I began a tutorial on the use of twitter when I started hosting the ProBlogger Winter 31dbbb on the Sits site’s Community Forum as a way of introducing this special way of getting a message or Tweet out in 140 characters.

A few of the comments that I received were about Hashtags and how to use them, so I thought a little tutorial on “the hashtag” would be a great follow up.

A Hashtag:

• Is a keyword with a # hash symbol in front to identify it.

• Gives people who are interested in that topic an easy way to find you and follow in the discussion.

• Helps someone target their niche or audience

• Can show that you are knowledgeable about a specific subject or demonstrate that you are a leader of information for a specific topic, or you are interested in this topic of conversation.

• Act as a label which allows a person to find a particular topic of interest.
• Can be used for setting up “chats” in real-time.

• Are driven by the community, so their ability to deliver what you’re seeking will be determined by how effectively the tag is used.

After you start using Twitter you will see these little symbols on a daily moment by moment basis. At first I didn’t “get them” but as soon as I started using them I had an “ah ha” moment and realized how easy they were to use, and made my time on twitter more efficient.


When we began the Winter Problogger31dbbb challenge I created a hashtag to use when I sent out daily tweets about the days tasks or as updates. Before creating this I checked to make sure that one was not already established at hashtags.org. There wasn’t one so I jumped in and created our #sitsgirls31dbbb and the group has been using this daily since Day 1 to find one another, chat, give updates and advice.

If you were to type #sitsgirls31dbbb in the search box you would find all of the tweets that are related to our group and then you can respond and become part of the conversation.


When looking at your time line; if you see a #hashtag that interests you click on it, and it will bring you to a timeline of tweets that all follow the same topic.

Have you used our #sitsgirls31dbbb in a tweet? Why not tweet this one out now?

RT @shelleyellen It’s Party Time! Day 7 Write a Link Post; it’s linking time ladies #sitsgirls31dbbb

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