1. Inside my purse, you’ll discover: not to much, my wallet, my phone, my “Chanel Shades,” don’t judge people! I’ve had those for five years! Maybe a Laura Mercier lip gloss if my daughter hasn’t scarfed it up…
2. If stranded on an island, the five things I couldn’t live without: hmm, well other then basic things to live on, water, food, toilet paper… 1. My family 2. My computer, how else would I keep in touch? 3. OK, my cell phone… 4. A lifetime supply of the food network magazine, 5. Air conditioning I die in the heat just ask my family!
3. On my nightstand you’ll find: piles of books, photos of my children, Jasmine potpourri
4. When I grew up, I wanted to be: a pharmacist, funny ended up marrying into a family who owns one and not being a pharmacist.
5. My comfort food: vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, I know creepy right? It’s the sweet and salty thing
6. The location where I write: in my little office cubicle which I designed and love.
7. Three songs on my IPOD’s most played list: Jennifer Paige- Crush, Maroon 5- Secret, Katy Perry- teenage dream I love bee bop!
8. If I was on the cover of US Weekly, my headline would read: Best-selling Author changes world and donates 100th fully inclusive playground! Here’s hoping!
9. The three books that make me think of my childhood:
Are you there god it’s me Margret
Chicken Soup with Rice
Fun with Dick and Jane
-I’m sure I’m dating myself here! lol
10. My favorite Chick Flick: Tie between Love Actually and The Holiday
11. My favorite Chick Lit book: The Devil Wears Prada
12. My “must see” TV: Hmm used to be The Tutors, but now I guess it’s Glee
13. My Starbucks order: Grande decaf skim, sugar free hazelnut, delish!
14. My favorite curse word: I really try not to use any but I guess there is an occasional *hit, comes across my lips.
15. My celebrity man crush: I’m sure I’m going to hear about this from my husband who reads each and every line and got pissed at something I wrote last year about “him” but it has to be David Boreanaz, sorry girls but the “original” vampire has it!
16. My celebrity girl crush: OK, kinda creepy, don’t really have one but will admit I think that Catherine Zeta Jones is beautiful!
17. My media crush: Hmmm again, don’t have one of these but Billy Bush always had a soft spot in my heart for helping me with Hadley’s Park, wayyy back when he was a little DJ in Washington.
18. Three words to summarize my book: Honest, Feel Good, Inspirational
19. It took me _____ to write my book. Still writing!
20. My book’s original title: I’m Still Standing… now it’s the name of my blog, I have a good idea for the book title but you are just going to have to wait and see…

So jump in and join me… give me the 20 things we might want to know about you… and link back so I can read all of yours after all you took the time to read mine! lol

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