby about a new one for the kitchen, well to be honest the cook books were over flowing, so maybe a new one is “justified” hmmm…

cookbookscookbooks in order by chef of course!

and I actually started my cleaning with moving all of our DVD’s/videos into a room where they can be watched, we don’t have a VCR in our family room anymore, silly me!

cleaned up dvd's

So I have piles and piles all over my house, books and more books… I was wondering where some of these were, yup garage in boxes from when we renovated 2 years ago…


I was wondering where my authors with last names starting with S on to W went lol

So that is my organization today.. What did I get done?

  • Half of my boxes in the garage are now emptied and in the “shred it” box, trashed or in piles to “reorganize” and keep.
  • My garage doors were serviced and checked, oh that was because while cleaning I noticed a hole in the ceiling and was afraid my new heavy garage doors where pulling the ceiling down, but happy to report that it was just the drywall, phew… but now I have my garage doors programmed to open from my cars, so ya for that too!
  • Lower cabinets in my kitchen cleaned and organized again-still need shelf paper…
  • Books all dusted and in the library, of course in alphabetical order… Do we call this organized or A.D.D? not sure lol

How goes your spring cleaning? Where did you start? I’ll be working on this for a few weeks so I’ll keep you updated for you with some humor and tips!

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