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The Four Seasons Baltimore

four seasons baltimore

My husband and I have been frequenting John Hopkins Hospital lately for some medical issues he has been having and so we have had the opportunity to spend some time visiting Sarah who moved to Baltimore and stay at a few of the properties in the city.

Our last two visits we stayed at the new Four Seasons hotel in the “new” side of the Harbor which is called Harbor East. It is made up of several upscale shops, where I spent a lot of time window shopping and some great restaurants.

Upon walking into the Four Seasons Hotel, after being greeted by the friendly staff, one would think that you have entered into an art gallery rather than a hotel. Your eye automatically is drawn to the huge installation of light and paper behind the reception desk by John Wigmore. The wide lobby is lit by stunning hand-blown murano glass fixtures, which will take your breath away. I have only seen such a beautiful piece one other time and that was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Throughout the hotel there are many beautiful pieces of modern art by contemporary American and International Artists on display.

We were welcomed with a lovely fruit tray in our room, which is always a nice way to say “Hello” to your guests and make their experience memorable.

Our hotel room faced the harbor and had a beautiful view out of our floor to ceiling glass wall. The bed was extremely comfortable with soft linens which was a delight to sleep in.

The bathroom was beautiful and my husband was quite intrigued with the built in TV within the mirror! I took a quick shower and washed off before heading to bead and loved the soft towels. I felt clean and invigorated.

All in all it is a beautiful new property with a very helpful staff, I’m only sorry we didn’t have time to explore all the great things the hotel has to offer… next time…

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  1. Shelly, I really like that you add pictures in your review! I wonder if it would be possible to do a price rating and cleanliness rating, like on a scale of low to high for price and fair to fantastic for cleanliness? Just a thought!

  2. Great review, Shelley. We do have the Four Seasons Hotel around here but have never been to one – yet. Love the pictures that you put up, looks very inviting. Looking forward to your next line of accommodations! (-_-) The LEARNED Preneur @ NormaDoiron.NET

  3. I’ve spent last few years travelling a lot and staying in lots of hotels but I must say I’m impressed with the way Fours Seasons Hotel welcomed you with a tray of fruits. The best I’ve gotten so far is coffee! :) Congrats to Four Seasons! However, what I care the most about , when I choose a hotel are : location ( how close to downtown the hotel is), cleanliness and internet connection.
    I love that you involved your family in writing this review, Shelley.

  4. Shelley, you’ve written a wonderful review! I’ve at hotels a lot when I was working as a manufacturing rep. The most important things for me were: locations (close to the main highways), cleanliness, food and of course, a high speed internet connection! If there was a gym and indoor swimming pool, that would be the icing on the cake! Looking forward to your next review! Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Shelley. First of all, I hope your husband gets well soon! A really nice review plus images can be very helpful. As Alexandra says, High Speed Internet is a must! :)

  6. You make me want to go to Baltimore and stay there! I love reading guest reviews for hotels – that is where you get your best overall impression of the hotel. I look forward to reading more reviews! One thing I would include is cleanliness and how “aged” the rooms appear. Some hotels look great in the lobby and the outside, but you walk into a room that hasn’t been changed in 15 years!

  7. I always prefer bed and breakfast places to hotels but your review of The Four Seasons makes it sound as warm and inviting as any family B&B I have stayed at. Do you ever review B&Bs?

  8. Hi Shelley!
    Great post.
    I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s need for medical treatment. I hope all turns out well.

    As to the review? Nice! I’d like to visit there. That lobby sounds fantastic. Some pictures of it would be great. And what is available to do in the neighbourhood?

  9. I love Four Seasons and thanks for sharing the ‘Baltimore’… I’d like to hear about services an facilities such as gym, spa, a tour etc. …also what activities are available around the hotel. Thank you Shellei! :)