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Archives for June 2012

A colorful cake for a colorful young lady!

I have made some pretty amazing cakes over the last 20+ years for my daughters, if I say so myself. I made an incredible haunted mansion for Halloween one year, and a 3 layer “pound cake” which my grandmother dubbed 10 ton cake because it was so heavy. However, one of the liveliest cakes I made was for Hadley this year, and I made it with her help.

White on the outside….

6 layers high…

How about this folks?

all the colors 6 layer Rainbow cake

I got the recipe from Martha Stewart, and I can recommend this for a fun baking project with your little children.

colorful batterFirst we mixed up a few batches of cake batter and added a splash of color

Hadley my little baker Hadley had a blast mixing and tasting, Yum!

6 layers of the rainbowWe added the delicious filling between each layer as we pilled the cake so high

the birthday bakerYou can see the birthday baker is thrilled with her end product!

A family that walks the walk…

Our family firmly believes in giving back… I can get out my soap box and give you several reasons to support causes that come near and dear to your heart as I am sure there is “something” that has touched your life by now, or believe me there will be…

But I have always believed in helping others, as a small child I can remember wanting to host a Ronald McDonald Carnival in my backyard for McDonald’s Charities. This predates the Ronald McDonald House which ironically later became my daughter and my sororities’ philanthropy of which my daughter was Philanthropy Chairperson. Also in my younger years I thought about opening a camp for children with special needs only to become a mother of a child with cerebral palsy. As the course of life would have it I went on to found a nonprofit organization to create fully inclusive playgrounds.

I do believe that some of this crazy world is set out for us. There is too much that has happened in my life to believe otherwise…

So to help other families of children with seizure disorders our family thought it would be fun to walk together in the National Epilepsy Walk to honor Hadley and others like her.

hadley got her shirtHadley loving her shirt

hadley startingAt the starting point

group finishTeam Hadley, family and friends at the finish line 2 hours or so later

finish line with miss kimOur family and Hadley’s ever loving teacher at the finish line, Cheers!

It was a wonderful spring morning and great family way to honor her spirit!