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According to Google… I… um… “Suck!”

I am so upset… Can someone please pass me a cup of coffee? I can’t remember being this upset since I was in school and worried about a grade NOT that I ever got a grade like this one…

Last week I realized that I had my Google Analytics entered in my HTML wrong. Well, they must have been wrong. I had entered the code a year earlier and I forgot about them. Maybe I didn’t forget, maybe, I just put looking at them off, kind of like weighing myself when I wasn’t on a “diet.” And just figured they were “there.” Sooo last week I thought I’d check them out and see what they had to “tell” me… And they told me I had “nothing”…. “Nothing” how could that be possible? So with some research and lots of time I figured out that I had the code in the wrong place… At that point, I put the code in the “right” place and figured I’d wait a week or so and check back. So, that is what I did smiling all the way… And then I saw it… Oooo boy, this is what they told me, my “bounce” rate “SUCKS!”… The bounce rate column was glaring at me…. 60%; what is that a “D?” Oh my god, do I dare say it? “I failed”… According to Google I’m failing!

Wahhhh, please pass the tissues… I don’t get it… I’m a “nice person” your average run of the mill lady… Mom…. Special Needs Mom yet… like most of America I have a weight issue that I have been working on… I have stories… I have good storiesI’m engaging… or so I thought… I spent a lot of time working with a designer on my site, so I thought it was pretty as well as functional… I know content is “king” I have heard that several times. However, I “thought” my content was good, no grammar or spelling errors, maybe not king but certainly princess material… Definitely NOT that of the…. JOKER!!!

So what is a “bounce rate?” According to Google… “Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert. You can minimize bounce rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.”

I spent all night tossing and turning… Why don’t “they” like me? I thought about what I do when I visit a site… How long do I stay? Does one post inspire me to check out more and more…? Honestly, if we are being brutally honest, which I think we are this morning! There are not too many sites that I spend more than a few minutes on… Unless we are talking about someone like the all mighty Pioneer Women… but come on how many sites are like hers? And honestly, I think she has a bunch of “elves” that live with her…

Do you know “your” Google analytics? Do I dare ask you what they are?

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  1. Funny – I have no idea what mine is… But I do love to read other blogs and Yes, the Pioneer Woman is Super Woman….. what else can we say!

    Good luck with raising your grade!

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother

  2. I am not sure if mine are right. when i look at my site stats it says that only a few ppl visit but all the ppl who comment never even show up as having been there so maybe my whole site is goofy. But i don't know…I think your blog is awesome. you have a nice header and overall great look.

    pioneer woman and a few others are very over rated. the better blogs are ones like yours that remain personal. i like your blog a lot.

  3. It's easy to obsess over stats, follower count, and ratings. Trust me, been there… done that. Honestly, content is King… err, uh… Queen. Whatever. Just keep doing what your doing!

  4. Hmmmm … you know, I've never used Google Analytics! So I guess I can suck in obscurity :) I know how you feel – I often read blogs and I just don't see why they're so popular. You mention PW – I've read her blog a little, but honestly, I don't see the big attraction. Maybe it's that I don't enjoy cooking much – also, blogs that have a bazillion photos of a recipe being made just don't entice me.
    Don't feel alone – you're not!

  5. HI Shelley! Love your blog- sorry I haven't stopped by before! Come visit mine and maybe we can raise each others bounce rate! LOL I followed you on GFC too :)

    Have a great weekend,


  6. Yes, I do know what mine are, but I have to tell you, the best advice I've ever gotten about them is to not look at them more than once a month.

    I made an excel document that lists all of my stats, including GFC followers, Twitter followers, and Google Analytics stuff. At the end of the month, I input the new numbers and just see if I'm generally going up, or going down in numbers. If it's a big drop, I try to figure out why: did I post less than usual? Did I slack on returning comments?

    Other than that, I don't care. It's easy to stay sane that way! :)

  7. My bounce rate is, hold on while I check, 59%. I don't think that's bad at all Shelley. Most people only pop on a blog for a minute. Even if they leave a comment it may take only a second if they already read your post in a reader. That may count as a bounce. Or if someone finds your blog unexpectedly through a Google search and it wasn't what they were looking for they will leave. No worries. I judge everything that happens with my blog on comments. Even pageviews don't really matter for the same reason. People may just find you and leave right away. It is the amount of quality comments that count.

    Hope that helps!

  8. My bounce rate has always been high for some reason. I've had Google Analytics for a few years, but I've learned not to worry so much about how many people leave the site after so many minutes. If I can help one person see a situation differently or inspire them, then it's worth it.

    Just remember, blog for you…no one else. I like your blog because it's honest. Most blogs that have tons of followers have gotten that way because of giveaways, not because of interesting or good content.

  9. I don't worry about bounce ratings, maybe because mine suck, too! Actually, it's because I know how I read. I stop by the same blogs repeatedly – there's no needfor me to bounce around the site because I'm there regularly and already "know" what I need to know and am "up to speed.". The only time I bounce around on a blog is if I am looking for someone's recipe or review or if I'm new to the blog and am checking things out. Don't fret – we know you are worthy of a better "grade"!

  10. I wouldn't worry about it, google is silly very often

  11. how can that be? you have 700+ friends!! lol I don't trust google stats anyway. I have a blogger account and it tells me 1 set of numbers about the visitors and then the counter I have installed tells me another, typically higher, number! so who knows? I don't think they're accurate! Plus you only waited a week, might've been a slow week! 😉

  12. I haven't managed to set up Google Analytics at all and just rely on Blogger Stats. They tell me where my traffic is coming from. Most of my visitors come via blogs, twitter and facebook so I assume that the blog must have been of some interest and I agree with MommyTo TwoBoys that if they comment you must be doing something right!

  13. Oooo….I'm sorry. That sucks.

    I have no idea what it means, but it still sucks.


  14. Mine was in the 50's in the summer, and then due to some family things, I took like 3 months off and it rose to greater than 70%. Which sucks. So now, I've been working hard to get it back down. (okay, I've not been working THAT hard), but it has SLOWLY come down a percentage point or two.

    Heck- I'm happy with 50's-60's. A lot of people are coming just for your new post anyway- so they've already read the old ones.

  15. I think that 60% and under is considered good. 30-35% is like the holy grail of bounce rates so I wouldn't be too upset about 60%. That said, it's always good to improve!