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What’s in your first aid kit?

first aid kitSeveral years ago my husband and I were at an event for Children’s Hospital and as a token of thanks each patron received a first aid kit. Over the years we have used that kit many times, and have restocked several items.

Being that we are going into the winter months and what I call “hibernation” from a lot of playing at the playground. I usually take this time to go through my medicine cabinets and make sure the medications are all in date, over the counter medicines especially; we don’t go through Tylenol quite like we used to. But I also pull out the first aid kit and look at everything inside of it too, since it does get its fair share of use during the spring, summer and fall.

Everybody should have a first aid kit of one kind or another. You don’t need to go out and buy a prepackaged one. You can make one yourself. Just gather an old lunch box or spare big makeup bag. (We seem to have a lot of them around our house)

What you put in your families first aid kit can be as extensive as you like. I have put together a sample list of items which I believe would be helpful.


• disposable gloves (at least 2 pairs)

• disposable instant cold packs

• adhesive bandages, several sizes

• adhesive tape

• elastic bandage(s)

• sterile gauze pads

• alcohol wipes or other antiseptic wipes

• hand sanitizer



• acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen

• 1% hydrocortisone cream

• antibiotic ointment

• calamine lotion

• epinephrine auto-injector if a family member is at risk for anaphylaxis

• ipecac

• burn ointment



• small scissors

• tweezers

• needle

• safety pins

• thermometer

• bulb syringe



• first aid manual

• emergency phone numbers and contact information (which I also post on the inside of a kitchen cabinet)

• important medical information for all family members, including health problems and medications

• health card or health insurance information


I hope this helps you make up your own families first aid kit. What do you have in yours?

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  1. I think it’s time to update my safety kit. Parents pay attention to this if your kids gets into those accidents that need the help of a first aid kit.

    • i think all parents should pay attention to this, you never know what can happen in the life of a child! have a great day!! <3

  2. Great article Shelley! I love your idea of just having a First Aid Kit. I’m now inspired to go get a bag that will keep everything organized instead of “things” scattered throughout different cabinets! Thanks again!

  3. great information, everyone should have a kit!

  4. Great ideas! It’s definitely time for me to update our kit!

  5. It’s about time I checked our first aid kit in the car. The one is the house is super-stocked!

    • first aid kit in the car is also a must!! so many times you are out and about and something “happens.”

  6. Once again, great advice Shelley!

  7. Great article. Sometimes I forget how important the basics are…and this is a great over-view of an essential ingredient of any parents vehicle and home!

  8. Oh yes, the First Aid Kit… =) If I remember correctly, I believe my First Aid Kit is buried somewhere in the cabinets. It’s about time to make sure everything is up to date and stocked up. Thanks for increasing the awareness Shelley.

  9. Great reminder to have those important essentials at hand!

  10. I always put this off, but I definitely need to get a first aid kit together soon.

  11. Thanks for this. I’m a fully grown child … lol but I do like to make sure we have everything to need at my parents’ place.

  12. Wonderful ideas! We travel and speak full-time and so need this in the travel kit with us! Right now we are blessed to find a bandaid if needed! Thanks so much! Seems like this would make great gifts too!

  13. Reading through the comments I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t quite gotten around to having a first aid kit! Actually I think there’s one under the sink thats been there for a few decades, and now may contain one band-aid with sticky stuff that is no longer sticky! Gotta get on this…

    • it is funny, before we got that first “kit” from children’s we never had one either and since then it is restock and replenish, I know it is something everyone forgets about but when you need it, it is sooo handy and wonderful to have! :)

  14. Super reminder to update our First Aid Kit! Thanks, Shelley. You are so practical, love it!
    The LEARNED Preneur @ NormaDoiron.NET╰☆╮

  15. Great advice and post Shelley! Now, everyone should really check their first aid kit.

  16. My first aid kit is sorely lacking! This list is so thorough and helpful. Thanks for this infomation!

  17. Carol Giambri says:

    Great idea Shelley about First Aid Kit. You know I have been lucky as never having one for my little kids but now it’s time to stock one for us here and in our car. My hubby is good at doing that but I think maybe his vehicles. May I need to ask him tomorrow.

  18. Shelley…I really nee to heed this article. I don’t even know where a band-aide is since we moved.Time to change that….thank you!!

  19. I have them an up to date. I actually check them the same time we test the fire alarms twice a year. We have them in both vehicles and there house. Great tips.

  20. When I photographed weddings, I always carried a first-aid/emergency kit. Mine also included glucose tablets (you’d be amazed at the number of diabetic wedding party members who neglect their insulin on a big day) and smelling salts. Didn’t think I’d ever need either one, but I was surprised. In the meantime, thanks for the reminder that it’s time for me to inventory the kit and update a few things.

    • wow, i never thought of traveling first aid kits for professionals… need thought for a new topic! love to see your list or maybe a guest post???

  21. Thank you, Shelley for a great article! When my kids were younger I always had one, I still do and one for the car. This is a great reminder to check to see if I need to replace or add anything.

  22. Thanks Shelley, you’re right of course that being prepared is always best – especially with kids around. Our “free” first aid kit right now consists only of bandaids. Fortunately we’ve never needed anything more serious than that, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me!