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My heart was just “touched!” Which is really something that I needed lately. Today I decided to give a “spring break” to all of my 31dbbb review participants because well it’s spring and with the spring comes flowers warm weather and yes, new “Lilly.” I love Lilly! Being a color loving kinda gal the Interior Designer in me just wants to leap out every time I pass a Lilly store. Unfortunately I don’t really have the shape for a lot of Lilly clothes but my daughters do, so you know what they say… those who can’t…. shop for others lol.

But when I opened my mail today with an update of the latest from Lilly I popped by their blog and saw this most heartwarming story. (You have to know how happy this made me after the debacle that Ina Garten pulled)

Lilly Pulitzer welcomed 6 year old aspiring Fashion Designer, Kylee, for a magical visit to the “Pink Palace.” Kylee and her family joined everyone there for a day of print, painting, designing…and of course SHOPPING! Now this is the special and wonderful way to treat a Make a Wish Child….

• Kylee and her family arrived at the Pink Palace in a stretch limo

• Greeted by Janie Schoenborn, Fashion Director she gave Kylee a very special VIP tour starting with a tour of the office, the distribution center and then visited the Merchandising, Design, and Product Development where she met a lot of the faces behind the company and showed her the process of creating one of their fab shifts!

• If this wasn’t every little fashion plates dream, Kylee then went on to the place where the real magic begins… the print design studio! Kylee was met by print designers Stacey and Paige, as well as Fashion Designer, Abraham. And then they gave her the special tools and let her creative side come out; apparently Kylee has a knack for colorful styles as her drawings are supposed to be fab!

• Lunch was every kids fav PB & J and pink and green floral cupcakes… how cute is that?

• If a morning like that wasn’t enough Kylee was then whisked away in the “Lilly Jeep” to one of their stores where she had a ball trying on lots and lots of clothes, and it only seemed fitting to these wonderful people to let Kylee have all of her choices… 4 shopping bags full and even a dress for her to match her mom!

Now that’s what I’m talkin about… that is a wish… for a special little girl… with a dream… fulfilled by a special company! Yup, that is something to smile about!

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