all my children marriage chartphoto credit: we loves soaps and abc

Today marks an end of an era, some people might snicker and think nothing of it, but for 41 years the town of Pine Valley has been “home” to many who have not really resided there but sat and watched from the comfort of their family rooms and glimpsed into the lives of this small towns citizens.

We have witnessed; hookers become wealthy housewives, people find out they have long lost missing twins, people come back from the dead, siblings stealing each other’s spouses and turning marriages into divorce and then new marriages, bouts with amnesia, anorexia, deadly accidents and switching of DNA test results, babies switched at birth, and lots and lots of blackmail. There have been story lines that were so unbelievable crazy to those that really touched our hearts.

I can’t remember when exactly I started watching All My Children, because the TV was not on in my house during the day growing up, but somehow I must have started watching at a friend’s home in the late 70’s. My earliest memory was watching beautiful Nina Cortlandt fall in love with Dr. Cliff Warner and longed to have a wedding as beautiful as theirs. (Little did I know, in “real life” I would move to the town where they filmed that wedding and many other scenes.)

I have watched Jessie, Angie, Tad and Liza, as well as the diva Erica’s life move from teen to grandparents. It is amazing to think about all of the lives and stories that were intertwined on that show.

The show did bring issues to light and caused people to think about things that were not really spoken about like, anorexia, spousal abuse, AIDS, drug addiction and alcoholism, and rape.

So what did Pine Valley do for me? I know a lot of people think; soaps, how stupid, what a waste of time. But I’ll admit it, Pine Valley has been my “guilty pleasure.” For one hour of time I could leave my life and just watch the lives of others unfold as crazy as some of the story lines were. I found myself hanging from that “cliffhanger Friday” until Monday sometime to see… what happened… and yes it did entertain me, isn’t that what TV is supposed to be for?