make a wish
photo credit: Ree

Ina, Ina, Ina (also known to many as The Barefoot Contessa)I am so disappointed in you! I have followed you for years, watched your show, made your food, remade your food to make it “healthy” and just smiled when I heard your little tune on TV, but come on now…. Please tell me you didn’t actually turn down a 6 year old “make a wish” child, three years in a row, whose wish was to cook a meal with you? Wow, I actually had thought about writing to you about being on your show and cooking but now I know I have no shot!

So here are my top 10 reasons why perhaps you wouldn’t make “time” for a terminally ill child coming from a mom of a special needs child who understands just how important it is to make these kids with daily challenges smile:

1. You were out getting a “new” blue shirt…

2. You just didn’t have the time because I understand how important it is to run to the “market” for fresh cheese every day!

3. You were busy getting ready for Jeffrey to come home and eat your delicious meal you spent hours making, (which is why you are to busy to see sick children)

4. Or perhaps you were busy having lunch with your editors coming up with a new cookbook to quickly follow up your last one.

5. Or perhaps you were to busy working on making a new prepackaged food (um do you actually do this?)

6. Oh, I get it, you have to actually bid at an auction to “have lunch” with Ina then she isn’t to busy for you…

7. You just don’t have the time because when you aren’t cooking you are lurking in your herb garden.

8. Of course you spend hours cleaning that perfect white kitchen you spend all day in.

9. You were coming up with a new recipe for your new cookbook, something cold and blue… o wait that isn’t a food, it’s just you!

10. For someone who is concerned about getting down to the “basics” what about basic compassion for those less fortunate then yourself?

That’s it, my little list and I know that celebrities get hit up all the time for things like this and I know they have challenging calendars, we all do! But if it weren’t for the everyday people to put these people where they are today in this case TV and buying cookbooks, then where would they be? I’m just sayin’…