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I’m Still Standing website: a sneak peak

It amazes me how fast this year has flown by… September, really? The summer went by in a blink of an eye, we went from event to event in our home, and I anxiously awaited the arrival of my newly designed site, which will be here…. Soon!

I’m Still Standing started out in the spring of 2009 when I began jotting down stories about raising a daughter with disabilities while raising another very active daughter, to help me become a more confident writer and like most things in my life it has “evolved.”

So who am I, you might be asking if this is your first time joining me:
I am Shelley Kramm, Playground Fairy, Special Needs Advocate, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Wife and Mom to three wonderful people who have helped change the world, who is on a Wellness Adventurer; and did I mention I really am dying to get to Italy?

It’s called I’m Still Standing… well basically because I AM!

So this is kind of my re-launch page… however it would make more sense to have had my website redone by this time, but you know how that goes… plan for A and you get, umm, in my case C! But it will be here soon…

Here is a sneak peak of what’s in store for you:

new blog header

• Special Needs Mom: I will continue to write about our journey in raising a special needs child, there is so much to be said about 19 years of struggles, triumphs and joys.

• Healthy Shelley: I will share some delicious recipes and my cooking expertise in making “regular” recipes a little healthier. And also some tales from the treadmill and beyond.

• How to Helper: This is where I will share my bloggy educational wisdom that I have learned from all of the books I have read, conventions and seminars I have gone to, and my love for ProBlogger. (He is the bloggy genius!) I’m like your personal bloggy cheerleader!

• Designing Diva: I have a BS in Interior Design and I minored in Landscape Architecture so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my loves for the elements of design, especially color!

• Media Maven: In my “spare time” I am co-founder and editor of a lifestyle blog where I have the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people and I’ll be sharing tales with you here.

• Playground Fairy: After raising a million dollars to design and create the first fully inclusive playground in the state of Maryland and running the nonprofit I originated to do that I have some wonderful ideas for anyone who wants to do the same or build on an idea to start a nonprofit.

Why you should stick around I’m Still Standing:

This site is dedicated to helping other people who want to be inspired, who are looking for everything from healthy recipes to stories about overcoming adversity, and realizing we are all “able”.

If you want to read an extended version of my story I’ve written it at Why I’m Still Standing. You might also like to visit my families press page.

I told you I’m social:

I love getting mail! I love reading comments, I love meeting new people so do your thing… leave me some love!!

And if a post so moves you like I do hope some will please hit those little icons at the button and share the posts with all of your friends on twitter or facebook, or any other social media outlet you might have.

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Shelley Kramm is the founder and editor of I'm Still Standing and The DC Ladies. Learn more about her and her inspirational family here and connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and on

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  1. Shelley this is awesome! I am so excited for you and I can not wait to tour the new site! Can I be your first official site stalker when it launches???

  2. Shelley, I'm sorry to bother you like this but I can't find any other way to contact for answers about 31DBBB and I know that you are the hostess. I registered last week sometime for the forum, bought the ebook and was very excited to begin the challenge. But, now for some reason, I can't login to post anything in the forum. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I really want to participate!!! Please help!

  3. I love your re-launch, Shelley and can't wait for the new design. I absolutely love your new header….you look radiant.