I thought it might be a fun post on this day where we give thanks…

1. My beautiful daughters

2. Freedom

3. Coffee

4. The smell of fresh cut grass

5. Dark chocolate, almonds and dried cherries

6. The sound of laughter

7. My health

8. Funny movies

9. Electricity especially during the summer!

10. Good friends

11. The grill

12. The look on my children’s faces the first time they met “Mickey”

naples sunset13. A beautiful sunset on the beach

14. A loving heart

15. The sound of rain hitting my window

peaches16. Fresh peaches look at this beauty!

17. That I have had the ability to see one of my dreams come true

18. My lovely home

19. My husband’s determination

20. Good books

21. The little things…

shelley and her camera22. My camera

23. Old songs that bring back good memories

24. The color yellow

25. My day planner

26. All of my senses

27. Hugs

28. My wonderful blog readers!

29. That I was able to stay home and raise my daughters

30. Woodmont grill’s Chicken Salad

31. The food network

red leaves of fall32. The colors of fall, this red is so vibrant!

33. Many wonderful family vacations

34. People who have supported my dreams

35. Special Ed teachers

36. Social Media

37. Trish McEvoy beauty booster cream

georgetown cupcakes38. A good cupcake

39. Sunrise, because that means I have been blessed with another day to “get this right!”

40. Life!

So what are you thankful for? Write a list and leave me the link!

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